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MAR 5, 2015
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Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church
Andrew Quigley  |  Airdrie, Scotland
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Sermon3/26/07 5:45 AM
R. E. Knodel, Jr. from Scotland  Contact via emailFind all comments by R. E. Knodel, Jr.
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“ A "Must!" ”
This sermon, with its couplet, also from Haggai 1 are "must sermons" to which to listen. I am a missionary to Scotland, with a great burden for the malaise of today's reformed churches. We have it tough, but we've got to do something. Rev. Quigley stirs the right pot, I believe. Go back and listen to the previous Haggai sermon, and then listen to this one. You must! I've been an OPC pastor (USA) for over 35 years, so I'm not speaking as a rookie. I believe Quigley gets us heading in the right direction!

Sermon3/26/07 5:39 AM
R. E. Knodel, Jr. from Scotland  Contact via emailFind all comments by R. E. Knodel, Jr.
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“ You've got to hear this, and listen! ”
"Critical for Western Clergy to listen to this" is my short comment. Pastor Quigley scripturally analyses our Western malaise, and prescribes an antidote. This, and the next Haggai sermon he preaches are the two most insightful sermons I've heard on what our churches need to do today. Highly, highly recommended. I'm writing to all my old OPC presbytery friends and tipping them to this set of sermons. We need to go in a different direction, or we will find our plight similar to that of the Mediterranean church when Islam cut thru it like butter -- conquering the whole of the ancient church in about 10 years! The next 20 years are critical to the Western Church!

Sermon3/21/07 9:03 AM
Karen from Airdrie  Find all comments by Karen
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“ Understanding the captivity ”
This is one of the clearest explanations I have heard on God's people being taken out of their land, into captivity, and then back to their own land to rebuild the temple. If you've ever been slightly confused about the books of Ezra, Haggai, Daniel, etc. and how they all fit together, listen to this sermon. And if you want to be challenged deeply about your desire to see the Kingdom built, listen to the second one in this series.

Sermon3/19/07 7:49 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Haggai's Message: God's Sovereignty ”
If you are like me, you probably have difficulty finding the book of Haggai in your Bible. Yet this little and obscure book has a powerful message from God to us that is not simply relevant, but vital. Pastor Quigley brings out this message so we can better understand what God is saying through this book. In Romans 6:22, those who are set free of sin have become slaves of God. The question Paul asks in 6:21 is what fruit were you getting from sin? The answer is none. But then Paul says that, in Christ, the fruit you get leads to sanctification. Haggai shows us that God is challenging us to consider our ways. Is being a Christian just one compartment in life, or does it mean more than that? Being a slave to God means taking his yoke (Matt 11:29-30). I was challenged to the core when I realized this, and I think anyone who listens to this sermon will be, too.

Sermon3/19/07 7:49 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Haggai's Message: God's Sovereignty ”
The book of Haggai itself doesn't place the four messages from Haggai into their historical context. That's probably one reason why the book is obscure. I encourage anyone to listen to Pastor Quigley's first message in this series (Sermon ID 31107105348) to understand the situation into which Haggai comes with his message. And I also highly recommend the message by Pastor Noel Hughes on Haggai, Sermon ID 10250616301, which gives an in-depth overview of the book.

Sermon3/17/07 6:08 PM
Robin W from Kansas, USA  Find all comments by Robin W
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“ Great Sermon! ”
It is so good to find you on-line. I have missed your preaching for the last 10 years and I am excited to hear it again!

Sermon3/12/07 6:54 PM
John Mcindoe from Airdrie  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Mcindoe
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A true calling to gods elect to go forth with the courage and boldness of Paul and to bring the gospel to those who have not yet been brought from darkness into light.

Sermon2/20/07 8:04 PM
Katie from Missouri  Contact via emailFind all comments by Katie
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“ Thank you ”
This was a good reminder to me... a challenge to walk in my new identity in Christ.

Sermon2/19/07 1:02 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Be sure-eternity is long-this sermon is only 50min ”
Even if you are a Christian, it's worth taking 50 minutes to listen to this clear, strong gospel sermon. Pastor Quigley at the beginning demolishes the modern notion of "making a decision" and shows clearly from the book of Romans how the Bible does not support this. True Bible salvation is then expounded. Even if you think you have been saved at some point, be sure, because eternity is not something to mess around with. A lot is at stake! So many salvation messages are man's views, not what the Bible actually says. Get your Bible and see for yourself what God says.

Sermon2/17/07 6:22 PM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick
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“ Vital Message ”
May the LORD be gracious to add to those who should be saved by the hearing of His word in this vital message. How many are those, as was I, who think they are OK because of church attendance, good works and other valueless attributes. May the Spirit cause this message to ring in the ears and in the hearts of those walking the broad highway of complacency and self satisfaction.

Sermon2/12/07 8:34 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ The truth about salvation ”
Is this sermon necessary? My cable has a channel where local churches broadcast their services. When I'm watching something else, I turn over to it some during commercials. I never hear a message about sin or salvation. There's one pastor (a serious dispensationalist) who does preach hard on sin and the need for salvation only through the Lord Jesus Christ, but the others talk about almost anything but man's condition and the need for a savior. If you somehow find this sermon on the Internet through a search engine or a link someone sends you, it may be the best thing that could happen, because this sermon's power is derived solely through the scriptures that are preached, which present the truth as simply and directly as possible. You may never hear this message anywhere else.

Sermon2/12/07 7:11 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Does your religion work when things go wrong? ”
The health and wealth gospel of today sounds good and attracts a lot of crowds, but what does it mean to someone when everything has gone wrong? That's where the modern easy-believing, man-centered religion where you can get God to do things for you out of obligation to what you've said with your mouth totally breaks down. This sermon talks about a true gospel, a rock to build your life on. I encourage people caught up in today's shallow religion to listen to this. You can find something deep and solid to rely on in the difficult times.

Sermon2/11/07 5:38 PM
Clay Finley from Sparta, IL  Find all comments by Clay Finley
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“ Thanks ”
Thank you for your words, for faithfully proclaming the true and life-giving gospel to our sinful hearts - especially mine.

Sermon2/6/07 5:53 PM
Karen from Airdrie  Find all comments by Karen
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“ Changing...everything ”
This sermon was powerful enough the first time I heard it. I still keep hearing parts of it in my mind every day - reminding me that the relationship I once had with sin is no more. Sin is not my master. The best point in this sermon is that Christ did far, far more when He died on the cross than simply paying the penalty for my sin: He smashed the relationship I had with it. No one is free - you either do what sin wants or what God wants - and yet real freedom is not having to do what sin wants. What a powerful message to share with the world.

Sermon2/5/07 11:58 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ The World's Love vs God's Love ”
Do you know the difference between what the world calls "love" and God's sacrificial love? This sermon, and series, explains God's love and contrasts it with what the world calls love. Maybe you've found this web site and know all about the kind of love the world offers - using you as a means to some other end - and want more. This sermon has good news about how God loves you and has provided a way though the Lord Jesus Christ to experience that love.

Sermon1/29/07 7:04 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Three Intense Messages On Romans 6 ”
These three messages on Romans 6 are challenging and moving. They're highly recommended. If you are not a Christian, these messages show the true Christian life at its core. It's nothing like what you might think, or what you see on TV or hear on the radio. Pastor Quigley takes his message straight from the Bible, and doesn't water it down. If you are a Christian, these messages will be a big challenge to you. It's amazing how many times I've read Romans 6-8 and have never seen the call to personal holiness and as a Christian being dead to sin every day.

Sermon1/28/07 5:28 PM
Linda Reyburn from Phoenix, Arizona (USA)  Contact via emailFind all comments by Linda Reyburn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was so impressed with how Christ was moving in this message that my entire church has now heard about it. It spoke to me as a woman, tempted to overcome the issue of pride with a false humility, rejecting all that He's blessed us with by saying that we, His creatures, are worthless - and giving in to sin at a back door. This gave me hope that I was praying for these last two years. Pastor Andrew, thank you for being faithful - you are truly a vessel used by God.

Sermon1/28/07 2:55 PM
Wayne from UK  Find all comments by Wayne
• Add new comment
Coping with Death
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
A very sobering sermon as you hear how this man of God has just prepared his sermon on coping with death when there is a providential knock on the door. A very helpful and sensitive sermon to help us prepare for the sadness of death and the grief that will undoubtedly follow.

Sermon1/26/07 11:45 AM
Karen Reyburn from Airdrie  Find all comments by Karen Reyburn
• Add new comment
“ Changing the way I witness ”
This sermon, combined with 'Our Bondage to Sin Smashed' on Romans 6, has helped change the way I explain the Gospel to those who do not believe. Previously I would often hit resistance when I explained we are all sinners because of Adam's sin. But after hearing this sermon it helps me to explain further that Adam was appointed by God as the representative head for the human race. And those whom I have explained it have seemed to understand that better.

Sermon1/17/07 4:27 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Protected NameFind all comments by Scott McMahan
• Add new comment
“ This was just for me, but you could listen too... ”
When I was listening, it seemed like this sermon was preached just for me. I do not know how many times I have read Rom 6-8, but this brought out a distinction at the end of Romans 6 I had never seen before and that really helped me. Romans 6:21-22 jumped out at me because it was a demand for personal sanctification I had never noticed in the Bible before.

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