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MAR 1, 2015
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Reformation Church
Pastor W. J. Mencarow  |  Boerne, Texas
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Sermon4/23/11 12:50 PM
Robert  Find all comments by Robert
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very informative. The sermon was well done and it has helped me more in understanding the spiritual realm

Sermon4/22/11 1:43 AM
Revivalandreformation from North of the Equator  Contact via emailFind all comments by Revivalandreformation
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God Creates Evil (!!!)
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for speaking out on a subject that riles most people not to mention Christians. I have had a time and a half trying to convince people of the total sovereignty of God. I find the very people that resist this notion are the ones who haven't been broken yet.

Sermon4/21/11 12:48 PM
Mitch from Texas  Find all comments by Mitch
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“ Needed a little more relevancy! ”
It's hard to gain actual knowledge when there is very little exegetical context to go by. I feel we all tend to read these texts, especially the old testament, and apply them directly to ourselves or to whatever we immediately preconceive. Reading in a historical, old testament, audience relevant mindset I believe calls in to question many of the motives of this sermon. I do definitely encourage you to continue in your research and exegesis of our holy word. Thank you for loving god and loving others. Let us be teachable and humble in all aspects of our worship and research through God's holy word. Humility and love in Christ. Mitch

Sermon4/11/11 4:54 PM
Mary from Frederick  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon4/8/11 2:06 PM
W. Fulton from Forest City, North Carolina  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by W. Fulton
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“ A Clear Outline of Things to Come! ”
We believe that Pastor Mencarow has handled this "summary" very faithfully, and we pray that all who hear this message will be blessed. Many have made foolish predictions based on vain speculations, but here is the kind of sermon we can recommend — as this preacher seems more concerned to honor the WORD of GOD on the subject. Our Lord is going to return to Earth! And it could be SOON! Are you ready?

Sermon1/16/11 12:03 PM
Bob from Michigan  Find all comments by Bob
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Government vs. God
W. J. Mencarow
“ Outstanding ! ”
A call to Christians to wake up and see the big picture. And, quite frankly, to start living the faith they say they have and to answer the question "What is good?" as God would.

Sermon1/10/11 3:32 PM
bhzad  Find all comments by bhzad
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon11/15/10 12:06 AM
J. Myers from Northern Virginia  Contact via emailFind all comments by J. Myers
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Jesus Wept
Keith Dewell
“ Thank you! ”
This is the most beautiful sermon on this verse I've ever heard. Truly, to consider Christ's compassion in the detail brought out by this speaker was enlightening and causes me to be all the more grateful for such a compassionate Redeemer.

Sermon10/16/10 2:54 PM
David Colin Hickman from Guildford Surrey  Protected NameFind all comments by David Colin Hickman
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I never tire of hearing, and by the grace of God, believing Genesis one as literal history, a history into which the Son of God would himself come, declaring Himself as the creator of this world. What a doctrine. Absolutely foundational and essential for the understanding of the scriptures of Truth

Sermon8/15/10 11:01 PM
Mike Jeshurun from India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mike Jeshurun
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“ A Must Hear Sermon! ”
Beloved, the Church today needs more men like Pastor Mencarow, who not only preach the Truth but are also exposing the Lie and the works of darkness. This in fact is something that God expects from His ministers – “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE (EXPOSE) them”. [Eph 5:11] This is an EYE OPENING sermon which reveals the darkness that is present, not in the lost Pagan world but in that which goes by the name of Christianity. I for one always thought that every denomination that goes by the ‘Presbyterian’ label is ‘Reformed’ in their beliefs and doctrines. This sermon showed me that I was SADLY MISTAKEN. I KNEW that the worship of Semiramis (Nimrod’s wife) had taken over the Papacy in the form of Maryolatory, but I hadn’t the faintest clue that this Demon Principality had successfully taken over much of what goes as ‘Protestant’ by this thing called ‘Sophia worship’. But God is faithful even in these darkest moments of the Church to send us men like Pastor Mencarow to warn us. May God give us more preachers like him!

Sermon1/11/10 4:57 PM
Jessica Myers from Virginia  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Jessica Myers
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon series was full of biblical insights and helpful, practical applications. Thanks!

Sermon12/27/09 2:06 PM
miniminihaahaa from Midwest  Find all comments by miniminihaahaa
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Marks Of A Christian, Part I
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this sermon. It really spoke to my heart. I so appreciate the admonitions. We all need these, and sometimes outright rebuke. I'm really weary of the fuzzy-wuzzy watered down milk-toast "canned" sermons from an ever growing bunch of feel-good preachers. So, I really appreciate you Pastor (if you're reading this) all the more! May God bless you with spiritually lead (not the canned sermons) and spiritually filled sermons. Keep it up.

Blog12/10/09 6:55 PM
Messianic Chris  Find all comments by Messianic Chris
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Funny, I don't see anyone saying that Europe is under a "perpetual" wrath of God for all generations for a one-time act of ONE generations' sin. The implications are you believe that God punishes infinite generations of unrelated people for past events, striking similar to what God DENOUNCED with the "sour grapes" saying in Ezekiel.

Covenant theology and dispensationalism are both so inherently flawed it is sickening. One calls Israel the Church in the past, while calling the Church the Israel of the present, which is retarded to say the least, and the other makes it seems like they are completely two separate unrelated entities that are both in two different ways somehow finding favor and communion with God, which is ridiculously Babylonish.

Horrible, horrible, theology. And the fact that someone has "Doctor" near their name means nothing if they can't even exegete properly.

Blog12/10/09 6:55 PM
Messianic Chris  Find all comments by Messianic Chris
• Add new comment
The article is off is so many ways I can't even begin to write how horribly inaccurate and lacking it is.

I am neither Dispensational nor Covenant Theology-leaning, but this issue is always taught wrongly by both sides.

How can people clearly MISINTERPRET simple things to be forms of replacement theology when they aren't at all meant in those ways? Standard Roman Catholic and Greek Church father mentality of demonizing all Jews for all time because they with the Roman Europeans crucified Messiah.

Blog11/15/09 1:17 PM
Sister CH  Find all comments by Sister CH
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Having recently read the OT, I can not possibly see how anyone could come to the conclusion that God is done with Israel.

I really like verses Jer 31:35-37 which basically says that God could no more forget Israel as he could forget the sun, the moon, the stars, and the sea and the laws that govern them and that Israel will always be a nation before him.

Then there is Luke 13:35 (Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.) The the church replaced Israel, then Jesus should have come back again since we have no problem saying blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Zech 14:1-22 speaks about a time in the Millennium dealing with Israel and all the other nations will have to honor God once a year at the Festival of Booths or they get the flesh eating disease. This obviously has not yet happened.

Jer 33:23-26 and Ezek 13:20-22 are also very good. Tried to post the actual verses but I was limited on the length.

Sermon10/29/09 4:48 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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“ Much needed message ”
I am so thankful for these messages by William Mencarow on Revelation. And that the Lord has freed me from dispensationalism and all its confusion. I pray others may listen to these messages and study the Scriptures.

Blog10/25/09 9:36 AM
Bibleworm  Find all comments by Bibleworm
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Half of all customers who walk into a store intending to buy a Bible leave empty-handed, according to Brenda Lugannani, a vice president of Family Christian Stores, the nation's largest Christian chain.

"When they look at what's available," she says, "it begins to confuse them."


'There is an even more serious issue, which is that the multiplicity of versions as well as editions are seriously undermining the authority of what is the Word of God. Which one is the right one? Which one contains all of the original?' MAV

Trinitarian Bible Society: "The NIV contains enough truth to be used of the Holy Spirit to draw a man to the Saviour. But although it contains truth, is it the very Word of God? If not, Christians must be urged to return to the truth."

There is no denial that sinners may be saved through the modern versions..versions contain enough of the gospel (1 Cor 15:1-4) just like a person may be saved by hearing a sermon or reading a tract. This however does not mean that God sanctions such versions or that the Church should continue using them..God still holds His people responsible to use the most faithful translation, based on THE PUREST TEXT' jk

Blog10/25/09 8:56 AM
justme from NC  Find all comments by justme
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The NIV does deny the deity of Christ in many places but not all.Since it does in even one place it is of the devil.Satan is very subtle!

You cannot see this unless you lay it side by side with the KJV Please see the book "If the Foundations be Destroyed"

The NIV is now used as the Homosexual's Bible because it is gender neutral therefore making homosexuality non existent and women preachers.

People that defend a religion or a version so vehemently are not truly worhsiping the Lord,you're clinging to man.

If you have not studied the two versions you do not know.I have been where you are until someone gave me the guide I mentioned.Please inform yourself.

Blog8/5/09 9:31 AM
SteveR from Upper Midwest  Find all comments by SteveR
• Add new comment
There is an excellent statement issued on this very subject called the 'Wittenberg Door.' It is signed by dozens of the most conservative Pastors and seminary professors of our Day. This issue is of great concern because how this heresy has led some Pastors(like those commented in the RPC paper) away from the truth.


If the document doesnt appear at first, type 'Wittenberg Door'in the search

Sermon8/5/09 9:12 AM
SteveR from Upper Midwest  Find all comments by SteveR
• Add new comment
“ Interesting Sermon! ”
Ken Unger, the sermon text used was Jeremiah 20:4, a zero must have slipped in. 20:4 is where Jeremiah prophesied to the abusive, idolatry accepting priest Pashur of the upcoming Babylonian captivity. It would seem that the Roman Catholic Church would be better suited in the role of Pashur than Babylon is this spiritualized neopreterist postmillineal eschatological bridge for dipensationalists(I didnt know what else to call it). I would enjoy listening to a followup on why the obvious role for Pashur was so easily dismissed.

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