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DEC 7, 2016
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Pilgrims Covenant Church
Pastor Ralph Ovadal  |  Monroe, Wisconsin
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Sermon5/6/08 5:27 AM
Josh Bizeau from Wyoming  Contact via emailFind all comments by Josh Bizeau
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The Growing Influence of Satan
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Keep Grinding That Axe, Sir... ”
Anyone who can actually bring themself to believe Rick Warren is evil or that C.S. Lewis' remarkable allegory (highly Biblical in its ideals regarding good vs. evil and the saving, healing power of Christ's resurrection) is cultish... really needs to get more fresh air than they obviously do. It doesn't even sound like you have ever READ any of The Chronicles of Narnia, Pastor Ovalan; thus, you have no place to remark on what the "magic" Aslan talks about truly represents symbolically. Lewis intended for Aslan's character to be allegorical; I'm sure the creators of Bugs Bunny had no intention of representing any sort of religion with their character; such a comparison is entirely contrived and bogus. Maybe you should actually try reading Lewis' books sometime before you actually pass such baseless judgement upon them. The roadmap of your sermon's premise is correct... how you get to your destination proves that you have nothing more than a dirty old axe to grind. Wise up.

Blog5/2/08 8:37 AM
John Yurich from USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
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(Blog entry no longer available)
Bush is a better Christian then any of you Fundamentalist Protestants on here are because Bush does not have hatred for the RCC because he recognizes that because the RCC acknowledges the Deity Of Christ and the Holy Trinity that the RCC is just as much a True Church as are Fundamentalist Protestant Churches.

Sermon4/20/08 5:40 PM
dudley davis from new jersey usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by dudley davis
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My conversion to the Protestant Presbyterian Reformed faith and testimony. Below is my conversion story of a faith journey from roman catholic to Presbyterian Protestant. If you would like to post it on your respective sites let me know. I think there are so many conversion stories of Protestant to roman catholic but not enough of roman catholic to Protestant but also Reformed Presbyterian Protestant. If there is anything I can do to assist any one of you in the sharing of the good news and the Gospel and the Reformed faith, I want to help. Through Gods grace I was made one of the elect and by his saving grace alone I am now also a Son of the Reformation and staunch avowed Reformed Protestant. A series of circumstances led me to become a Presbyterian. I was Roman Catholic. I became a Presbyterian last February and I thought I would share a paper with you I wrote about my conversion and faith Journey. In grace and fellowship, DudleyI was a Roman Catholic all my life. I think God has led me to become a Protestant and Presbyterian. What started as a study on the Protestant Reformation has led to a conversion to Protestantism for me. The True Church "After all, there is a Protestantism still worth contending for, there is a Calvinism still worth proclaiming, and a g

Sermon4/13/08 9:43 PM
IHS from USA  Find all comments by IHS
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What Shall We Do With Easter?
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Thought Provoking ”
Rev. Ovadal does a good job in backing us away from all the mess that is Easter. I used to think it was a special time for reflection, but he points out that it is more like a time for Protestants to forget why they are Protestant and imitate Roman Catholics. And forget about the media--they love to make the Pope look like he leads the entire Christian church. And he didn't even mention Easter eggs, baskets, candy, bunnies, new clothes, parades, etc. It's a mess! Best to stay away from it! "Come away from it and be separate"

Sermon3/11/08 10:51 PM
Angela Wittman from SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
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Who Will Stand with Zion and Her King?
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Pastor Ovadal, I am encouraged and strengthened by this sermon. It is good for you to remind us to be faithful and aware of the spiritual danger in ecumenical ministry and worship. Thank you.

Sermon3/9/08 11:15 PM
J Walsh from USA  Find all comments by J Walsh
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Must hear! ”
Listen to the Word of God. Brother Ralph has stated the truth. Baptism for believers only, a sign of repentance and an act of obedience.

Sermon1/20/08 9:25 AM
Angela Wittman from SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
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Satan's Real Campaign Exposed by the...
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
I really enjoyed this sermon as Pastor Ovadal preaches the Word of God. Oftentimes pastors will interject their opinions, cute stories or experiences into their sermons, but Pastor Ovadal is faithful to preach the whole Word of God. Amen!

Sermon1/9/08 8:47 PM
Elizabeth from Victoria, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Elizabeth
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“ Very interesting & informative! ”
Thank you for such a clear explanation of why we should keep studying our KJV Bibles and reject the newer translations.

Blog1/2/08 9:41 PM
terry evans from miramar beach fl  Contact via emailFind all comments by terry evans
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(Blog entry no longer available)
Reformed Pastor wrote
Jesus said we are to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Christians have the 'harmless as doves' part down pat but are shamefully disobedient when it comes to being wise as serpents
Some common sence would be a step in the right direction.
Luke 21:8
And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them

Blog1/2/08 8:38 PM
Thomas from Pennsylvania  Find all comments by Thomas
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(Blog entry no longer available)
Agreed. Just make sure you don't fall for Giuliani or Romney either.

Blog1/2/08 8:25 PM
Reformed Pastor from Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Reformed Pastor
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(Blog entry no longer available)
Amen, brother!

The Huckster is the 2008 version of Jimmy Carter: liberal, populist, neo-evangelical. And, like Jimmy Carter, he's pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of Christians.

Jesus said we are to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Christians have the 'harmless as doves' part down pat but are shamefully disobedient when it comes to being wise as serpents.

Sermon12/13/07 11:19 PM
m.w. from Virginia  Find all comments by m.w.
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Love Is Not Faith
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Thank You ”
I am grateful for this message in these days of increasing confusion. Thank the Lord for the single eye through faith alone in Christ Alone.

Sermon12/6/07 11:22 PM
Lyle P Logan from Prescott, AZ  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lyle P Logan
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No Other Rest
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Remember, Pastor Ralph... ”
...the rebuke of one who is in error means nothing and does not reach the ears of the Lord!! And, as for myself....I am not the least bit interested in LISTENING to the preaching of any Arminian, neo-evangelical, or hyper-Calvinist gospels. Continue, please, preaching the FULL counsel of the Word, since in my location this is the only place I can hear it!!

Sermon8/26/07 9:21 PM
Angela Wittman  Contact via emailFind all comments by Angela Wittman
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Lovest Thou Me More Than These?
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you. I found this message to be encouraging at a time when I am going through a personal trial.

Sermon8/8/07 4:35 PM
Luc Aube  Contact via emailFind all comments by Luc Aube
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Very, Very Important Sermon! ”
Everyone in the North American church needs to hear this sermon.

Sermon6/24/07 10:00 PM
Angela Wittman  Contact via emailFind all comments by Angela Wittman
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A Psalm of Praise
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a very encouraging message. I hope many will listen to it and be blessed!

Sermon6/15/07 9:25 AM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Lay Hold and Fight
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ True salvation ”
This is a good sermon - it talks about true salvation revealed in the Bible through Jesus Christ. Very good doctrine and worth listening to. BTW: Pastor Ovadal towards the end thinks that the doctrine of losing your salvation is ultimately derived from Roman Catholic doctrines which work their way back into Christianity. See my blog post "WARNING: John Hagee - You Can LOSE Salvation" where I transcribe the Charismatic televangelist's doctrine. He does not actually use the words "mortal" and "venal" sin, but he does make that distinction. The Charismatic movement has close ties to the Roman Catholics. Hagee is all but teaching RC doctrine on his radio program.

Sermon6/6/07 4:15 PM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ A clear exposition of the gospel ”
This is a clear, direct exposition of the gospel message - the sort of preaching you don't hear much anymore. This is the essence of what Biblical Christianity is all about.

Sermon6/4/07 6:30 PM
James  Find all comments by James
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(Sermon no longer available)
This is hands down THE best sermon on “evangelical” feminism that I have ever heard. The title of the sermon doesn’t seem to indicate this, but after the one hour twenty minute plus sermon is over there will be no question Pastor Ovadal demolished the “objections” of the demonic feminism position. This sermon is a must listen for those who hold to biblical Christianity. Thank you pastor Ovadal for this much needed sermon.

Sermon5/5/07 11:03 PM
Angela Wittman  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
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Changed into the Image of the Lord
Pastor Ralph Ovadal
“ Very Encouraging! ”
Amen! Thank you for this encouraging message! Christians are a people with hope as we can trust in the LORD to "to change us into His image from glory to glory."

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