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OCT 1, 2016
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Page 1 | Page 7 ·  Found: 384 total user comment(s)

Sermon7/5/08 1:03 PM
Bro Miller. from Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Bro Miller.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you UCN for telling the truth about the pre-trib rapture.Also AD 70 Was not the great Tribulation as many teach as preterist. AD 70 was nothing compared to what hitler nor stalin done.I believe that many professing Christians will fall away when they find themselves in the Tribulation {i.e.troubles}as this world has never seen. Also preachers saying the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn at the rapture.If the Holy Spirit is removed then no-one can be saved during the Tribulation.What an itching ear doctrine the pre-tib rapture is. No matter my God {the Lord Jesus Christ}can carry any believer through the tribulation to come. Also this country was founded upon the 1599 Geneva Bible which is avalible now to the public which agrees with the AV 1611 KJV both translated 100% from the traditional Masoretic text [OT]and the traditional Received Text [NT]. If the Church would get back to the preaching and teaching of a genuine AV KJV Bible then maybe revial would come. How these liberal brain washed seminary students can accept the NIV/NASB/NKJV/Ect as the Word of God amazes me? A genuine KJV tells me genuine Christians ARE SAVED while per-versions say WHICH ARE BEING SAVED.I say blasphemy,this is a rank attack on the Cross of Christ,for it is a finished work.

Sermon7/4/08 8:17 PM
Doug LaPointe from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by Doug LaPointe
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“ Marvelous Work! ”
Everyone should hear this material which shows that Noah's Flood helps explain away evolution.

Sermon5/25/08 11:37 PM
Michelle  Find all comments by Michelle
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An Amazing Testimony
TonyMac McMullen
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have never had a testimony touch me a deeply as this one, thank you Tony for sharing your blessings.

Sermon4/22/08 7:13 PM
fallin from saipan  Contact via emailFind all comments by fallin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
hi, i'm fallin amandus , i'm 16 years old . please contact me any time you want to.

Sermon4/17/08 1:14 AM
Michael Kosman  Find all comments by Michael Kosman
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“ AMEN ”
Ton Johnson is a wolf in sheep's skin, ignore his post. Gail is right on the money, AMEN!

Sermon4/17/08 1:10 AM
Michael Kosman  Find all comments by Michael Kosman
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Whats MISSING in the New Bibles
Gail Riplinger
“ AMEN ”
Don't listen to Tom Johnson from LA, CA. He is a wolf in sheep's skin. Gail Riplinger is right on the money, AMEN!

Sermon4/12/08 11:27 PM
Jason Brower  Find all comments by Jason Brower
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Ex-Jehovah's Witness speaks out
Keith and Lorri MacGregor
“ Spoken with Love ”
What a powerful testimony from someone who really knows how to counter the deception in this group of people, yet spoken with love and a passion not to condemn but to reach them with the real Jesus Christ.

Sermon4/12/08 11:24 AM
Engineer from USA  Find all comments by Engineer
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“ EXPLAINS Bible issue clearly! ”
Very comprehensive:good summary. With all these Textus Receptus verses being cited by church leaders from the second century on, it is amazing that people think there is "no early manuscript evidence for TR readings" for these multiple texts cited. Dean Burgon said it rightly: "Does the truth of the Text of Scripture dwell with the vast multitude of copies, uncial and cursive, concerning which nothing is more remarkable than the MARVELOUS AGREEMENT which subsists between them? Or is it rather to be supposed that the truth abides exclusively with a very little handful of manuscripts, which at once differ from the great bulk of the manuscripts, and also differ widely among themselves?" (p.9). Unholy Hands on the Bible:by Burgon Thanks a lot!

Sermon4/10/08 7:37 AM
M Wilson from Nashville (Old Hickory), TN  Contact via emailFind all comments by M Wilson
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I can tell that this speaker is located in Nashville; I have been looking for a church that teaches what's REALLY going on and would love to be a part of this fellowship. I pray that the poster of this speaker's messages will email me so we can get acquainted, and (hopefully) I can get into a body of like-minded believers!

Sermon3/16/08 1:39 PM
WayneUK  Find all comments by WayneUK
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Christian Response to UFO's
Dr. Chuck Missler
“ Great Sermon! ”
'Even the alien hieroglyphics were nothing more than flower images and child-like designs used on the packing tape' http://www.reformed-baptist.co.uk/articles/article/4569631/82305.htm Check out the above link on the 1947 Roswell incident. Methinks professing christians are guilty of being deceived and consequently unintentionally deceiving others-make uo your own minds. Get Genesis 6: 1-2 wrong and much error follows. The antichrist we all agree will not be coming in a UFO as he is already discernable throughout Christian History. "The historic interpretation has been embodied in the most solemn confessions of the biblical world. It forms a leading part in the testimony of martyrs and reformers. Like the prophets of old, these holy men bore a twofold testimony, a testimony for the truth of God, and a testimony against the Apostasy of those professing to be Christian. Their testimony was that Papal Rome is the Babylon of prophecy, “…that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth,” [34] and that its head, the Roman pontiff, is the predicted “Man of Sin,” or Antichrist.' http://www.reformed-baptist.co.uk/articles/article/4564684/84476.htm Trust my comments will be acceptable as a historical viewpoint and in charity to discern all things!

Sermon2/29/08 11:21 AM
Ed Cook from Hull, Yorkshire, UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ed Cook
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Ex-Jehovah's Witness speaks out
Keith and Lorri MacGregor
“ Loved it! ”
Fantastic to listen to and very helpful indeed. I would love to know if there are any aids available in the UK as mentioned on the message. Thanks to Lorri and may God build you in your ministry.

Sermon2/7/08 7:11 PM
John Burrill from Halifax, N.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Burrill
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Witnessing to catholics
Dr. David Hockings
“ Great Sermon! ”
I really enjoyed the sermon and the information that I can use but at the first of it, the speaker mentioned the a first part to the message dealing with the 7 sacremants and Catholic salvation . I could not find this other sermon anywhere on this web site. Is it available on line ? Tks

Sermon1/27/08 12:01 AM
Kate  Find all comments by Kate
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great message. Thank God for the strong men of God out there defending the faith...and clarifiing issues for those who might not fully understand them. I am so grateful for this. Babylon is all around us and closing in at a fast pace now. Stay separate and strong, brethren!

Sermon1/25/08 3:24 PM
David Keel  Find all comments by David Keel
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An Amazing Testimony
TonyMac McMullen
“ Extremely Good ”
This was really good stuff. There was just some of the american phraseology I didn't quite catch on to.

Sermon1/21/08 1:03 AM
BMo from Auburn CA  Contact via emailFind all comments by BMo
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ Cause to Reflect ”
I knew some preferred the KJV but I never understood why till now. I have to do some research before I am entirely convinced. But I appreciate providing a reason to do the research.

Sermon1/7/08 6:21 AM
pjgriff from Cambridge, UK  Find all comments by pjgriff
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Very informative ”
Very informative. Well researched. Gives you information left out of the bigger picture. Similar to Webster Tarpley's take on GCC.

Sermon11/12/07 9:59 PM
vanessa evelyn from Brooklyn ny  Contact via emailFind all comments by vanessa evelyn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
anyone that boast "I am preaching good, am a preachin' good right now!" reveals a sign of ARROGANCE, this woman so full of herself I do not ever hear Christ when she speaks, I hear JOYCE, she is a (g)od unto herself, she has not read Micah 6:8, it is so sad, the higgins, the benny hinns the copelands, the cleflo's the joel olstens the td jakes, it is all sad, they frighten me, they NEVER preach about salvation, righteousness, Holiness, the Blood, repentance, sin, hell, or Math 28:18 spreading the Gospel, these are not concerns of theirs, they seem to believe God came to earth to make us rich and comfortable spare us of worldly pain and to use of gifts to Have have and have, did some one rip 2 Timothy 3:12 out of their books? i am also concerned that ms. meyers is in violation of scripture, a woman must not be the head over men in CHURCH, not to be confused with sharing the gospel with everyone, we are not to asurp auth it is so clear, see for yourself 1 Cor 14:33-37, and God was not writing to the corinth church back then, God wrote this to us ALL SEE Titus 2:11-12, it all applies in this present age, all of it according to 2 Tim 3:16. Be careful to follow these tel evangelist super stars, in John 12:48 God makes HIMself clear, the verse before and below it also speaks volu

Sermon11/12/07 9:30 PM
vanessa evelyn from Brooklyn ny  Contact via emailFind all comments by vanessa evelyn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have now listened to this tape/audio 6 times, gosh, I have no excuse now, to pick up and play with other versions is just plain disobedience and laziness, I have to ask God to forgive me for allowing myself to be swayed, clearly I knew some thing was just not right when I read the NIV or any other, they are more like commentators, infact that is my reference for them all, I pray that God will give us all the DESIRE to obey His WORD without compromise. John 8:31, I may have left a comment before, but sorry I had to just share this.

Sermon11/12/07 8:59 PM
vanessa evelyn from Brooklyn ny  Contact via emailFind all comments by vanessa evelyn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
simply disturbing to me, that we have to defend the Gospel when it is clear Rev 22:18-19 DO NOT ADD OR TAKE AWAY. May I be a two year old for one moment and ask innocently, "what does God mean when He said in Rev 22:18-19, do not add or take away from these Words", maybe it has another meaning that we are all missing since we seem to be comfortable with changing the Word of God, so maybe God did not really mean what He said, so I guess it means that God is a God that says something BUT He does not mean you really have to obey it, but then I would have to ask what does John 8:31 mean then, should we rip those two scriptures out of the Word of God? as it seems God does not mean what He says Rev 22:18-19

Sermon11/12/07 4:25 AM
Mic from Kyoto, Japan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mic
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How To Improve Your Health
Dr. Jeff Owens
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a good message. I wish my sick friends would listen to it and apply it to their lives.

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