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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon10/22/13 11:30 AM
Joshua from Dahlonega  Find all comments by Joshua
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“ Wow ”
That almost sounded like a sarcastic, prolifer.....but sadly, probably someone's real take on the subject. Wow

Sermon10/21/13 10:18 PM
Christopher Binns from NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by Christopher Binns
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm sure Paul was familiar with Sodom and Gomorah!

Sermon10/21/13 4:57 PM
Lisa from Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Loved this sermon- lots of passion and clear preaching of the gospel.

Sermon10/21/13 7:09 AM
Jessica Felix from Fayetteville, NC  Find all comments by Jessica Felix
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a wonderful message. I have been considering homeschooling but I am not yet decided, this message shed some new light on things to consider. I especially appreciated the Biblical passages you expounded on.

Sermon10/18/13 1:59 PM
Gary Robinson from Montrose, Colorado  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gary Robinson
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Thank You for preaching on this subject. You don't hear a lot of Preachers & Pastors preaching on this subject. Where I live, it is more common to preach on the good news that comes from the Bible, and leave it at that. However, it masks the underlying cause of what makes man stumble. Satan also knows the word of God... and will twist it to make it seem like the sin that you are in is alright... but sadly is not. So let go and let God work through you through his GRACE, and Jesus will help you.

Sermon10/15/13 7:47 PM
Colton from S. pines  Find all comments by Colton
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Thanks ”
Thanks for the encouraging words you have been saying! I really liked what you said on the recent Mormon podcast as well. Things are not looking so good in our country and this was encouraging.

Sermon10/8/13 6:03 AM
MrE from East TN  Contact via emailFind all comments by MrE
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Fight Now and Rest Later
Sean E. Harris
“ Right on time for this soldier! ”
Thank you for the encouragement to get back in the fight! Thank you for giving to the Lord.. I am a life that was changed!

Sermon10/5/13 11:46 AM
Gabrielle from PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gabrielle
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“ No breach? ”
The KJV is the only version (compared to ESV, ASV, NKJV, NIV) which uses the word breach in Numbers 14:34. However, they all use the word breach in Psalms 106:23 (Moses stood in the breach) which parallels this passage. So why did the other versions drop the breach and not just the word promise? Instead they change it to rejection, alienation, me against you, or displeasure..

Sermon10/4/13 1:30 AM
SuzAnn from California  Find all comments by SuzAnn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks so much for these discussions... You guys are never afraid to tackle "the issues" that can set us apart but not divide us... Good format so questions, comments and scripture and be inserted/handled/discussed... you guys have a true gift of presenting and discussing these topics which is so uplifting and thought-provoking! Thanks!!!

Sermon10/2/13 4:10 PM
Helen from Sweden  Contact via emailFind all comments by Helen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
You do well as always..looking forward to part 2 of the topic!

Sermon10/1/13 8:13 AM
Kat from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kat
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm glad that you guys have tackled this topic. Interesting stuff!

Sermon9/30/13 11:52 PM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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“ Good discussion ”
This article is disturbing. It reminds me of a book called "Why Men Hate Church," by David Murrow. I heard this guy speak at a large function I was t as a guest speaker, and even though it was presented in a comical way, it was basically mocking church and all that it is we do (worship, prayer, etc). It made me feel sick. My husband, as a born again believer has always loved church and has never thought that it was too "touchy feely" for him to be able to stomach it. It is sad to me to see Christians mock and make excuses for the church. As if the world needs more ammunition, now we are turning on each other. :(

Sermon9/30/13 2:49 AM
Tommie Scott from Las Vegas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tommie Scott
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“ The Christian Stumbling Block Politics ”
Hi Pastors, Just have a few questions! But before I do I would tell you that I'm a Christian that's it, call me independent or what not. IV made a video addressing Al pimp Sharpton titled " Ex Gang Member Confronts Al Sharpton". And right wing & left wing Christians please stand up. 1. Do we as Christians ID as Christians first or Conservatives. 2. Do you believe that mostly every conservative blindly follow conservative leaders just because on the surface they seem to line up with conservative Christian views. 3. You believe that Christians really read the bills, or just follow their pastors, social groups, class, etc..... 4. Do you believe that we should come out from amongst them and form our own party, given that, the beginning of knowledge is the fear of The Lord, and the things of Gid are foolishness to them that are parishing on Fox News and the Conservative party. 5. Are Christians willing for Christ sake to stand alone, or be kicked out of your circle or Church, or group for the sake of Christ. Or Does the fear of man have most gripped? 6. If we have God in us and world or America is in a down fall, wouldn't you say that it's our fault as believers. I raise these question because all I hear from 90% of Christians is politic, when Satan has inva

Sermon9/26/13 7:21 PM
romuluspry from romulus, michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by romuluspry
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Isaiah 5:20 sums this up. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Sermon9/26/13 3:48 PM
Dustin from Okla city  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dustin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
With all due respect Pastor Bill, how is this shocking? It sounds a bit naive to think in a downward spiraling satanic postmodern culture we live in, that one can be surprised about this. Sadly this is nothing compared to the big picture of how gay marriage will be the law of the land soon! c

Sermon9/26/13 1:02 PM
Mary Frye from taunton ma  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary Frye
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“ Great Sermon! ”
If I lived there I would call and cancel my paper and tell them the reason why. Then I'd call all my Christian friends and ask them to call and cancel, then I'd go to my church and ask all my Christian family to do the same ect.. ect ..ect..can they really have that newspaper in their homes. .now? I'm finding that these things really show who are not true Christians

Sermon9/26/13 10:21 AM
Brandie from WI  Find all comments by Brandie
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Jesus, Boy Scouts, and Gays
Joey Kellett
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon. I have 2 comments. First I am glad that you did this topic. Our son is in scouts and my Husband and I have decided that we cannot allow him to be part of it because of the moral and biblical direction they are no longer going. We cannot support something we do not agree with. Second, you are correct about verses of scripture. We have seen pastors take a section of verses and preach on the selected ones and it be wrong with what it means. If they don't read and use the verses before and after it, it could be misapplied and not what God was meaning. Thank you for the discussion.

Sermon9/26/13 1:09 AM
noname  Find all comments by noname
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Women Deacons
Sean E. Harris
“ Sublimal Feminist Agenda in our midsts ”
Not to sound disrespectful, The manner that Judy simply disregards and attempts to criticize the Apostle Paul's writings in a an extremely negative shows her lack of utmost discernment and proper obedience to the Scriptures already. If she does sincerely believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, then every written word and teaching from the Apostles of Christ in the New testament should be taken into deep and most serious considerations instead of writing anyone of the Disciples of Christ off due to being a "sinful human being".

Sermon9/25/13 5:52 PM
Pastor Keith A. Neal from Youngstown, Ohio  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Keith A. Neal
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a outstanding sermon I am sharing this with all my friends. May the Lord continue to empower you to preach the Gospel.

Sermon9/25/13 4:07 PM
Al from Michigan  Find all comments by Al
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Bill, american christians have not spoken out against fornication, shacking up, feminism, etc. How can they now speak out against homosexuality? All sex outside of marriage btw 1 man & 1 wiman is perversion. Who is saying that from the pulpit?

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