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Blog7/17/15 4:51 PM
Cht from Ny  Find all comments by Cht
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I just received a call about who's
who. While the web site says no cost
to be included. I was on the n
Hook for 600$ lifetime or300$ 3 years.
When i balked at that . i was offered
199$ 1 yr membership. What a scam

Blog7/15/15 6:11 AM
CharlesL from Dallas  Find all comments by CharlesL
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Here is a point of view that is being
overlooked. I am now preparing to print
10000 bibles. The cost of US printed bibles
is almost double that which I can get from
China EVEN after I pay the shipping &

Why can't we produce affordable bulk bibles
in the US? If I have them printed is US and
pay the horrific price per 10000 bibles, I
am now forced to pass that falsely escalated
price to the end user.

I have a sample of what I may be buying from
China and it is a quality product.

So again my questions is why cant the US
produce a bible without escalating the price
so ridiculously? If they could I would

Blog7/3/15 9:00 PM
AAA from USA  Find all comments by AAA
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hey all if these people scammed you, report it to the better
business bureau and get your money back. Even if a year has
passed, this works 100% of the time.

Blog6/15/15 10:15 AM
lenmw80  Find all comments by lenmw80
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The links provided in this blog post are not
id=hitchcock, only goes to a summary of
Hitchcock, it does not link to any work
entitled "The Whole bible arranged by

Concerning the use of YHWH in Genesis 1:
According to this website:

In the Tanakh, YHVH is the personal name of
God and his most frequent designation,
occurring over 6,800 times. This is the
Ineffable Name or Unutterable Name of the
God of Israel. Because it is composed from
the four Hebrew letters Yod, Hey, Vav, and
Hey, it is also referred to as the
"Tetragrammaton," which simply means "the
four letters."

The abbreviated spelling of “YHWH” is
actually perfectly appropriate and an
acceptable substitute for the full spelling
in the bible.

Also, the Subject Bible by itself is
available for only $100.00, not $150:

Even if this bible did or does use "public
domain works" in it's contents, thousands of
people have purchased the Subject Bible and
are very satisfied with it. It is more
convenient to have all 3 of these sections
(KJV Bible, Whole Bible Arranged by
Subjects, and Alphabetical Subject Index) in
1 Bible.

Blog6/8/15 12:48 PM
Roberta  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roberta
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Once saved always saved proof

1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you
that believe on the Name Of The Son Of God ;
that ye may Know that ye have eternal life, and that
ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

1 John 5:5 Who is he that overcometh the world,
but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

Revelation 3:5 He that overcometh the same shall
be clothed in white raiment ; And I Will Not Blot
Out His Name Out Of The Book Of Life , but I
will confess his name before my Father, and before
his angels

Blog5/21/15 9:59 AM
Jana Davis from Norfolk, VA  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Jana Davis
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I have been 'nominated' for Who's Who multiple times. It began in
college. About once a year I was contacted with them telling me my
high grades have earned me the honor of being in Who's Who. A
high sales pitch immediately followed. I always declined. Now, years
later, they're back. Apparently they're expanding from trying to lure
students to luring in professionals as well, stating it will help
networking. So again I was 'honored'. It was a high sales pitch and
nothing more. As I was curious, I asked if they would need my
maiden name for verification of my degrees - nope, they don't need
that, they just need a credit card. Do they need any proof of my
licensures? Nope. They just want the credit card. Do you have any
time to think about it? Nope, but they will continue to lower the price if
you're on the phone with them long enough. I hope someone reads
this and heeds the warning - they're a scam. Although it sickens me
that they pray on professionals, praying upon students is even worse.

Blog5/4/15 6:29 AM
Lucy from United States  Go to homepageFind all comments by Lucy
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I am on the low end of a retail job. I think these people got my
information from linked in but unsure. Here's the email
The link actually worked. And subject said final notice. Couldn't put in
spam folder.
May 4, 2015

Dear (my legal name was here)

You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your
professional community in the new, 2015 Edition of Global Who's
Who. The premier networking organization for distinguished

Once finalized, your listing will share registry space with tens-of-
thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each
representing accomplishment within their own geographical area.

Remember, there is no cost to be included.

To verify your profile and accept the candidacy, please click here.

On behalf of our Committee I salute your achievement and welcome
you to our organization.

Best wishes for continued success.

Warm Regards,
John D'Agostino
Membership Division
Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals

Blog4/6/15 11:54 PM
Will Castro from Afghanistan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Will Castro
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[Removed by]

Blog3/17/15 1:42 PM
cat  Find all comments by cat
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it doesn't even matter for example you are a kid who has a social life on YouTube and Facebook would you want to be blocked every time? no! or even you

Blog3/16/15 4:15 PM
timy  Find all comments by timy
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yes you most certainly can lose your salvation. Go back and read it again and continue to read it until you can get it.

Blog3/16/15 2:20 PM
Lee from Nashville  Find all comments by Lee
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Other than the high price that gives me pause, I would love to own this Bible. I tried the online versions, and they are not good at all. It would be so convenient and a pleasure to have this bible opened on my desk so I can flip through the pages, rather than the PDF files online. The ones online I tried do not work well and it would be a chore each time you want to do a study to go online and try to scroll down to the page, etc. The PDF versions are hard to use. For me, difficulty of doing the study is the worst obstacle to Bible study there is.

Blog3/15/15 8:37 AM
Roger  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roger
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Once saved always saved? Read the prodigal son: ‘for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’

This son was with the father, but he left and returned; while he was with the father, he was safe, but he left and was not safe until he returned again.

Read Hebrews 10:26-27; James 2:14. Anyone who thinks they can make a commission of faith and baptized can go and intentionally sin or just sit and do nothing will not taste the fires of hell need to adjust their thinking.

Blog3/7/15 8:06 PM
Bo J Wengelis from Eastern USA  Find all comments by Bo J Wengelis
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I do agree that scammers do exist. But I
agree with the gentleman who basically has
said that if the work he has acquired
because of a $5" plaque and a $100
"investment" in his business which he takes
great pride in has been beneficial it is
worth the effort. As for me my business has
held integrity over the many years I've
enjoyed my craft. If this avenue produces
more business and gives an additional
credibility to my services I do not feel
shamed. Neysayers may neysay....I have
developed a hard shell over the years and
will gladly ask all neysayers to exity

Blog2/14/15 5:48 PM
bruin75 from California  Find all comments by bruin75
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I am a recently retired phycisian, having practiced Internal Medicine/Nephrology for thirty years. I was contacted by phone by one of the "sales reps" and advised that I was accepted for inclusion in their publication due to my distinguished career as a top physician. I saw nothing wrong with being included in their publication, thinking that they would probably ask me to buy their book for a nominal fee. After providing the minimal professional information, I was "approved". After ten minutes time, I thought a little more about it and changed my mind. I called the rep back and advised her as such. I was then told I would have to speak to the CEO before I could withdraw my consent!!!?? What?? So I called back, spoke with this CEO, who was rude and became more so after I told him I thought this was a scam (they had already charged my credit cared $383.00 and told me my plaque had already been made (after half an hour??). I persisted for 15 minutes telling him that there was no peer review by other academics in my field to attest to my "distinguished career" and that my entry is academically meaningless. The conversation ended with ad hominum attacks in me by this guy, telling me I do not deserve to be in their publication. I said your right, give me my money back. Which they did.

Blog2/2/15 11:52 AM
wordforward from Arizona  Find all comments by wordforward
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I wrote a book about this very topic. It is
called "The Un-Saved Christian" and is available
on Amazon. It is filled with scriptures that
will help you understand what the Bible says
about this issue. Yes, you can loose your

Blog1/24/15 3:06 PM
Kristen from New York  Find all comments by Kristen
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I worked for this company at their new Wall
Street location July 2013. I only went
through their training where I learned it
was a high sales scam so therefore I quit.
All of the people's complaints on here are a
true testimony of how fraudulent and evil
this company is. They just sent me an email
today and that's why I looked them up again
and looked for fraud alert. I too have
linked in and that's exactly how they get
your info. I'm happy that I get to save
others from making a dire mistake.

Blog1/23/15 4:14 PM
AuntBee Calltheman from south-central US  Find all comments by AuntBee Calltheman
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Just saw Tonia DeCosimo on People's Court lose her case.
She must have thought by not allowing the TV show to use
her last name or business name that she couldn't be tracked.
LinkedIn shows her as the "owner" but it's strange that her
first and last names are flip-flopped.

Blog1/20/15 2:22 PM
Matt  Find all comments by Matt
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I just got this email and have a LinkedIn account as well. My profile was also recently viewed by someone I don't recognize, a "Moajjem Hosen, Internet Researcher".

Might be a coincidence but I'm interested if anyone else's profile was viewed by this individual.

from []

Blog1/7/15 5:09 PM
The Punisher from NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by The Punisher
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Can someone give me the phone number and address for these
guys? Lets see how they handle the meaty part of a baseball bat.
I gave them no money but they spam me 5 times a day and
that's worthy of a beating if I can find them.

Blog1/2/15 11:24 AM
divinekaiserdragon from Utah  Find all comments by divinekaiserdragon
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I just got this email on New Years Day. It's
too bad that a holiday isn't seen as much
since all these businesses are open as
I saw right through the scam and wasn't
excited about it at all. I was surprised
that is bypassed the spam filters as the
email came from:; on behalf
of; Whos__Who
Any idiot can tell that a legit company
wouldn't have just any random domain name
for their email server. lol.

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