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OCT 25, 2014
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon5/2/14 6:43 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to John G ”
You are right, brother. In fact, Paul linked the two (Acts 26:8).

Sermon5/1/14 6:34 PM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Sermon! ”
By the way, here are a few verses that stand out for me: God is not partial: Deut 10:17, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9. We should not make distinctions of any sort among fellow believers: James 2:4 As a matter of fact James 2:8-9 makes it clear that any believer that shows partiality is a transgressor.

Sermon5/1/14 6:10 PM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Discussion! ”
This is a discussion that should be held in every church in America; and it spills over into every other area besides marriage. I belong to a predominantly black church and I find myself often rebuking the racial comments and actions done by black believers. It caused great weeping and gnashing of teeth each political cycle to see 90% plus of the congregation wed to the Democratic Party and every liberal black candidate. That brings up the point that the writer of that article should also acknowledge that there are black Sterlings incognito who would not have their black daughter wed a conservative black believer. Paul says, "Do we not have a right to take along a believing wife...?" 1 Cor NASB 9:5. The only required adjective that should be in front of a perspective wife or husband is "believing" (the KJV has "sister"). I think any believer that has a problem with interracial marriage or marriage between rich and poor or between different so-called castes then they deserve the same rebuke that Paul gave to Peter concerning his hypocrisy in withdrawing himself from fellowship with the gentile believers in Antioch over food. I believe this issue will always be there until the Lord arrives to straighten things out once and for all.

Sermon5/1/14 4:12 PM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply Again to Alfred ”
I hear you, brother. If you know of other sources, I would love to have them.

Sermon4/30/14 10:23 PM
joshinnashville from Nashville, Tn  Contact via emailFind all comments by joshinnashville
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“ Great discussion ”
I like ray comfort, but I agree with you guys that his aproach seems a little armian in his evangelism. But, I thought he was a calvinist I mean the guy is a huge Spurgeon fan and has writtiin books on Spurgeon. I love how you guys put your heads together and humbly seek to clarify things. God Bless

Sermon4/30/14 6:21 PM
Alfred from NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I didnt mean to imply that no one was saved or didnt believe the scripture during this time period. You probably know more about this subject than I do. The only point I was trying to make is the RCC had a lot of influence over the interpretation of the scripture and who read and owned a Bible. Everyone I believe who was a truly born again Christian believes in inerrancy of scripture. That time period was dominated so much by the RCC, it is hard to determine who they were. Besides, God always have a believing remnant, AMEN.

Sermon4/30/14 5:13 PM
john g from Atlanta  Contact via emailFind all comments by john g
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“ Great Sermon! ”
To me it just makes no logical sense at all to believe on one hand God created all life over billions of years of evolution and on the other believe that he is going to raise the living and the dead in the last day in an instant. Most Christians who believe this bunk believe just that.

Sermon4/30/14 12:51 PM
Justin Ray Bernal from Merriam, Kansas  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Justin Ray Bernal
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Two Popes Canonized As Saints
David McManus
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wait a minute, part of all they need to do is perform two miracles? Isn't that what Catholic priest's do every time they turn the bread and wine into the real physical body and blood of Christ? Should not every Catholic priest be a saint by this standard of performance in the sacraments?

Sermon4/30/14 11:27 AM
joshinnashville from Nashville, Tn  Contact via emailFind all comments by joshinnashville
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“ Great discussion ”
Excellent discussion once again, as a follower of reform ed theology I totally agree with what you guys are saying. I have also wrestled with this issue before. and when I find a difficult topic such as this it always seems to boil down to what man thinks versus what God says. as a lover of the Puritans and a lover of all Spurgeon material I follow the Calvinistic views, but the one issue that I have a problem with his man's responsibility. maybe you can help me if you find time if not I totally understand . I believe in total depravity but my issue is if God grants us the grace and faith to believe,how is it man it's responsibility to avoid hell... again when I stumble across an issue it's hard like this I must fall back to God's ways are far above our ways. but that answer is never good enough when discussing topic with an Armenian or someone that holds free will views.. i'm a young believer and I still don't have a home church or home pastor that I can ask this question to. I am still in search of a good reformed pastor in Nashville so if you have any friends in Nashville or someone that you could turn me too that would be helpful as well. thanks Sean

Sermon4/28/14 11:36 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Alfred ”
You give too much credit to the Papal church. If we have no saved men of God, then we have no church at all. We may as well be Mormons if we can look at an entire era and say "nobody believed." Furthermore, if we cannot say that, then must admit there were many who believed the Bible to be Holy-otherly-sinless-inerrant.

Sermon4/26/14 7:06 PM
Alfred from NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred
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“ T4TG ”
Concerning your discussions about the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture between post-apostolic and the reformers. I would first look at who control the scripture during that time. I believe it was the RCC. Very few people had a copy of the bible and most were illiterate. They pretty much were depended on and believe what the Church of Rome told them. There were a few exceptions Wycliffe and Hus, and we know what happen to them.

Sermon4/23/14 1:28 PM
Nikki from Georgia  Find all comments by Nikki
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Awesome teaching I love teaching way more than preaching!!!

Sermon4/22/14 4:23 PM
john G. from atlanta  Contact via emailFind all comments by john G.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
If we are to believe Carlton why not Joseph Smith or Mohammed? The devil was given permission to kill Jobs children. Why would we believe this obvious deception whether imaginary or demonic? We are always looking for a sign. Sound familiar? God's word stands for a beacon for all. Thanks for the review.

Sermon4/22/14 10:17 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to MS ”
Maybe you're right and this is nothing more than state-sponsored nonsense...but I believe Christ is bigger than that assumption. By the way, church polity and customs--be they charismatic (women preachers) or catholic (crucifix) in their origins--are not nearly as important as the fundamentals of the faith.

Sermon4/20/14 11:36 AM
MS  Find all comments by MS
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“ 'Most Christan?' ”
Liushi Church...206' crucifix...woman preacher. :ugh: Umm...unbiblical! Typical western chuchianity not biblical christianity!

Sermon4/6/14 6:01 PM
Celina from Arizona  Find all comments by Celina
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ No Audio ”
Hm.... I cant hear Pastor Joey talk, just fuzzy sounds... Anyone else having the same problems?

Sermon4/5/14 5:57 AM
Walter Holt from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Walter Holt
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Paul’s Plea for Unity
Sean E. Harris
“ Wonderful Call ”
Wonderful sermon and call for unity within the Body of Christ.

Sermon4/1/14 11:31 AM
Miss Chip from Oklahoma  Find all comments by Miss Chip
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am a ladies bible study leader. I took detailed notes on every point made. Very very good information and thank you for presenting it in a very clear and inspiring way. Fantastic.

Sermon3/31/14 4:02 PM
Joshinnashville from Nashville,Tn  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joshinnashville
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Movie Review: Noah
David McManus
“ Wow ”
You guys are way way more accepting than I am about this movie.... I actually have HUGE issues with the misrepresentation of the Bible in this movie...

Sermon3/31/14 3:46 PM
Joshinnashville from Nashville,Tn  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joshinnashville
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent discussion, I stumbled across berean baptist sermons somehow when I normally just come to sermonaudio to listen to Spurgeon sermons. I caught myself listening to sermon after sermon and I really enjoy the teaching you guys are doing... Keep it up and God Bless your ministry brothers

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