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DEC 18, 2014
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Freedom Ministries
Pastor John Weaver  |  Fitzgerald, Georgia
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Sermon6/30/06 8:02 PM
Doug from eastern Virginia, USA  
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“ Very Eye-opening!!!!! ”
The stories of the treatment of the CSA women and children by the USA soldiers were so horrible that I could't listen to the entire message, through to the end.

Sermon6/28/06 8:53 PM
Doug from eastern Virginia, USA  
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“ A Sobering Message Regarding our Family! ”
With a 90-year-old unsaved Dad who worships the gnostic god of the Masonic Lodge, I understand the heartache of having the deceived-unsaved in my immediate family. I also understand the sovereignty of God in the salvation of the Elect, from His having saved me at age 43. Praise Him Who gives, and Him Who takes away!

Sermon6/27/06 8:16 PM
Doug from eastern Virginia, USA  
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“ Amazing Concept Regarding God's Judgement! ”
With all the talk today about God 'going' to bring judgement, this message is absolutely fascinating that God's judgement against the entire nation began with the South's losing of the war. It's a correct observation that today, EVERY state in the union is enslaved to the Federal Government . . . every state is under God's judgement, evidenced by it's absolute loss of freedom . . . yet we're the 'free-est'-appearing nation on the face of today's earth . . . what a paradox!!

Sermon6/18/06 1:52 PM
Doug from eastern Virginia, USA  
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“ Phew! This message preaches good, pastor! ”
Having personally opposed NAFTA and CAFTA, and the related millions of illegal aliens now within our borders, and seeing the 2006 Republican effort to delete both our northern and southern sovereign borders, for the purpose, they say, of opening up free trade throughout North America, this message has great impact! Seeing the uncontrolled growth of the USA federal beaucracy, the gross financial mismanagement of our national finances and the resulting national debt, with no one in the government taking responsibility for or even trying to address this issue, and without having personally agreed to this massive debt, I'm totally unwilling to be individually responsible for about $29,000.00 of it, as is every man, woman and child alive in our nation today. It's no surprise at all that they won't end the "death tax". As criminal investigators often say, "Follow the Money". Our federal government is in desperate need of this money, along with all the cash in the Social Security Trust Fund. This is hardly Scriptural financial management!!! Again I ask, where does the responsibility for this mismanagement lay, and who is going to do anything about it??! Or do we all simply send in a check for $29,000.00??!

Sermon5/5/06 2:07 PM
Matthew Robinson from Mississippi  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen, Pastor Weaver! May God have mercy on Dixie as we share His Gospel with our people! Heal our land, O Lord! God save the South! Matthew B. Robinson Mississippi League of the South

Sermon1/10/06 3:46 PM
Laurel from CA  
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“ Fear Not! ”
Thank you for this much needed admonishment and encouragement.

Sermon1/10/06 8:53 AM
A Christian  
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“ Just Listen Right Now! ”
What an uplifting, refreshing sermon! Pastor Weaver lovingly reminds us of truths we know in our heads and scriptures we've heard over and over, yet we still need to hear because of our forgetfulness and sinful tendencies that can so easily weigh us down. This sermon will drive you to the scriptures with a renewed boldness for serving the One True and Living God as you are reminded Who really is in charge and how much He loves you.

Sermon10/5/05 2:43 AM
Zach Doty from Yakima, Washington  Contact via email
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“ Extremely Good Sermon! ”
This is one of the best sermons I’ve heard, dealing with authority and government; I wish that the rest of the Christian world would wake up and realize that government is not absolute authority! I believe that the time for another revolution is at hand, and as in the revolutionary war preceding us, our motto should be “No King But King Jesus!”

Sermon9/9/05 7:44 AM
A Listener  
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“ Wonderful Sermon on God's Sovereignty! ”
It's amazing how angry professing Christians get when someone even hints that events like 9/11, the Southeast Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina are God's judgement on the wicked and his attempt to purge the land of evil. God's wrath in his sovereignty is not a popular subject today in our sentimental, libertine age. Thank you, Pastor Weaver for reminding us that it's one thing to believe in the doctrine of God's sovereignty, it's a whole other thing to apply that belief to every inch of our lives.

Sermon8/9/05 2:53 AM
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Today, I found out that 2 ladies whom I knew in my childhood passed from this life into judgement without Christ. This message reminds me how short a time we have and that we need return our lives back into His Hands for His Service.

Sermon8/7/05 9:57 AM
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“ Thank You for an Interesting Series! ”
This was a good series about Jesse James. While I think many things that Jesse James did were immoral, I agree that much of his vigilantism was a reaction of defense against the extreme and personal tyranny of his day. At some point, justice has to take place. And all too often people who take justice into their own hands are treated as criminals before they are deemed heroes at a much later time. As long as we have an ungodly government, people who disobey it in order to obey scripture will unfortunately be seen as criminals. Paul Hill comes to mind. Whether Jesse James and Paul Hill are in heaven is our Lord's decision; however this series certainly gives Christians a different perspective than what they will hear from most pulpits. Prayerfully more men will abandon their pietism and statism and see Rom 13 as an opportunity to let God's justice shine instead of an excuse to just let civil rulers get away with murder, literally. Christians should be as respectful and obedient as possible for a witness (as a believing wife to an unbelieving husband). However, as there are limits in submission in marriage, there are limits in our submission to the state. We need this principle drummed into our heads, and that's why your sermons are so important! Thank you, Rev Weaver.

Sermon5/12/05 8:00 PM
A Listener  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I appreciate Pastor Weaver's open and honest perspective on interracial marriage. While I am not completely opposed to every single instance of this practice, being there are way too many variables; I am extremely concerned about most reformed preachers' unqualified endorsement of the practice. Saying "It doesn't matter to God, case closed end of story" is in my view, as antinomian as being completely against any of it can tend toward legalism. An interracial Christian couple in courtship should undergo special marriage counseling, and should be graciously willing to submit to candid discussion and exhortation regarding the tremendous disadvantages of these marriages, when same race marriage is difficult enough. They need to be aware that the purpose of marriage is for dominion in the earth, and that their heritage is important, or God wouldn't have given it to them to hand down to the future generations. They also need to be prepared to cover in love a pastor's conviction against performing an interracial marriage without a judgemental spirit, gossip or ad hominem attacks such as "nazi", "bigot" etc. In fact, I would highly recommend this sermon to a Christian couple considering an interracial marriage. It may make them think twice. Thank you!!!

Sermon3/19/05 11:29 PM
Evelyn Bradley from Norwalk, CA  Contact via email
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Deja Vu
John Weaver
“ Great Sermon! Deja Vu ”
This message of warning and consequences for rejecting God touched me in an unusual way by the power and authority of the Scripture and the way John Weaver spoke with such authority and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for making it available on the Internet. God bless you. Click on to see a petition to request the impeachment of Federal Judge Myron Thompson who ruled against the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Supreme Court and whose ruling later was the catalyst for the illegal removal of the beloved Supremne Cout Judge Roy Moore because Judge Moore stood by his God given right and Constitutional requirement to acknowledge God. John Weaver's sermon, if heard across our nation, may touch the heart of our people and bring about a national revival. To God be the Glory.

Sermon2/12/05 1:30 PM
M Bryan from Virginia  
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The Idolatry of Statism
John Weaver
“ Timely ”
The biblical truths preached here are sorely needed to shake contemporary Christians from their lethargic, lemming-like genuflection at the altar of Lord America. Idolatry is not patriotic.

Sermon2/5/05 9:39 AM
Toni Cunningham  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The teaching in this sermon series about Christ's position in the Holy Trinity is crucial to our fighting the tyranny of statism and egalitarianism that plagues our culture.

Sermon1/27/05 11:40 AM
Robert from New Jersey  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A great sermon and wonderful Bible study! This interesting topic is well explained with the use of much Scripture! Thank you! This good speaker maintains the proper balance of the sovereignty of God and human responsibility! Thank God that a full assurance of salvation is possible! He that hath ears to hear, let him hear these words of comfort...

Sermon1/25/05 2:18 AM
Noel Beasley from New Zealand  
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Acceptable Worship - Part 1
John Weaver
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great teaching. Very balanced and much needed to be heard in todays worship invironment in the church. I have listened to the whole series and it is excellent. Would be great transcribed into a book for as many people to read and hear the truth about what is acceptable worship to God that the present day church has wandered away from.

Sermon1/24/05 11:41 AM
Robert from Marlton, New Jersey  Contact via email
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“ Excellent Sermon! ”
Excellent sermon! Thank you! For many years I did not know that we are passive in regeneration, but become active in our conversion. This great truth is explained in a wonderful way in this marvelous message! May God bless your ministry! Everyone should hear this and listen to every word carefully!

Sermon1/20/05 1:45 PM
Robert from Marlton New Jersey  Contact via email
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The Theology of Worms - 1
John Weaver
“ Great Sermon! ”
A great sermon with much to think about! It is clear that this minister is a true Bible believer, and is called by God! He gives many verses to prove his points, etc. Very clear and easy to understand!

Sermon11/1/04 11:49 AM
Arnold from MI  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Governments are prone to idolatry because they deal in law which is always inherently religious. It is in the nature of government to perpetuate itself. All politicians and parties will do anything to keep their power and authority. John 11:47 The leaders said they had to get rid of Christ or they would lose their power and place. If they would crucify Christ to keep their power they would sacrifice a Christian in a minute. Corrupt depraved wicked men want to have dominion over other people rather than creation. Unsaved men like to play God. Moloch worship is the worship of the state - divine kingship - the divine right of kings - a political religion that claims absolute government and unlimited jurisdiction over man from the womb to the tomb. Thus we have licensing over everything in our life. We are not to fear false gods. Only God is God and is the absolute sovereign. Prov 16:6 By the fear of the Lord men depart from evil. Job 28:28 The fear of the Lord is to depart from evil and wickedness and embrace God and obey Him. 2 Kings 17:7,8 Walking in statutes of the heathen is to worship false gods. 13 Keep my commandments and statutes but they would not and followed other gods. God here is going to enslave the Israelites for obeying civil rulers.

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