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DEC 20, 2014
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Gold Country Baptist Church
Phil Layton  |  Shingle Springs, California
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Sermon12/18/14 1:36 AM
Samantha M from Georgia  Find all comments by Samantha  M
• Posted 57 hours ago
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great message!

Sermon12/2/14 12:56 PM
Carl E from Australia  Find all comments by Carl E
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank God for the unmerited grace! Very good sermon.

Sermon11/25/14 11:17 PM
H Hudson from Deerfield Beach, Florida  Protected NameFind all comments by H Hudson
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“ Challenging Sermon! ”
This message presents some of the most difficult duties and behavior that we as children of God must present to the world at large. To fellow Christians and to unbelievers we are to show the Gospel as Jesus and his Apostles practiced. By learning to act this way, we will be strengthened as True Believers.

Sermon11/24/14 7:08 PM
H Hudson from Deerfield Beach, Florida  Protected NameFind all comments by H Hudson
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“ Encouraging Sermon! ”
This Thanksgiving message is inspiring to let us see all the blessings we receive daily from God. Brother Phil gives us deep understanding of how we as Christians should live each day. All that he said is something that would be most satisfying and Godly if we followed them every day. It's a message worthy of hearing regularly thoughout the years.

Sermon10/23/14 12:56 PM
Phil Layton from Shingle Springs, California  Protected NameFind all comments by Phil Layton
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I went to school with Drew and very much appreciate his approach to this subject (adapted from Rick Holland's teaching to Grace Community Church where he served with John MacArthur). While warning against dangers of dating, and wisdom of relationships years before readiness to marry, his focus isn't the precise steps or methods of courtship (which also isn't a foolproof formula or necessarily "biblical" as some propose it). He focuses on the principles of Scripture and doesn't make prescriptions from descriptions of how people got together in various ways in Scripture. This is from the Equip Conference Youth event on 10/18 that GCBC participated in at Cool Community Church.

Sermon10/21/14 3:39 PM
Staff from Shingle Springs, California  Protected NameFind all comments by Staff
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“ Christ's Glory in all Scripture ”
The glory of Christ book-by-book, beginning to end, especially at the end of this message is on display. If you love to see Christ uplifted, this message will be uplifting to you and help open your eyes to how the whole Bible fits together and points to the exaltation and glorification of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation

Sermon6/9/14 5:59 PM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Hmmmm ”
The great commission is to "make disciples of all nations" —meaning to PREACH the gospel to all peoples. The Holy Spirit will make disciples as the Pastors (called to the ministry by GOD) preach the Word of GOD in all the world. The problems inside Christianity today are man-made disciples have gone out into the world making disciples like themselves." The chickens have come home to roost." And it continues to this very day by way of church planting — so called Pastors planting other churches like themselves, thereby making disciples like themselves.

Sermon5/7/14 3:11 PM
Philip from Israel  Find all comments by Philip
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The Gospel and Politics
Frank Erb
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great message! I listened to this while in Israel and was greatly blessed, and it's a message that transcends culture and time and speaks to our times! Simple but profound reminders from the apostle Paul's example in addressing a government worse than ours and his gospel focus and hope in Christ

Sermon4/14/14 3:03 PM
compugor  Contact via emailFind all comments by compugor
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“ Exceptional Sermon! ”
The speaker shows forth a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of this important issue, along with a humble respect for the opposing views of fellow believers. Well presented, non-divisive teaching which above all exalts God's word. This is a must listen to glean some perhaps overlooked aspects of the biblical line of reasoning in favor of a young earth, as well as a logical defense of the clarity of Scripture in that regard.

Sermon11/19/13 2:42 AM
Glenn Medberry from Minnesota  Find all comments by Glenn Medberry
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“ Gospel centered wisdom to bring life-giving & game-changing power to Men. ”
Practical, useful and hope-filled Gospel centered teaching for men.

Sermon11/10/13 11:49 AM
samson manumala from india.  Contact via emailFind all comments by samson manumala
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When We Walk With the Lord
Cliff Peppers
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon11/9/13 10:00 PM
Tammy from United States  Find all comments by Tammy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful Message. How many years even I wasted tormenting my own mind with trying the sanctified life without fully understanding the justification of Romans Chapter 5. Edifying to hear someone else who was saved yet was tormented by not fully understanding justification. Thank you.

Sermon10/13/13 1:51 PM
Ginny from MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ginny
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was home sick from church today, and seeking God about this recurring sickness. I began studying the word "mercy" and came to Lamentations. I clicked on the SermonAudio for ch. 3:22 and listened to part 1 and 2 of this message and though I knew all these things, it was strengthened and reinforced in my heart through your message. I feel full and blessed. Thank you. When my son committed suicide in 2007 this is exactly the message the Lord had prepared in my heart to sustain me through it. God is perfect in goodness, mercy, righteousness, love, justice... in all ways, and never ever acts outside of Who He is. What comfort to the heart to know His mercy and goodness is there acting always in the midst of tragedy. Though I cannot understand always the hows and whys, I know His mercy and goodness and His faithfulness will never fail. God bless!

Sermon9/24/13 5:47 PM
Phil Layton from Shingle Springs, California  Protected NameFind all comments by Phil Layton
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“ Grace for Dads who fall short (like me)! ”
Every man should listen to this multiple times and be encouraged and exhorted by grace

Sermon9/24/13 5:42 PM
Phil Layton from Shingle Springs, California  Protected NameFind all comments by Phil Layton
• Add new comment
“ Powerful message ”
"One of the most powerful message I've ever hear" and "just what I needed to hear" were some of the comments echoing around our church after Milton gave this message. I relate in some ways to his testimony and pray my life will continue to be transformed by gospel grace as my brother Milton has so powerfully communicated

Sermon9/17/13 7:35 AM
Krisztina F. from UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Krisztina F.
• Add new comment
“ Great message! ”
Thank you for not ripping verses out of context as many do!

Sermon9/5/13 11:23 PM
Aaron Brown from California  Find all comments by Aaron Brown
• Add new comment
“ Informative ”
Very well laid-out sermon. Explains slavery well.

Sermon6/18/13 5:47 PM
Phil from Placerville, CA  Protected NameFind all comments by Phil
• Add new comment
“ Made me say amen when I wasn't saying ouch ”
Multiple people after hearing this message in person said what I was thinking, that every parent needs to hear this message. I have heard many messages on parenting, even gospel-centered messages, but this may be the best one that says it better than anyone I've heard. But it's not just for parents, it's for grandparents, and people in general who are looking for formulas for the Christian life. I cannot too highly recommend this message that resonated with me and my own experience. Toes may be stepped on, but there's healing in the gospel

Sermon5/10/13 1:32 PM
James Colby from Fallbrook, CA  Find all comments by James Colby
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Everybody gets angry (usually sinfully) and this is a must-hear sermon for every believer.

Sermon5/10/13 1:29 PM
James Colby from Fallbrook, CA  Find all comments by James Colby
• Add new comment
“ A necessary sermon for the anxious or boastful ”
This sermon is a must-hear for the anxious parent who is burdened that they may not be doing enough to secure the salvation of their children. Salvation is by grace alone and not by the work of the parent! This sermon is also needed for the boastful, arrogant and prideful, e.g. those who think their way is the only way (e.g. homeschool, Christian School, youth group, no youth group, Sunday School, no Sunday School, etc). I'm a homeschooler and this sermon helped to knock me down off my highhorse. It is too easy to slide in this direction given the moral degeneration of this country and the desire to protect your child from it. It was a needed reminder. This sermon also touches on YEC/apologetics. There are many in that camp (even though I am a supporter) that suggest that young folks are leaving the church because the lack of sufficient teaching in apologetics/ creation. Salvation has always been of the Lord and He will save whether or not we say the right things. Sometimes I think they forget John 3:8, 1 John 2:19, 1 Corinthians 1:17.

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