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APR 24, 2014
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Pilgrims Covenant Church
Pastor Ralph Ovadal  |  Monroe, Wisconsin
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Sermon4/1/05 9:55 AM
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When This Pope Dies
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Worthwhile listening! ”
Given the present condition of the pope, this program is very worthwhile listening. It is very helpful in understanding the very corrupt process we are about to witness in Rome with the passing of one pope and the election of another.

Sermon2/19/05 11:48 PM
Richard Navarro from Las Vegas  Contact via email
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The Bride Betrayed
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
I thank you for preching truth and god is well pleased with your accurate teachings we need people to take a stand against the roman harlot I understand now why people dont stand its that their afraid.To many christian wimps.Thank god for you

Sermon2/17/05 1:04 PM
S. Jefferson from Baltimore, Maryland USA  Contact via email
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The Bride Betrayed
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Ovadal, Thank you for being courageous by presenting this message. Whenever something contrary to a Neo-Evangelical personality is voiced, accusations of negativity soon follow. If Billy Graham states that Fulton Sheen and the Pope - Roman Catholic devoted to the Catholic Goddess Virgin Mary (the unbliblical Mary) - are born-again Christians, I boldly disagree with that. When I mention the changes made in modern "Bibles" I am called divisive. The introduction of the new versions caused the division before I was born! They're not even translated from the same underlying texts. E.g., the New King James Version states in the foreword of my study Bible that all Bibles use basically the same New Testament texts, then goes on to list an eclectic set of texts (different from the TR) that it refers to throughout the remainder of the book. That kind of duplicity leads to confusion. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that some pastors aren't afraid to take a stand on these issues. False unity is not Biblical. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with false apostles leads to corruption. I'm encouraged in the Lord by this message: it's a hard saying, but it's true, and the truth shall make you free. Keep preaching brother Ovadal, and stay encouraged! Yours in Christ, S.Jefferson

Sermon2/8/05 3:45 PM
Doyle B. Cooper from Hamilton, Al.  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
AMEN!"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints."ICor.14:33.The best way to tell the devils work is to examine the way the deity of Christ is handled.As you mentioned,John 3:16 is a key verse.If it doesnt say"only begotten"then it is of the devil.And of all the translations I have compared, only the King James has it right!Jesus was the only begotten son of God or he was the most reprehensible fraud ever to walk the face of the earth.This crowd of compromising,demon-possessed,proud,blaspheming,infidels ought to be out looking for some line of work that would not require them to pretend to care about the word of God.I went through a period of "intellectual" searching about 30 years ago and when I saw that I was getting far from God as I became more confused by the "modern translations"I went back to the king James Bible and there I AM TODAY and there I will remain!Bless you and those who "contend for the faith,once delivered.."Jesus Christ is God,Lord,Saviour and soon comming King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Sermon1/27/05 8:56 PM
Michael from Hixson, Tennessee  Contact via email
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The Bride Betrayed
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ We Need More Preachers Like This ”
Brother Ovadal may seen a bit rough around the edges at times but he has given an excellent message on how Christians are being led astray into ecumenicalism - Which is something far to church members realize for the danger it is. May God give him the grace to continue and grow.

Sermon1/24/05 11:21 PM
Wes and Jennifer Irvine from Adelaide, South Australia  Contact via email
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The Bride Betrayed
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Pastor Ralph, We have listened to your Sermon, and have already copied it several times for distribution. Thank you and thank God for your faithfulness. Our dear Pastor preaches and teaches the same message. Needless to say, the congregation is small! We are in two locations, one in the country and one in the city suburbs. We "phone in" on every Lord's day. That is how desperate things are "down under." Keep up the good and Godly preaching. God bless, Wes and Jennifer.

Sermon1/17/05 2:31 PM
N. Brown from Janesville, WI  Contact via email
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The Bride Betrayed
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for enlightening me about what the "big names" of Christian radio are promoting. I had no idea where they are trying to take us. Thank God there are preachers like you to help show us the truth. I was motivated by your serman to double my efforts in minisrty and keep the faith!

Sermon12/29/04 12:15 AM
Andrew Hall from Worcester, United Kingdom  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
What an excellent message. I have never heard a better, concise, message which draws together the worldwide fascination for Mary "The Queen of Heaven". This really draws all the masses of evidence together in a manner which is easily understandable. Oh that more Christian ministers would preach on these things to alert their flocks. Sadly, here in the UK, we have a couple of organisations who openly work with Romanists to forward their movements. Pastor Ralph is quite right to call upon us to follow scripture in dealing with this issue.

Sermon12/19/04 8:56 AM
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Convicting, convincing and needful. ”
The great cry of the Reformation is 'Sola Sriptura'-the authority of the Holy Scriptures alone, whilst the cry of Rome is 'sola ecclesia' the only authority is the church. Imagine a pagan chief in an undiscovered jungle tribe finding a copy of an old missinonary's Bible translated in his own tongue and reading of Christ as his only hope. Without the aid of Bishop or Priest God by His Sovereign power convicts this chief of sinners to the saving of his soul. The sinner now rejoices forever in Christ and in Sola Scriptura and then in the Holy Spirit guidence into all the doctrines of Sovereign grace. He next begins to preach and others are convicted and saved-the first church in this jungle area. One Bishop saintgood then appears from far away christendom and states that ChristMASS is a time to commemorate the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Pastor Reformed Pagan: Where is it commanded to celebrate the birth of Christ in the pages of my Holy Bible and on December 25th? Bishop: It has been the tradition of some Protestant churches to celebrate Christmass...etc. What would you say to the converted pagan who was converted according to 'Sola Scriptura'? On your answer hangs the sole authority of the first church of this it the authority of Scriptura or Ecclesia?

Sermon12/19/04 8:20 AM
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
The Papal Anti-christ building bridges with the world religions in a common unity of hatred against the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and against all Bible believing Christians. Ralph Ovadal and David Carson give a timely and needful warning, whilst not afraid to expose the heresy of such a two faced hypocrite as Billy Graham-the revered mini-pope like figure of neo-evangelicalism. I read a comment in an evangelical paper last week that Billy Graham is the greatest preacher since the apostle Paul. The same Graham who said in aa article about the Pope in 1980, praising the Pope as a “bridge builder”: “Pope John Paul II has emerged as the greatest religious leader of the modern world, and one of the greatest moral and spiritual leaders of the century” (Saturday Evening Post, Jan.-Feb. 1980). Rev Paisley has always been spot on: Jude 3

Sermon11/3/04 12:42 PM
Engineer from USA  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ HEADS UP America !Must hear ! ”
Fascist ideology drives the supposed 'hate crimes' laws to persecute Christians who lovingly, peacefully share the gospel.Ovadal and his guests clearly warn the church to wake up to this threat to our freedom to preach the good news, before we LOSE it through apathy and inattention.

Sermon11/2/04 6:19 PM
albert from NORTHERN IRELAND  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
an up to date insight to what these pagons are up to in the world. listen and hear how close they are THESE SHALL MAKE WAR WITH THE LAMB,AND THE LAMB SHALL OVER COME THEM REV 17:14

Sermon10/12/04 3:51 PM
Andrew Hall from Worcester, United Kingdom  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Christians Arrests in the USA? Is this Iraq? ”
Well brother, I heard this report this morning. I have written in support of brother Macavage before. Here in the United Kingdom we had a brother, street preaching, who was assaulted and pushed to the ground by a group of about 40 sodomites in a town called Bournemouth - yet this elderly man was the one arrested by the Police and charged and fined in Magistrates Courts. This weekend we have a commemoration day in Bournemouth for this dear brother who passed away three months after the court case. Lay men and ministers alike are coming from different parts of the country to preach in Bournemouth and to raise the banner of Christ. Please pass on the greetings of Christian Watch (United Kingdom) to brother Marcavage.

Sermon8/5/04 1:46 PM
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ A Must Hear...! ”
Excellent discussion! Everyone should hear this interesting radio program!

Sermon8/5/04 1:09 PM
Robert from Marlton, NJ  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ An Excellent Message..! ”
Everyone should hear this great message! Sad to say, There are many so called "christians" today who already "have their reward"...etc. Hath not God chosen the poor in this world and made them "rich in faith"...? Woe unto them who bow down to the "image of Gold" so that they will not be cast into the "furnace of adversity and the fires of affliction"..etc. Peter said.."Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee"...etc.

Sermon8/1/04 5:13 AM
Timmy Chung from Melbourne, Australia  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Encouraging sermon ”
Stand firm even when you see no one believing the Bible around you, brothers and sisters! Samuel was a man who believe in God's word to the end and this sermon talks about his good example being loyal to God according to His word.

Sermon7/14/04 3:26 PM
Andrew Hall from United Kingdom  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Once again, a sermon given straight from the word of God without mincing the words. The danger is extremely great and here in the United Kingdom we had a sodomite march in London called a "Gay Festival" attended by the Mayor of London and with sodomite police actually marching. This flagrant assault on God's law and indeed natural law will not go unpunished either in the USA, the UK or any country that exalts this vile lifestyle. The false church that accepts this lifetsyle is advancing just as rapidly as the false church that accepts Roman Catholics as being Christian. The late Bishop JC Ryle once wrote a tract on the True Church and in it he spoke of the True Church as being 'one or two here, or two or three there@. This is truly the situation today in the Vanity Fair of the West.

Sermon7/11/04 11:28 AM
Dr. Ken Matto from Edison, NJ  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ A well needed expose ”
This sermon was excellent in exposing the NIV for what it is really worth. It is an evil book with much Gnostic influence on Roman Catholic manuscripts. Pastor Ralph wants to know when Christians will wake up. I do not believe they will ever wake up since modern Christiansity has been lulled to sleep by the theologians and their ungodly tanpering with God's Word. Since I went to the KJB in 1986, I have had more power in my ministry and stability in doctrinal beliefs. False versions cause wavering faith and distrust in the Word of God. This is why so many Christians and churches are confused resulting in serious spiritual weaknesses. The NIV along with the other modern versions are cursed books and God will not bless sin. Christians wake up and realize the apostasy is not only on TBN but is under your arms and in your church's pulpit.

Sermon7/4/04 11:14 AM
Alvin Crofts from Texas  
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An Ungodly Passion for The Passion
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
I attend two congregations one of the leaders inferred that those who did not go and see the movie did not love Jesus. Being a student of Biblical languages I would be interested in hearing how close aramaic is to hebrew but have absolutly no interest to " crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh". I have not seen in either congregation an increase in believers coming to faith as a result of the movie. Constantinian (RCC and Eastern Orthodox) religion efforts always plant pagan seeds...a point that seems to escape some.

Sermon7/4/04 10:45 AM
Rumen Valkov from no  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Deacon-Christian Church ”
Greetings from Bulgaria.Greeting in the name Jesus.Let God bless you.My address is Rumen Valkov ,13 Hristo Botev, street Straldja 8680 Bulgaria. Your friend, in Christ Jesus.

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