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Blog2/14/15 5:48 PM
bruin75 from California  Find all comments by bruin75
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I am a recently retired phycisian, having practiced Internal Medicine/Nephrology for thirty years. I was contacted by phone by one of the "sales reps" and advised that I was accepted for inclusion in their publication due to my distinguished career as a top physician. I saw nothing wrong with being included in their publication, thinking that they would probably ask me to buy their book for a nominal fee. After providing the minimal professional information, I was "approved". After ten minutes time, I thought a little more about it and changed my mind. I called the rep back and advised her as such. I was then told I would have to speak to the CEO before I could withdraw my consent!!!?? What?? So I called back, spoke with this CEO, who was rude and became more so after I told him I thought this was a scam (they had already charged my credit cared $383.00 and told me my plaque had already been made (after half an hour??). I persisted for 15 minutes telling him that there was no peer review by other academics in my field to attest to my "distinguished career" and that my entry is academically meaningless. The conversation ended with ad hominum attacks in me by this guy, telling me I do not deserve to be in their publication. I said your right, give me my money back. Which they did.

Blog2/2/15 11:52 AM
wordforward from Arizona  Find all comments by wordforward
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I wrote a book about this very topic. It is
called "The Un-Saved Christian" and is available
on Amazon. It is filled with scriptures that
will help you understand what the Bible says
about this issue. Yes, you can loose your

Blog1/24/15 3:06 PM
Kristen from New York  Find all comments by Kristen
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I worked for this company at their new Wall
Street location July 2013. I only went
through their training where I learned it
was a high sales scam so therefore I quit.
All of the people's complaints on here are a
true testimony of how fraudulent and evil
this company is. They just sent me an email
today and that's why I looked them up again
and looked for fraud alert. I too have
linked in and that's exactly how they get
your info. I'm happy that I get to save
others from making a dire mistake.

Blog1/23/15 4:14 PM
AuntBee Calltheman from south-central US  Find all comments by AuntBee Calltheman
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Just saw Tonia DeCosimo on People's Court lose her case.
She must have thought by not allowing the TV show to use
her last name or business name that she couldn't be tracked.
LinkedIn shows her as the "owner" but it's strange that her
first and last names are flip-flopped.

Blog1/20/15 2:22 PM
Matt  Find all comments by Matt
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I just got this email and have a LinkedIn account as well. My profile was also recently viewed by someone I don't recognize, a "Moajjem Hosen, Internet Researcher".

Might be a coincidence but I'm interested if anyone else's profile was viewed by this individual.

from []

Blog1/7/15 5:09 PM
The Punisher from NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by The Punisher
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Can someone give me the phone number and address for these
guys? Lets see how they handle the meaty part of a baseball bat.
I gave them no money but they spam me 5 times a day and
that's worthy of a beating if I can find them.

Blog1/2/15 11:24 AM
divinekaiserdragon from Utah  Find all comments by divinekaiserdragon
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I just got this email on New Years Day. It's
too bad that a holiday isn't seen as much
since all these businesses are open as
I saw right through the scam and wasn't
excited about it at all. I was surprised
that is bypassed the spam filters as the
email came from:; on behalf
of; Whos__Who
Any idiot can tell that a legit company
wouldn't have just any random domain name
for their email server. lol.

Blog1/1/15 8:45 PM
Jay Em Aitch from Saint Joseph, Mo  Find all comments by Jay Em Aitch
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Got this scam today. Im a floor care and bathroom
technician and even though I tend to wear a suit and tie to
work im glad I did just a tid bit of research on this before I
did anything.

Blog10/6/14 3:29 PM
Maureen Justiniano from Puerto Rico  Find all comments by Maureen Justiniano
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They call me at midnite and the nice congrats cost me almost 900.
Still fighting for my money.

Blog9/25/14 5:22 AM
guitar amplifiers combo  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by guitar amplifiers combo
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Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such an ideal way? I have a project that I'm just now working on, and I've been on the look out for such information.

Blog8/27/14 8:44 PM
stanly from Philadelphia  Find all comments by stanly
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I think the major problem people are having
is that they aren't listening to the
representative. My rep explained to me what
i was purchasing was a membership program. I
have to admit I have been with them for a
year now and I have nothing but positive
things to say about them,just know what you
are paying for, not to be published but for
the program itself...great service for

Blog8/27/14 2:44 PM
Michael Z from WI  Find all comments by Michael Z
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And for adults that are Christians, you have your own 24/7 free monitoring software and you know what I am talking about! And there is no tampering with this one!

Blog8/27/14 2:38 PM
Michael Z from WI  Find all comments by Michael Z
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Sorry to say it, but Covenant Eyes just plain does not work. If your kid goes on Facebook, Pinterest, or Youtube, you do not get specifics. And your kids teachers will send your kids to some of these sites (like youtube)! Sometimes the page title of youtube is given, usually not. Adult rated movies may be watched via Hulu in the TEEN setting and you can NOT actually get the movie info in the reports. Facebook pages come up as the home page on facebook - that's it! You NEED some sort of computer MONITORING software that takes screen shots. I will not give the names - I am not here to promote a product. But if you search for "computer monitoring software" you will find it. SCREENSHOTS - that is key! Then start blocking URLS as needed. And for smaller kids, spend $0 and set up the computer for "Allowed Sites Only". Search for "free internet filter" and you will find one.

Blog8/6/14 4:37 PM
RaVen DaWn from california, USA  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by RaVen DaWn
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Oh, you all are so precious! yes, these are so many ways the truth, your comic posts, I love it! Lest we forget these are just publishers exposing us to each other, maybe inbred a bit...gasp,I have made a bit of profit using it. However, mine was in the Madison, and who really needs another plaque, eh, kindle. People, people, they are telemarketing so just say "no". What I don't get is all the sour grapes; do we need to be recognized, when already we know who we are.I am an underground sort; my business of global collaterals,leverage and accords, it is not for public exposure. To get to me you have to actually know someone I already know. Yet surprised I was, when the calls came in, we could not entertain most of them, they were not qualified; the lookie-lose! haha, forgive me I am just waking up, an all night work i often mess up my time zones and who sleeps anyhow. Now I am starting a more public business and wish to have exposure.I have everything else in place, venues, investors, "services and product",exclusive for usually the uber wealthy, so if you wish to network on a legitimate list, TRW or Equifax will sell you one with exactly the market you are seeking; they do as you tell them and assert fees very honestly, although I admit I have even accidentally bought my own name

Blog7/27/14 12:12 AM
Holly from Arkansas  Find all comments by Holly
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I received one of these E-Mails today for Global Who's Who. I
assumed it was a scam, so before I clicked on anything to view the
rest of it, I googled this guy John D'Augustino. There appears to
be a legit person by this name. Apparently he's an Entrepreneur, a
successful one at that! After reading what all of you have written, I
don't believe I will open this! I am, and have been retired since 1996!
Thanks to all of you who have posted about this scam! M

Blog7/25/14 4:29 PM
Daaave  Find all comments by Daaave
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Well, I too had been get phone calls after phone calls. They started out with the life-time or 5 year option. I said no. They then offered a 3 year option. After another no, they came back with a 1 year option for a low $199. I said no again, and they came back with a special 1 year option of $69.

They said I had filled out a form which is why they called me to verify some info. The caller was then "surprised" that I didn't remember them and wanted to research them more. Honestly, I don't recall filling out a form, but I will also admit that I do sometimes just to see what will happen.

Anyway, I didn't bite.

Blog7/12/14 6:39 PM
CJ  Contact via emailFind all comments by CJ
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I just realized something. I bet you all have a LinkedIn
account, dont you? I just received the same email.
When I first read it, it made me feel good about my
accomplishments - so at least I got something for

Blog7/12/14 4:26 PM
CJ from Florida  Find all comments by CJ
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John Dagostino congratulated me on this
achievement - umm, so I am a miniscule
manager in a healthcare company, really? I
am important now, I wonder if I get a raise
and a promotion!

Blog7/11/14 8:55 AM
drjimmy  Find all comments by drjimmy
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i got a subject bible i got it 75 dollars
that bible worth more than you think

Blog6/26/14 9:26 PM
Tony from USA  Find all comments by Tony
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I have found success with Covenant Eyes
for many years! I know that the primary
concern is personal information but
Covenant eyes does not assume any risk by
gathering such information. You should
only use personal information on secured
servers (ex. HTTPS://) and Covenant Eyes
does not gather information here or
anywhere else, only a record of the

Circumnavigation is also easy to thwart.
I choose to block links to ISO files that
may contain alternate operating systems
and utilize good-old-fashion
accountability to boost the filters

"Flee from sexual immorality..." -1
Corinthians 6:18

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