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NOV 28, 2015
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Sermon6/9/07 11:29 AM
Jose  Find all comments by Jose
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I personally continue to struggle with the timing of the rapture till this day. I enjoy listening to this message because I have also used the "the last day" arguments against the pre trib position. I hope there will be a second part to this message on the pre trib rapture. Who is the speaker? He sounds like T. A. McMahon. My question is if the rapture is after the great tribulation then who will populate the millenial earth? There must be some who will produce children during the millennium. God bless!

Sermon6/9/07 4:10 AM
Richard  Find all comments by Richard
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“ Very Strong Sermon! ”
a must hear for all, lots of Bible to back up this message. I have learned alot.

Sermon6/8/07 7:00 PM
Marge Alley  Find all comments by Marge Alley
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“ Great Sermon! ”
God bless you for presenting Bible truth! One Google article I came across is "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" and it backs up what you say. Marge

Sermon6/8/07 9:57 AM
Peter Williamson  Contact via emailFind all comments by Peter Williamson
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“ Very Solid Bible Teaching! ”
There is so much false teaching in this area that will deceive a multitude and is encouraging people to live lives governed by lusts. This is biblical solid teaching and points to the last trumpet in Revelation 11, which is the last day of Satans power to rule over planet Earth. The next day is the start of the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ; which begins with the judgement of the ungodly, moves into the 1000 year milleniun reign and then into eternity with Jesus Christ as eternal King of new Jerusalem; Praise the Lord!!!! God bless you brother for your truthful teaching and boldness for the gospel, Amen.

Sermon6/6/07 10:23 PM
David T.  Find all comments by David T.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
very well done, and Biblically based, bless the speaker for taking a stand on this issue.

Sermon5/25/07 11:25 AM
Jon Jo Fe'  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jon Jo Fe'
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ Great Sermon! ”
I must say that this has been my most favorite sermon, not because you preached it but because it is the Word of God. In these times there is so much apostasy, sometimes its open othertimes it can be quite sublte, and in trinidad here people are getting carried away with the mega church movement and ther other false movements like, Latter Rain, Kingdom Now, Word of Faith and these other heretical sects. Let us pray for these tares and these wolves that they may be save by the grace of God and come to the knowledge of the truth, because it is not God's will that any should perish. Let us also make sure that our lives are in check with the Word of God and that we are in tune witht eh Spirit of God and that we bear lasting fruit as well - if we dont we'll be cut off just like these guys. I have done all I can to warn other in my country about this and this thing is an international apostasy - but we must stand as ministers of the Gospel and earnestly contend for the faith, and be committed to preaching God's Word at any cost! Let's carry our crosses and follow!

Sermon5/22/07 12:08 PM
Jeff  Find all comments by Jeff
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon, but there is a high pitch buzzing in it that really hurt my ears after a while. But this sermon is worth having a bit of a headache afterwards! *lol* I love Ray Comfort. He's a wonderful preacher!

Sermon5/21/07 9:00 AM
Ann  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ann
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Beware of Dog
Pastor Mark Shell
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hey. I heard some references to towns I'm familiar with in S. Illinois. Just wondered where you guys are located. I used to live in DeSoto, IL. Great message.

Sermon5/20/07 10:42 PM
Noreen Moyer  Contact via emailFind all comments by Noreen Moyer
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“ Great Sermon! ”
And to think I used to watch TBN and Paul Crouch and thought he was the cat's meow. Thank you for this eye-opening tape. I also collected Ken Copeland records and played them constantly. Much is coming to light and that is good. God's children need to be aware of the wolves in sheep's clothing theaching a false gospel.

Sermon5/20/07 8:02 PM
Noreen Moyer  Contact via emailFind all comments by Noreen Moyer
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ Great Sermon! ”
I was raised Catholic and am glad I found my Lord and Savior after leaving the great Whore as spoken in Revelation. It is good that so much of it that was held in secrecy is coming to light!! Keep up the good work and maybe more Catholics will come out and truly be FREE as only Jesus can make you free.

Sermon5/12/07 5:31 AM
Jeffery Sellers  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jeffery Sellers
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ Great Sermon! ”
Can you please e-mail me the sound exerpts from this sermon. I give a apostasy update each Sunday and I would like our members to actually hear these sheep growl like the wolves they are. thank you. jeffery_sellers@sbcglobal.net

Sermon4/3/07 4:37 PM
jennifer from florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by jennifer
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“ amazing! ”
I was on google looking up the different translations. Oh my gosh! My mouth dropped open. What this speaker is saying is true! There are missing scriptures in the NIV! When I put in the chapter and verse and selected "NIV", the search came back "no results found"..I would compare it to King James and go back and forth with the different scriptures mentioned in this audio. Go to Biblegateway.com. It is so easy to put in the scripture and then select which translation you want to see it written in. It is amazing!! Try Matthew 18:11 and the others that this speaker mentions. Wow! I'm blown away.

Sermon3/22/07 6:31 AM
Mr.Goodall from UK  Find all comments by Mr.Goodall
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“ Strong Sermon! ”
Finally someone has exposed this Global Warming issue and backs it up with actual audio from Gore and others. every body needs to hear this, good job UCn.

Sermon3/22/07 1:09 AM
May from Malaysia  Contact via emailFind all comments by May
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Witnessing to catholics
Dr. David Hockings
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is very informative. The sound recording is not good. Tried to burn into CD to pass on to friends but unable to do so. Can someone help me?

Sermon3/21/07 9:18 PM
Joe E  Find all comments by Joe E
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Outstanding Sermon! ”
This is a Outstanding Sermon! Whoever preached this sermon has a crystal clear understanding of things to come. I have seen the "Dark Days" coming for many years now. When I ask other people they think I'm crazy! This sermon really captures the truth! I thought I was the only one to see it till now! Whoever preached this. I want to thank you! You are a wise man! Joe E.

Sermon3/14/07 12:41 AM
JesusSaves from Pennsylvania  Find all comments by JesusSaves
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“ Great Sermon! ”
One more attempt to exalt man as the master of his universe. As the Lord said, leave them alone, if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch. God is the sustainer of this world.. To Him belongs the glory!

Sermon3/13/07 7:33 PM
Roo Palmer from Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roo Palmer
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I loved listening to this sermon and the others from this broadcaster. I have attemped to share my new found knowledge with my christian friends but I am so amazed how many christians are sucked in by the brainwashing influences of the world's opinions. Many christians i have spoken still believe that man is to blame for global warming. They cannot seem to be open to other reasons. I tell them they need to listen to this sermon to get the facts. Many christians dont seem to want to get involved in these issues and other issues, so how can we fight against these effects if many just want to sit on the fence. I'm trying to tell people about this, but many just hide their heads in the clouds, not wanting to be involved.

Sermon3/13/07 12:35 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
• Add new comment
“ Interesting.... ”
Not sure I agree with all on either side. The biggest issue for me would be allowing a woman to preach, teach, or establish doctrine in a congregation.

Sermon3/13/07 7:17 AM
Tom Norberg from Tom Norberg  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tom Norberg
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“ What do you make of : ”
Colossians 1:18 "And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy." That refers to Jesus. Clearly Myer's teaching is extra-Biblical. But, how can we understand this scripture?

Sermon3/10/07 11:02 AM
Jay from Rochester, NY  Find all comments by Jay
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“ Another Must Hear!! ”
It is one my great desires to one day shake the hand of the 'Mystery Speaker' for all of the work he's put into in this site. I've listened to most of his sermons, and I just love it when people are not afraid to tackle subjects that are very rarely or never spoken of in the church. I do have just one inquiry, though. He mentions Revelation 16:8-9 in relation to Global Warming. I thought that wouldn't happen until AFTER the Rapture. During the Tribulation. Well, either way, it still fulfills what the bible's been saying for hundreds of years, and we see it coming to pass right before our eyes. I hope to hear more form the Mystery Speaker in the future. God Bless you Mystery Speaker, the Underground Christian Network, and future listeners.

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