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APR 2, 2015
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Kevin Swanson  |  Elizabeth, Colorado
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Sermon2/1/14 1:22 PM
carl haydock from england  Contact via emailFind all comments by carl haydock
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Spot on kevin. Whats disturbing is there is a pastor on this news site who almost promotes this kind of music on facebook. Hes heavily into music inc KISS black sabbath etc.

Sermon1/31/14 7:04 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have 4 stepdaughters were VERY MUCH INTO MADONNA... TOO MUCH... in fact i believe it led to much of their downfall when it came to having men and husbands. My 18 yo daughter will NOT and is NOT into this kind of stuff and is doing GOSPEL MUSIC with her boyfriend. YOu have to prepare your kids. Not let them watch any old thing, etc. Demonic music was around since the late 60s IMO...the BEATLES were the pied pipers OF THE EASTERN RELIGIONS.. i didn't know it was apostates, but it makes since, since SATAN gets the power they would have had for the GOSPEL

Sermon1/27/14 7:29 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
there is A BIG DIFFERENCE between having a 'beer' and smoking a JOINT the THC stays in the body LONGER THAN alcohol,like 3 WEEKS LONGER and could be WORSE ON MALES THAN FEMALES. this is a reason IMO today why many women are doing better than men in the economy. although i could be wrong on this one.

Sermon1/25/14 2:40 PM
s c from Oh  Find all comments by s c
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“ grounds for hypocrisy ”
Abstaining from watching the super bowl on the grounds of ones' objection to marijuana strikes me as peculiar since one of its' biggest objectives include the generation and promotion of beer (a controlling substance)..have we forgotten? ..and sex..how desensitized are Christians? Once there is compromise, the game is over. It is very difficult to stand ones' ground on certain moral issues when other like issues are embraced or readily accepted (i.e. homosexuality is wrong but heterosexual immorality is all right or marijuana is wrong but alcohol is all right, etc.)

Sermon1/23/14 6:04 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am NOT watching the super bowl because the WACO states legalized POT. I also believe THC affects the male brain MORE than the female brain and is why the average man isn't grown by age 30 and the average woman may just be a little more mature, but she is still a woman and needs help if she has small children

Sermon1/20/14 5:07 PM
s c from OH  Find all comments by s c
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“ comment to lady day ”
Christians ought not to be fighting back if they are guilty of the same. Lasciviousness,sexual innuendo, and immodesty are sexual sins too. America is receiving judgment because of such. Why do christians watch such shows to begin with? Homosexuality is rampant because judgment begins in the house of God.Too many Christians are more comfortable pointing the finger at the homosexuals than examining themselves in sexual sins of which they are guilty.

Sermon1/16/14 6:40 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I believe its not just TV, but ANY SCREENS for long periods of time. So called ADD and ADHD could also be from watching too many screens LIKE, you know, OMG! and have NO THOUGHTS of the FUTURE KIDS don't even know how to sit down for board games like MONOPOLY, CHESS, etc. thanks to videogames

Sermon1/13/14 5:22 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A reason for the shackups, is rampant FORNICATION IMO... When two virgins marry, those marriages tend to LAST, even in 2014. Also, we need to tell our kids, NOT to follow the example in the culture. We need to tell them about WISDOM--just because the ADULTS SHACKED UP, divorced and have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends, it doesn't mean THEY will. They could BREAK THE CYCLE, if they are from CHRISTIAN HOMES

Sermon1/12/14 5:53 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
hmmm could it be WOMEN are more motivated than men because of the POT USE of their parents? and the THC is into their DNA? just a thought... I also believe POT affects the MALE BRAIN MORE than the FEMALE BRAIN, since women work with BOTH SIDES of brain. you guys have an 'uphill battle' out there in CO...they just may LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS!

Sermon1/11/14 4:53 PM
Nick from Texas  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Nick
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“ First Things First ”
The point you guys are making reminds me of Robert McCurly's sermon (found on this site) called "First Things First". It is about how people neglect the first table of the law, either by "showing grace" when it is violated or ignoring it altogether, but uphold the second table of the law with zeal. Why? The first table are not sins against us, but against God alone. The second table are sins against God as well, but the directly effect us. You two should look it up. Anyway, enjoyed the show. Thanks for being my digital company while I was stuck in traffic.

Sermon1/10/14 7:48 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
these women will lead many young ladies into POLYGAMY... there is NO WAY AROUND IT... with FEW men who are adults over the age of 30 in 2014. I also know, that all GAYS are homosexual but not all homosexuals are GAY... some want to get OUT...with repentance

Sermon1/9/14 5:32 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
im boycotting your state, along with WA until further notice.. not YOU though...LOL

Sermon1/9/14 5:22 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
They will be SORRY in a few years, simply because when some people at least 1/3 start using, its the GATEWAY DRUG to HEROIN, COCAINE METH MOLLY,etc. Cannibus causes paranoia which brings this on. CO will have to legalize ALL STREET DRUGS, or arrest more people and the state may get more bankrupt than CA

Sermon1/8/14 8:28 AM
J. Elliott from Tn  Find all comments by J. Elliott
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“ Good interview ”
I admire Ken Ham's ministry, but I believe he must embrace the Biblical doctrine of geocentricity. Taking the Biblical, geocentric position solves ALL creation/evolution conflicts. There is observable science for geocentricity and one does not have to rely on historical science. Can't wait for the debate!

Sermon1/4/14 10:05 AM
Matt from Texas  Find all comments by Matt
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“ Modalism ”
After looking into the background of Katys upbringing via inspection of her parents beliefs, i found that Keith Hudson is a very typical "celebrity wolf". And there are strong indicators that he is a Modalist... it wouldn't be much of a surprise that young Katy and millions of young folks will walk away from such nonsense.

Sermon1/3/14 11:21 PM
joe lee from usa  Find all comments by joe lee
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“ Man Scouts ”
May God bless Clayton Smith and others who are young men of conviction.

Sermon1/3/14 3:00 PM
Jeanie  Find all comments by Jeanie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Echart Tolle is a guru of Oprah.

Sermon1/2/14 8:14 PM
Gayle from Maryland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gayle
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Gone are the days of June & Ward Cleaver.! I sometimes feel like June cleaver. I have stayed home and homeschooled my 2 sons, now 15 & 17. Camile Paglia is correct when she says men are un masculine. We have raised our boys to be men. I believe they will Be the spiritual head in their homes.

Sermon12/31/13 5:54 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm boycotting your state!!LOL since im allergic to cannibus 2nd hand smoke.I wonder how your kids are doing with people who have it on their bodies. At 23:59 tonight.. all will toke up mannnnn--along with Washington state. IN some people, cannibus also causes either paranoia, or its a 'jump-off' to harder drugs like COCAINE, etc..I wonder how your states economy will do later since THC stays in body for a month..in the fat cells, unlike liquor that stays in the body fluid

Sermon12/30/13 3:14 PM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a fantastic testimony. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Rosaria said a lot of things that really made sense and put this issue into its proper context. I will recommend this mp3 to others.

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