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APR 27, 2015
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Reformation Church
Pastor W. J. Mencarow  |  Boerne, Texas
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Sermon1/14/08 1:32 AM
Jude Newman from Brisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jude Newman
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Government vs. God
W. J. Mencarow
“ Excellant Sermon! ”
Thank you for all this information. Things are winding up so quickly. It is a crucial time for Christians, to be close to the Lord, and to be willing to do what needs to be done.

Sermon1/4/08 2:41 AM
swrb.com from Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ History Unveiling Prophecy! ”
A powerful and edifying message on prophecy from the classic Protestant viewpoint, making many important points.

Blog12/23/07 1:22 PM
Protest...ant  Find all comments by Protest...ant
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I guess Luther was seen to be rather rude by the enemies of the gospel when he nailed his bible protest to a church door? Jesus...was HE rude to the pharisees of his own day too? Matthew 23: 25-33?

Blog12/23/07 11:15 AM
Augustine from USA  Go to homepageFind all comments by Augustine
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The pope may well be antichrist, but rude is still rude.

Sermon11/16/07 1:02 PM
Gil Lincoln from Wisconsin  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gil Lincoln
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What perfect timing! I am having Jehovah's witnesses trying to convert me. I am trying to convert them. The 144,000 as you explained it taught me how to defend my stand. Thank you so much for this great sermon. Peace to you!

Sermon11/12/07 3:36 PM
Seaton from Britain  Find all comments by Seaton
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“ Great Message ”
Part of the sermon relates the story of the Scottish Covenanter...... "Richard Cameron (Covenanter) being among the slain, his head and hands were cut off, and carried to Edinburgh, along with the prisoners, among whom was the celebrated Mr Hackstoun of Rathillet. It happened that the father of Cameron was at this time in prison for non-conformity. The head was shown to the old man, with the question, "Did he know to whom it had belonged." He seized the bloody relics with the eagerness of parental affection, and, kissing them fervently, exclaimed, "I know, I know them; they are my son's, my own dear son's: it is the Lord; good is the will of the Lord, who cannot wrong me or mine, but has made goodness and mercy to follow us all our days."" Now that is a Christian Witness! God be praised.

Sermon11/4/07 3:13 PM
swrb.com from Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ Another Powerful Testimony (Covenanter Martyrs) ”
Listen to the very end to hear the powerful testimonies of the Covenanter martyr Richard Cameron and his father.

Sermon10/15/07 10:07 AM
swrb.com from Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ Hear The Martyrs Testimony! ”
Be sure to listen to the very end. Very moving. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death" (Revelation 12:11).

Sermon10/9/07 1:12 AM
swrb.com from Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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I Can't Get No Satisfaction
W. J. Mencarow
“ An Important Message On Biblical Worship! ”
This sermon contains faithful teaching on biblical worship. It also exposes numerous forms of corruption in worship and the principles used to justify corrupt innovations in worship. These corrupt principles are according to man's will (i.e., Arminianism in worship) and not according God's will (Calvinism in worship). "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matthew 15:9). Do you worship according to the commandments of men or the commandments of God? This sermon will help you to determine the answer to this question in the same way the best Reformers, Puritans, and Covenanters, determined the answer. Remember the Lord Jesus Christ said: "If ye love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:5). Also: "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination" (Proverbs 28:9).

Sermon9/28/07 2:32 AM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ The Reformation of Civil Government! ”
Good to hear the classic Reformation views expounded here! "Dr. M'Crie in his STATEMENT OF THE DIFFERENCE, shows that all the Confessions of the Protestant and Presbyterian Churches of the Reformation, both in Britain and on the Continent of Europe, held and maintained the Establishment Principle." M'Crie goes on to give extracts from THE CONFESSION OF HELVETIA; THE CONFESSION OF BOHEMIA, called the CONFESSION OF THE WALDENSES; THE CONFESSION OF SAXONY; THE FRENCH CONFESSION; THE BELGIC OR DUTCH CONFESSION; THE CONFESSION OF THE ENGLISH CONGREGATION IN GENEVA; THE SCOTS CONFESSION and THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION, all proving that "these confessions harmoniously agree in declaring as with one mouth that civil authority is not limited to the secular affairs of men, and the public care and advancement of religion is a principle part of the official duty of magistrates."

Sermon9/28/07 2:15 AM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ A finely crafted message on biblical prophecy! ”
A finely crafted message on prophetic interpretation. A must hear for anyone who is interested in classic Reformed thought related to the book of Revelation.

Sermon9/21/07 7:05 AM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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The White Horse of Revelation
W. J. Mencarow
The Jesuit inspired views of Preterism and Futurism have done untold damage to the Christian testimony since these false views were first introduced to counter the classic Reformation eschatology of the Reformers, Covenanters and the Puritans. All the historic Reformation confessions and covenants were Historicist, as was the Geneva Bible. It is good to hear the classic Reformation view of Revelation (Historicism) being preached again. These sermons on Revelation are an excellent introduction to classic Reformation thought on prophecy. For more see Iain Murray's book _The Puritan Hope: Revival and the Interpretation of Prophecy_ (published by Banner of Truth), David Steele's _Notes on the Apocalypse_ (SWRB) and E.B. Elliott's _Horae Apocalypticae; or, A Commentary on the Apocalypse, Critical and Historical; Including Also An Examination of the Chief Prophecies of Daniel_ (1862, 4 volumes, SWRB). Though Elliott's _Horae Apocalypticae_ is a must read in respect to Historicism, the book is marred by its Premillennialism.

Sermon8/21/07 6:59 PM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ Preaching on the Classic Protestant View of Islam! ”
A compelling look at historic Protestant views on Islam in Bible prophecy -- with application (listen to very end!). Much more on this topic at the sermonaudio blog titled "ISLAM in BIBLE PROPHECY (FREE MP3s & Books) Classic Reformation Eschatology (Historicism) On the Rise and Fall of Islam" at http://www.sermonaudio.com/new_details3.asp?ID=7780. "... when the classic historicist position is studied, the fulfillment in the case of Islam and Revelation chapter nine is seen to be so striking and well attested that 'even advocates of other approaches who are adamant in their rejection of the historicist system of interpretation have admitted the convincing nature of this particular identification'" (Steve Gregg, commenting on Rev. 9:1-6 in Revelation: Four Views, p. 176).

Sermon7/26/07 3:28 PM
Jim Cronfel  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jim Cronfel
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Pastor Mencarow, Thank you and God Bless you and your Gospel and your Church! Thank you for a wonderful service and visit and lunch! I loved the worship without instruments and your argument against holy days at the begining or this message convicts me. In Christ, Jim Cronfel

Sermon7/19/07 4:05 PM
Alex.  Find all comments by Alex.
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God Creates Evil (!!!)
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Finally a pastor who cares more about the praises of God than the praises of men. Preaching the word as it should be preached, with boldness and truth. Praise the Lord for Mr. Mencarow, because many others either avoid it or dilute the meaning of Evil in Isaiah 45:7. With the exception of the King James Version, you even have the modern translations out there and surprisingly the New King James Version that replaced the word Evil for Calamity meaning God's just judgment on a nation. So now after hearing this sermon with bible in hand a person with ears to hear can finally know where Evil comes from and reject those traditional responses as, it comes from the devil or the most popular "Well you know God has made man with a free will to choose bad or good." Thank you for the message.

Sermon7/11/07 7:22 PM
Christina  Find all comments by Christina
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God Creates Evil (!!!)
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! A must to hear! ”
I pray all will have the courage to listen to this sermon. Listen in prayer, search the scriptures as the Bereans did and praise God for this truth. This sermon is needed yet has either been avoided, circumspected, attempted to explain in terms that would satisify our "perception" of God or dismissed as "God can't create evil!". I thank God that He gave the courage to Pastor Mencarow to preach this sermon with such great humility. Knowing that God is sovereign over everything is such encouragement and comfort. During the worst of trials we can rejoice knowing this truth.

Sermon7/9/07 2:57 AM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ Defending Historic Reformation (Biblical) Worship ”
The sovereignty of God in worship is a main point of this message; God's will versus man's will (or "will worship") in public worship. Are you a Arminian or Calvinist when it comes to worship? This MP3 will help you answer this question. This message also does a good job of pointing out how various elements of Roman Catholic worship have infiltrated Protestant churches in the years since the first and second Reformations. Some of the resources cited in this message, as well as much more on Reformation (Biblical) worship, including a number of free on-line Reformation books and MP3s defending historic Reformation (Biblical) worship, can be found listed "Reformation Worship, the Regulative Principle, Iconoclasm, etc.," at http://www.swrb.com/newslett/freebook/refworsh.htm.

Sermon7/8/07 4:18 AM
swrb.com  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ All Christians should listen to this message. ”
The following quote by John Calvin fits well with this sermon, "If it be asked, then, by what things chiefly the Christian religion has a standing amongst us, and maintains its truth, it will be found that the following two not only occupy the principal place, but comprehend under them all the other parts, and consequently the whole substance of Christianity, viz., a knowledge first, of the right way to worship God; and secondly of the source from which salvation is to be sought. When these are kept out of view, though we may glory in the name of Christians, our profession is empty and vain." - John Calvin as cited in War Against the Idols (book on sale at http://www.swrb.com/catalog/e.htm), p. 198 under "EIRE, CARLOS." Carlos Eire is citing from Calvin's On the Necessity of Reforming the Church, which is FREE ONLINE at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/NRC_ch00.htm.

Sermon3/25/07 10:16 PM
Mark from New Zealand  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Revelations can be a difficult book to interpret correctly as it is heavily linked to Daniel chapter 7-12, in particular Daniel chapter 7 is reffering to the same beast as Revelations 13, this is also responsible for setting up the abomination that causes desolation as described here http://jesus-survival.com/Abomination-desolation.htm which essentially Revelations is reffering to.

Sermon3/24/07 7:44 PM
RichieMaGoo from KY. USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by RichieMaGoo
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Right On The Mark! ”
I normally refrain from listening to sermons about the book of Revelation, because so many preachers are just far off base- but this sermon right on! I was enlightened by the historical facts presented, and made to think by the speakers' exposition. I will be listening to the entire series. The speaker is neither a preterist nor a futurist, but like myself, is a "historicist" (a mixture of both) and truly takes a logical approach that is in line with the scriptures and the facts of history and current events. A true pleasure to listen to- and he is skilled at providing "meat", yet in a manner which people at all levels can easily understand.

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