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FEB 12, 2016
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Christ Reformation Church
Jeff Crippen, Pastor  |  Tillamook, Oregon
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Sermon1/20/16 2:31 PM
Marie Kvam from Austin, MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marie Kvam
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Two Case Studies in Pride and Humility
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Recommended Book ”
I just ordered the book How Trauma Destroys & Christ Restores and pray it helps me in my journey of recovery. Coping with C-PTSD along with all the additional stressors of attempting to co-parent with an abuser greatly affects even a Christian's mind and body. I've also found that some psychiatric hospitals do not even know how to treat C-PTSD: only PTSD which is a cake walk in comparison.

Sermon11/1/15 3:25 PM
Becky from Canada  Find all comments by Becky
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“ Excellent & Comforting ”
Very comforting ... must listen to this again as I do with many of Pastor Crippen's messages.

Sermon8/9/15 4:37 PM
Becky-Sue from Canada  Find all comments by Becky-Sue
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Mercy is the Quality of Every Christian
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Excellent! ”
This is a very good series. Pastor Crippen expounds from Scripture and zeroes in on "the heart" of man. The references to abuse are heartbreaking but must be heard. May we have a heart of mercy and know when to judge righteously towards those who are abusive wolves.

Sermon7/30/15 3:46 AM
Brandon from Minneapolis  Find all comments by Brandon
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Mercy, Not the Letter
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you! Wow, this sermon really blessed me. Mercy is truly the fulfilling of the law.

Sermon6/3/15 10:04 AM
Becky-Sue from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Becky-Sue
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Thank you Pastor Crippen. I've listened to this sermon twice. It's so articulate on the subject of 'anger'. Something I've always sensed to be true but have been made to feel very guilty about; my anger at sin was always viewed to be unloving towards the sinner and thus I was viewed as being un-Christ-like. I'm still being treated this way by 'the church'.

Sermon4/3/15 7:40 AM
Terry from Pennsylvania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Terry
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Truly God has opened your eyes and heart to the wickedness that has been lurking to long in the church and the ignorance of many pastors. How the godly are being punished further in these situations or put under discipline. The saddest part is how the mother watches the suffering of her children . Thank you for speaking out. Everything you have said is true. I know for I have lived it and still am dealing with issues from this. God bless you for making this available to all at no charge. Lord bless this man who seeks You and loves You and wants to share Your Word. In Jesus Name.

Sermon10/26/14 4:05 PM
Stephanie from California  Find all comments by Stephanie
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“ Great Sermon Series ”
Thank you so much for this invaluable sermon series.

Sermon10/20/14 8:40 AM
judy from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by judy
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Bow Down - The Abuser's Command
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Great Sermon! ”
I wonder if anyone has considered that a particular church in its entirety can become abusive to women! I found that as the abusive men took control of our church and the nice ones left (because they too were abused) the church became more and more abusive in its leadership towards women. Fundamentalism tends this way naturally and when certain men take over it becomes more so, supported by abused wives who support their sense of entitlement and become misogynistic themselves. These 'super-godly'leaders fit almost every category of abusiveness including keeping all the monies of the church under their control and permitting no women in any leadership positions, reminding them that men alone are entitled to lead, pray, decide, etc...and when a person leaves they are always at fault for not being submissive enough, etc. One such church expelled (excommunicated) 14 elderly parishioners for not 'submitting' to a very wrong decision by their elders. These were people who had been members all their lives and the leadership was just a bunch of arrogant men who had grown accustomed to being bowed down to and couldn't accept any one who questioned them. I would love to hear a sermon on 'the church as abuser'...there are churches that closely resemble the Taliban in our circles.

Sermon9/21/14 9:15 AM
Beverley from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Beverley
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Jars of Clay - Strength in Weakness
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Very Encouraging ”
I've listened to this message twice. It's very encouraging and such a wonderful reminder of how the Lord uses 'jars of clay'. As I reflect, I am amazed at the times that He has used those private moments with someone to share the Gospel. No flashy programs required; just a sincere desire to share the true Gospel at any given moment. What a precious Lord and Saviour.

Sermon9/17/14 1:20 PM
Judy from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Judy
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“ Great Sermon Series...must hear! ”
Matthew Henry confirms the meaning of Genesis 3:16 in his commentary, as follows: “II. She (Eve) is here * put into a state of subjection. The whole sex, which BY CREATION WAS EQUAL WITH MAN, is, for sin, made inferior…the sentence was not a curse, to bring her to ruin, but a chastisement, to bring her to repentance….” Matthew Henry's commentary on Genesis 3:16 after the Fall doesn't agree with the Danver's statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood that suggests the husband was head of the wife FROM THE BEGINNING...nor do I and many others who still hold to the infallibility of scripture. The fallibility is in ourselves and we need to humble ourselves and search more carefully to see if our traditions are true to the Bible or not... But despite this, the whole series should be required listening for all Christians.

Sermon9/12/14 9:11 AM
judy from canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by judy
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“ Great Sermon! Don't miss this great series! ”
Regarding the comment during sermon: you described a minister who said "What did he do? Slap you around a little bit?" This is more than is not just unacceptable...this pastor's words are clear marks that he also is an abusive man...a man who thinks that to slap her around a 'little bit'is a joke is a man who thinks nothing of doing it himself? This pastor's life requires investigation. I found this attitude in the churches I attended: an frightening attitude of men with one another ... standing around happy in sharing a 'derogatory kind of laughter' where women knew one of us was being mocked by the group of men. The churches have become a haven for such men and this must either stop or all women will eventually leave them to their own devices and the once majority women in the church will become all male churches...I see regular proof of this...women leaving the churches in droves. We know when the prevailing atmosphere is becoming dangerous for women and this is thanks to the fact that men who stand against such behaviour are usually also driven out of the churches by abusive men...some fundamental churches are becoming an old boys club of such men. Fathers and mothers pay attention! In these churches your daughters are not safe!

Sermon9/11/14 9:57 AM
judy from canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by judy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is the most frightening sermon so far in this shows how vulnerable women are and even how vulnerable Christian churches are to deception from abusive people...until this sermon I felt there were ways to uncover the deception, but when he said even those who pretend to fight for protection for people can be some of the most abusive in disguise one wonders how far Satan will go to hide his intentions...God help us all! This sermon series should be required listening for all people, especially those in the churches, and most especially ALL WOMEN!

Sermon5/2/14 8:23 AM
Beverley from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Beverley
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Christ Lives in Me
Pastor Jeff Crippen
This is part two of "Christ Lives in Me". We lie if we say that we have not struggled with living up to The Law. It just keeps creeping in and even so-called seasoned believers fall into the trap of bondage others would place on them. Pastor Crippen continues a thoughtful study of Galatians. This sermon causes us to slow down and dig deep into Gal 2:20. Examining the life of Martin Luther brings an even clearer perspective on the burden of being weighed down with The Law. So, are we dead to the Law? If we are truly "in CHRIST", He lives in us and pleased with us!

Sermon4/2/14 9:56 AM
Beverley from Canada  Find all comments by Beverley
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The Terrible End of Unthankfulness
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Be Thankful - Yes! ”
Pastor Crippen's Sermon Description: "Some of us believe that God owes US - that we are entitled. The truth is that we OWE God! We owe Him thankfulness. Every good thing we have is a gift from Him! If we are refusing to give thanks to God, then we are REALLY thinking that WE should be God, not God!!!" I am Thankful for this Colossian series!

Sermon1/31/14 11:10 AM
Beverley from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Beverley
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The Sufficiency of God's Word
Pastor Jeff Crippen
“ Good Overview ”
A good overview of previous chapters in JOHN. Pastor Crippen mentions the fact that they took time away from the John series to study the Word concerning Domestic Violence and Abuse. I highly recommend this series. Looks like I will have to explore the In My Father's House series as well! I also appreciated how Pastor Crippen dealt with the Sufficiency of Scripture ... It is only the by the pure Gospel that we can be saved. Reminds me of when the Lord saved me. A woman said she was convicted to witness to me and all she knew was to just basically 'read and study' the Word. Well, the Lord had been working and as soon as I was given a Bible, well, there was no going back. I couldn't get enough of it. Yes, the sufficiency of the Word will lead true believers to a true saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Sermon1/24/14 8:50 AM
Beverley from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Beverley
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“ Examine the heart ”
This particular sermon is part of a series on the Gospel of John ... the sober exhortation should cause all of us to examine our hearts. We must be so careful about "going through the motions" of reading and studying The Word. A sound warning for churches to not become places of "flattery" but houses of worship. Thank you Pastor Crippen. I sense your grave concern for our "walk with the Saviour".

Sermon12/21/13 12:22 AM
Hannah  Find all comments by Hannah
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“ Abuse in all forms is destructive ”
You don't have to have your head knocked in to have suffered from abuse. Verbal and emotional is just has destructive and sometimes worse because there are no physical scars. The abuser is master at wearing many masks. He loves to make the victim appear crazy. He loves to isolate the victim. Nothing will ever be good enough for him. You are his adversary from the start, but you just don't know that. You are his UNFINISHED BUSINESS with his past.

Sermon7/22/13 3:11 PM
Wendy from Alabama  Find all comments by Wendy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Your series on domestic violence as it personifies the evil of sin is one of the most refreshing things I have heard on the subject since my family and I were forced to deal with its horror and treachery, beginning in 2010. My daughter, married to a minister, is in an abusive marriage (verbal, physical, etc.), which began two to three weeks after their marriage. We, my family, one or two friends, and I feel as though we are in a living nightmare, where no matter what he does, he gets a pass! He is about to leave one church and go to another. The elders at both know of his abuse, but because he has well-connected parents and he appears to be wonderful, friendly, funny and charming to everyone else, they ALL give him a pass! They think he has changed! And, he has not! Now, they have a newborn baby! We are terrified to think of how this child will be raised and the secrets he will be forced to keep! His mother left for two and a half months in their first year of marriage. In one breath she reveals how he has continued to criticize EVERY move she makes and yells in her face in front of the baby, and in the other breath declares how wonderful he is and how much she loves him! She is thoroughly trapped in his web. It helps, however, to at least hear the truth validated by you.

Sermon6/2/13 7:21 AM
Michael Hranek from Endicott, New York  Protected NameFind all comments by Michael Hranek
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“ A Sermon to be Appreciated ”
Something is stunningly missing in too much of the (I hate to use the word) preaching of today's modern evangelical churches - It is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified! Thank you, Art Azurdia, for calling our attention back to preaching that is genuinely Christian, that tells of Jesus Christ, that testifies of the Cross and all God did for us there. IMHO we and those we love and care about desperately need this kind of preaching TODAY, while it is still the day of Salvation.

Sermon5/23/13 3:11 PM
Linda from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Linda
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow - so much enlightening biblical truth~ Thank You as your sermons are sowing into this life greatly and the lives of my children! God Bless You! Thank You so much from this heart of mine!

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