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NOV 30, 2015
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon6/22/15 12:26 PM
Benjamin from West Texas  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Reply to 'Reply to Benjamin' ”
You don't know me. I know who Gipp's teacher is. I am not "disciple of Ruckmanites." I know Ruckman's teaching, and I DESPISE his "advanced revelation" nonsense. Jesus Christ alone is my "hero." I believe Gipp has some great information to offer in his writings. Just because he was under Ruckman's direct teaching doesn't mean he's as much of a "Ruckmanite" as one would expect. Just look at his "Understandable History"! Every pig has its bacon. Just because "Ruckman...calls them what I call them" doesn't mean he's right. The point remains: the different editions are EDITIONS, not "revisions." Every single change is the correction of a typo. This cannot compare to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of differences between different revisions of modern bibles (which come out every decade or two). You find altogether different readings, often without the copyright date even changing. See different NKJVs in Zach. 13:6. See also Will Kinney, "Ever Changing ESVs" ( and Laurence Vance, "Double Jeopardy." "Which KJV do you use, hmmm???" Well, which NKJV? Which ESV? Which NASB? Which NIV? ("Ill-informed, huh?) Again: I am not a fan of Ruckman. I haven't read his books yet, and I don't look forward to it.

Sermon6/22/15 6:04 AM
Guy Cooke from Shreveport-la  Contact via emailFind all comments by Guy Cooke
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The Lie of Transgenderism
David McManus
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for your podcast. It was very informative. I appreciate the fact that you do not condemn Bruce Jenner but ask that we pray for him. I also believe we should remember his children as this decision by their father has surely devastated them. I listen to most of your podcasts and appreciate your due diligence. God bless you!

Sermon6/20/15 9:22 AM
Walter Holt from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Walter Holt
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The Plague of Low Expectations
David McManus
“ For Every Parent ”
Great class David. This is a message every parent of teenagers needs to hear, as well as, the young adults of those parents.

Sermon6/20/15 7:52 AM
Walter Holt from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Walter Holt
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“ Great Sermon! ”
In our "quick and easy" society with an "I am entitled to it right now" mentality, it is quite refreshing to hear a Sermon, such as this. Perseverance of the Saints goes completely against the grain of common culture. In a day where the "I said a prayer when I was 6, I'm good to go!", the idea of patience, work and putting into practice one's Christian Faith has been completely lost. I lay the responsibility at the feet of most of today's preachers. They are more interested in growing a congregation with gimmicks and variety shows than preaching the Gospel. They starve their sheep and turn them over to the wolves. Thank you for being the preacher you are Sean. If the world had more preachers such as yourself, and the other preachers at Berean, the Church would not be in the condition it is in today. Keep preaching the Gospel and do not relent!

Sermon6/13/15 9:25 AM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great topic. Please keep them coming.

Sermon6/12/15 9:26 PM
Julia Norem  Contact via emailFind all comments by Julia Norem
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The Lie of Transgenderism
David McManus
“ Sickening ”
there's other disease is called body dysmorphic disorder. Diseases where people want to become disabled also for the attention. And now we're getting to the point were or were not allowed to ask about of this physicians. I thought we were supposed to help people. Thank you for bringing this subject up

Sermon6/12/15 1:14 AM
Jdg from Georgia  Find all comments by Jdg
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great... great ....discussion. Next time have your wives there. I think deep in the consciousness of Christian husband's and wives is the knowledge of God is watching us and how we are treating each other. Yes we are all sinners and the little things in life sometimes brings that out. But the big picture is my wife or my husband is a wonderful gift from God and that fact dwarfs the little things. Thanks. That was fun.

Sermon6/11/15 11:23 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Joshua ”
Yet...if He was a man, how could He not sin against God? (DA)

Sermon6/11/15 9:25 AM
Joey Todd from Ky  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joey Todd
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What is the Unpardonable Sin
William J. Sturm
“ Great Sermon! ”
Nailed it!!

Sermon6/11/15 8:21 AM
Joey Todd from Ky  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joey Todd
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Leave Them Alone
William J. Sturm
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon! Still learning.Keep up the excitement for the word!

Sermon6/10/15 12:27 AM
Helen from Sweden  Find all comments by Helen
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Husband, Headship of the Wife
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very interesting. Enjoyed listening.Thanks for being so honest and encouraging. Marrige is always under attack and today divorce and problems has become "normal". My husband and I married young and this year we have our 28 anniversary. Many of our friends are divorced and in their second or third marriage.Always brings sadness to my heart when so think about it.How come we have made in and not them..? All glory to God who has kept our hearts together. Please continue this conversation. I would like to hear a little about your thoughts on how to deal with young Godly adult children who lives at home... Have blessed day all you who read this??

Sermon6/7/15 5:27 AM
Eibret from Belfast  Find all comments by Eibret
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A much needed message!

Sermon6/5/15 1:37 PM
Nameless from Everywhere  Find all comments by Nameless
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What he needs is to feel ashamed. I would not even allow my child to go into a public restroom anymore. They will either go before or after we leave any restaurant or public event. It is hard to pray seriously thinking of how foolish and comical this is. I understand that it is there choice as to which public restroom they want to use. Will they have a choice of which jail cell they'll be "bar"red from? Yes, let the days be shortened for evil doers; from the presidency down to the blatantly rebellious. And Lord, keep us, your redeemed, from the evil one.

Sermon6/4/15 8:20 PM
Rob from Niagara Falls  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rob
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“ Bruce Jenner's twisted thoughts ”
How do we respond to this as Christians? It's really simple, I think. Bruce Jenner has likely spent thousands of dollars pumping himself with hormones, and being made to look like a woman with the help of the surgeon's hand. While wanting to be born again as a woman, the irony is that he simply needs to meet the truth of the Gospel, and be born again spiritually, and all of his twisted thoughts about himself will be straightened out by the truth of God. It really is that simple. Can we not pray for his soul, brothers? Can we not also defend God's honor and speak the truth in love, that what Bruce Jenner has done is contra-God? Defend God's honor and pray for Bruce Jenner. Defend God's honor and call this act of ungodliness exactly what it is: ungodliness. We're not to stand silent and allow God's honor to be walked upon like everything is alright, because it's not alright. Pray fervently. -- Rob

Sermon6/2/15 3:31 PM
Brianna from Fayettenam  Find all comments by Brianna
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“ Great podcast! ”
I agree. The foundations of education are placed on sinking sand these days. Parents need to step up and help build the foundation on THE Rock of Our Salvation.

Sermon6/2/15 1:47 PM
Cindy  Find all comments by Cindy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is so true, and much needed great advice. We need to be praying more!

Sermon6/1/15 1:06 AM
John g from atlanta  Find all comments by John g
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My goodness. Re visiting this sermon 4 years later was such a blessing. The FIRE in the message presented here never gets old.

Sermon5/30/15 8:27 AM
Walter Holt from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Walter Holt
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Fantastic. This would be a great class for all soon to be married and newly married couples to take; not to mention couples married for years. Communication is an act of love. It tells your husband/wife that what they feel physically/emotionally is important to you. Thank you for bringing up the topic of focussing on the proper presentation of sex. It is a wonderful gift given to us by God to be enjoyed, in its proper context. Teach your children it is something to be anticipated, in marriage. This is a wonderful gift to share with their spouse within the safety of the marriage bed. Thank you for pointing out the evil of pornography. This world has just glossed it over and said, "It's not hurting anybody." Yes it does. It desensitizes the mind, it trains you to look at another "Image barer" and value them as a piece of meat to use for your gratification. Thank you again for bringing up this delicate subject.

Sermon5/29/15 7:48 PM
Alfred Thames from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred Thames
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Last comment on this subject and we can move on Agora- the market place Matt 13:44 Agorazo (G59) means to buy exagorazo (G1805) to redeem. Redeem- By payment of a price to recover from another exagorazo is not used in Matt 13:44 it is only used 4 times, Gal 4:5 Gal 3:13 Eph 5:16 and Col 4:5

Sermon5/28/15 8:49 PM
christine elliott from california  Contact via emailFind all comments by christine elliott
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“ Great Biblical Analysis ”
I too believe the woman who wrote the article for Salon IS not and Never was a part of us. Such sloppy journalism. We know who reigns.

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