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OCT 25, 2014
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Royal Oak Christian Assembly Auckland
Barry Reed  |  Auckland, New Zealand
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Sermon9/29/14 10:12 PM
Servant of Christ . . . from Waiting on the Lord.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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The Way! Is It Ours?
Barry Reed
“ What is your way? This was time well spent! ”
If you feel like you go to church but guard your heart and resist the word of God, please, press play, God is trying to speak to you today! A quiet time with God where you don't hear His voice is a waste-of-time. This sermon is looking at the way you are in your prayer life, asking you where you are in God's plan, your holiness and walk with God! It challenges you to seek the Lord while He is near. Instructs that if you are not as busy spiritually as you need to be, then you will slow down. It warns through the bible, woe to those who have a holy glow to them, to you who hide behind a cloak of godliness but seek not the counsel of God. We must turn from such people, just as our Lord Jesus turned and said to Peter: "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns." [Matthew 16:23] "Spare me God, but don't spare my sin!" Truly, a very powerful prayer from a sincere heart who hates what God hates. We all ought to seek and desire such a heart that longs for what God longs for. We should seek to live a transparent life before God, for none of our ways are hidden from Him. Thank you yet again Pastor.B for another convicting and spirit-filled sermon. God bless and keep you and yours through Jesus Christ!

Sermon8/2/14 5:27 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Very Powerful Sermon! ”
Pastor.B really gets into the specifics behind the charters of the story of the Prodigal son, you may think I have heard it before but you have not heard it put like this before, press play, you will not regret it.

Sermon8/2/14 5:12 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Powerful! ”
Thank you so much for this Pastor, this will deff speak to many people's hearts to the glory of God through Christ Jesus our Lord! Please keep them coming.

Sermon7/24/14 6:32 AM
Okiakama. Te  Find all comments by Okiakama. Te
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great Sermon .Very good sermon really helped myself at this point of my quiet time with GOD.Thank you Brother Barry may we all learn to trust in GOD alone.AMEN

Sermon7/2/14 6:20 AM
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Janine Elizabeth
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A really excellent message. Thank you

Sermon6/30/14 8:06 PM
EC from Auckland  Find all comments by EC
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great preaching that speaks of God's Holiness, and human heart. Thank you Ps. Barry for sharing the Word.

Sermon6/21/14 8:17 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ What does God see when He looks at you??? ”
God does not just make the world, He keeps it going, 'by Jesus Christ everything consists' (Colossians 1:17) You may not be wanted or liked where you are, but you are not an accident, God planned you and desires to know you. Go to church and listen to sermons, but do not neglect the most important aspect of your spiritual journey, giving your entire heart to God; a personable relationship with your Maker; an open and loving communion between you and your Father in heaven, where you never keep secrets from one another. Don't love God because of what He can do for you, love God JUST BECAUSE! Just because He is who He is, as He said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.'" (Exodus 3:14) This is what I got from listening. Praise You Lord, my God, praise You for who You are! Another powerful sermon Pastor Barry, God bless you mightily and may He continue to inspire and anoint your message through the Holiest of Spirits, in Jesus Name and for Jesus' sake, Amen!

Sermon6/20/14 5:56 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Powerful Sermon! ”
Please Lord Jesus, do not pass me by, and I pray that those reading this will not pass this sermon by, in Your heavenly Name, Amen!

Sermon6/7/14 3:32 PM
Rachel C. McCalmmer from USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rachel C. McCalmmer
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“ Am I misunderstanding your opening comments? ”
I keep a Saturday Sabbath. For a long time there were no assemblies in my area which were Messianic or Sabbath keeping which observed the Feasts and Holy Days and the Lord Sabbath Day. Then one came along. It has divided three or four times over the last 10 years. Small groups which meet in people's homes or the town's civic hall. If you knew what that town was like you might not want to step foot in it on the Sabbath Day, either. For a while I was out of work. No real extra income to go driving around looking for people who might worship like I do. Nor able to travel 50 miles or so away for services. Then I was growing older having health issues and just plain tired and worn down. So keeping Sabbath at home with personal Bible study, related literature I have in books and music corresponding to the Sabbath or Feast or Holy Day. Then I got a laptop 3 years ago and I could find resources that I had searched online at the library, but not on Saturdays. I found many good resources to worship and praise and study with and I did not feel so all alone anymore. I even found your posts on SermonAudio and was a faithful listener for about 2 years. Then you got on Facebook. Things changed in your attitude. In the past year or so, so has the tone of your sermons. ???????????

Sermon5/28/14 12:52 AM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Heavy Sermon! ”
The others looked at the giants and expressed their fear, but Caleb looked at the giants, then he looked at God!And when he saw how big his God is, fear was the furthest thing from his mind! He was a very loyal dog (if you listen you will understand), indeed! A MUST listen for all who have friends or who themselves leave the faith because of what they read on goggle.

Sermon5/7/14 6:43 PM
DL from Oklahoma  Find all comments by DL
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A great message!

Sermon5/7/14 3:07 AM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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I do not want to get in the way of this powerful message, so I will keep it brief. This is a very heavy sermon, but more than that, it is a very necessary sermon. Something will change inside you for the better if you listen to this, truly. Praise God!.

Sermon4/30/14 1:09 AM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ A Warning To Some, A Blessing To Others. ”
The Bible is God speaking_ Pastor Barry Reed You don't have to go anywhere to see the world or darkness, you just have to look into your own heart_ Pastor Barry Reed Isn't that the truth my siblings in Christ? This is truly a must listen, especially if you are younger or you have children you are struggling to get through to, God wants you to sit them down and listen to this together.

Sermon4/26/14 7:12 AM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Blessed are the ears who hear this message! ”
I thank you Lord for manifesting your instructions through your servant Pastor Barry Reed. Thank you Barry Reed for serving as a tool of righteousness for the anticipated worship and glory of God through Jesus Christ. Please keep these messages coming.

Sermon3/18/14 5:39 PM
Fitsum Sibagadis from auckland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Fitsum Sibagadis
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“ Spirit filled Sermon! ”
"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12 Thank you for being used by God Pastor Barry, your message is something I pray every child of God gets a chance to hear at least once in their life. God keep you and continue to inspire you, through the only Name that saves men's souls, our eternal Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Sermon3/17/14 4:50 PM
Fitsum Sibagadis from auckland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Fitsum Sibagadis
• Add new comment
“ Powerful Sermon! ”
Truly, we are blessed to have men of God such as these. Thank you Pastor Barry Reed for yet another eye opener. God bless you greatly in all that you do.

Sermon3/4/14 4:20 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ Power-filled Message! ”
I praise my Lord God through Christ for sending you into our midst. Your messages are a God send in a world that is spiritually discerned. God bless you our brother in Christ Jesus, who is Lord for now and forever more, Amen!

Sermon3/4/14 4:18 PM
Servant of Christ . . .  Contact via emailFind all comments by Servant of Christ . . .
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“ This was from God. ”
"A bird in the hand is better then two in a bush" Indeed Pastor Barry Reed. Thank you for always forcing my lips to praise God through your sermons. God bless you!

Sermon3/1/14 8:31 PM
RCML from USA  Find all comments by RCML
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“ Excellent as usual ”
Never disappointed when listening to Pastor Reed.

Sermon3/1/14 7:03 PM
RCML from USA  Find all comments by RCML
• Add new comment
“ Pastor Reed is an excellent minister of truth. ”
I neglected to add to my comments that Pastor's sermon is addressing false prophets(female/male both). That these false prophets are those things which are not ministered from The Word by proper such of such but done in falsehood or misinterpretation. There are literal false prophets in the human sense. And there are false prophets of the nature within use that is not condusive to the will or way of God. We go to the alter in humble submission to God and put to death the old man or old sinful nature within us. It is not always a miraculous deliverance, but a maturing and releasing of old and corrupt habits or nature. Sometimes we experience immediate release without falling back and that is wonderful. But in our human nature and by external influences we battle lifelong. I understand Pastor's sermon in what he means but care should be taken for those who are not believers, are marginal, are having problems in their life or sinful natures which might cause them to act inappropriately due to the words which are used in the pulpit in order to get a point across. Thankful for believers we have the indwelling Holy Spirit to help guide us in proper conduct as a believer or discernment in different situations. I am not criticizing his sermon,I just state care be taken with words

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