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JUN 28, 2017
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Theo Hikmat  |  Smyrna tennessee
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Page 1 | Page 6 ·  Found: 387 total user comment(s)

Sermon11/1/09 6:40 PM
Roo Palmer from Australia  Find all comments by Roo Palmer
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon. I love this preacher. Even Australia is not safe from Obama. This message needs to go out to all the Christian schools and churches. Thanks for a top message

Sermon8/26/09 4:20 PM
William Cody Bateman from Western Kentucky  Contact via emailFind all comments by William Cody Bateman
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very informative. The audio lends such credibility to efforts of Christians toward exposing these charlatans for what and who they are. Why is the church asleep? Does no one read the scriptures anymore? (http://codybateman.org)

Sermon6/25/09 6:36 PM
Judi D from SW Missouri  Find all comments by Judi D
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This Preacher cared so much for souls, that he came to my home one very cold and snowy January night, 1969 and led me to the Lord. I had the privilege to sit under his preaching for several years before the Lord called him away into evangelism. Praise God for preachers like Al Lacey. I would LOVE to have more of his sermons here to download if anyone has them ! (If you're near Grand Jct.,CO you might find him preaching at Landmark Baptist church there)

Sermon5/10/09 6:19 PM
norma from uk  Find all comments by norma
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The Rise of 666 CD EDITION 2
Pastor Billy Crone
“ Great Sermon! ”
why are the scientists working at MIT all speaking with English accents? little things throw doubt on what could be invaluable info.

Sermon5/2/09 6:16 AM
Daniel R Hanlon from Camden, South Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Daniel R Hanlon
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I threw away ALL "WORD OF FAITH" CD, books and tapes. First in trash was Kenneth Copeland, I was in Fort Worth and COPELAND's name was GLORIFIED and not Jesus Christ. (MATTHEW 6:33)

Sermon3/30/09 12:33 AM
Stan Jeffferson, Jr from Baltimore, Maryland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Stan Jeffferson, Jr
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The Gospel In Plain Words
Various Speakers
“ Thank you, Mystery Minister! ”
We're praying that God keeps your spirit, soul, and body, Mystery Minister! Your messages (Religion of Global Warming, Myth of the Pre-Trib rapture, Dark Days are Coming, Benny Hinn and Beyond, Bible Version Issue Explained) have been very helpful, as has this message (Gospel in Plain Words). Thank you again for your work and your ministry!

Sermon3/27/09 5:22 PM
brother miller from louisiana  Find all comments by brother miller
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What truth. I burned these two messages to CD`s and am mailing them out to those who have a stage on Christian so-called TV. Pray that God will bless these CD`s as they go out and pray they will be accepted.Pray that God`s book the King James will once again have rule and reign in God`s peoples lives. Thank you again UCN and God bless you. God bless sermon Audio also.

Sermon3/25/09 12:50 AM
Sheri Early from Tennessee  Find all comments by Sheri Early
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The Gospel In Plain Words
Various Speakers
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for presenting the word of God in such simple form. Very humbling indeed. Awesome Job brother.

Sermon1/6/09 9:19 AM
Steve Brown from Chattanooga, TN  Find all comments by Steve Brown
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The Gospel In Plain Words
Various Speakers
“ Great Sermon! ”
thank you for the clear message. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. The only thing i would like to add is something that must be considered and mentioned. Whips and thorns were the least of what Jesus suffered on our behalf. He suffered the holy hatred of God; the wrath of His own father that we deserve. Jesus was forsaken by His Father, bearing the full penalty for our sins. That is why He sweat blood in the garden because He knew what He faced. He was not distressed by what man would do to him, He was distressed about what God was about to do. (see Isaiah 53; Psalms 22) Than you brother for the message

Sermon12/15/08 5:31 PM
Mary Hostak  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary Hostak
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The Gospel In Plain Words
Various Speakers
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the simple word of God. You did not add to it nor did you take away from it. I pray that millions will pick up the bible and read it or I fear for them that they WILL be deceived.

Sermon11/21/08 8:50 AM
Richard Arthur from South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Richard Arthur
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“ Great Great Great Sermon! ”
Told in a way that any person whether they be a professor or a lay man would understand. This is just a brilliant sermon. THANK YOU.

Sermon11/12/08 7:34 AM
WAYNE DILGER from LAS VEGAS  Contact via emailFind all comments by WAYNE DILGER
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am so proud of you for exposing FALSE TEACHERS such as Joyce Meyers and friends.Its so scary that so many precious souls may be lost because of these teachings,and whats even more horrifying is when you think your Safe watching The Praise The Lord channel or TBN and you see the likes of Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland Teaching Heresy. WHY DON'T THE THE GUEST AND SPEAKERS WHO ARE TRULY CHRISTIANS "BAN THEIR PROGRAMS" OR REFUSE TO BE APART OF THESE PROGRAMS AND SHED LIGHT ON PAUL & JAN CROUCH?

Sermon10/24/08 8:46 AM
destinycreature from purplesoapbox.blogspot.com  Find all comments by destinycreature
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The Gospel In Plain Words
Various Speakers
“ Holla (Romans) 1:16! ”
Short, simple and plain...the Gospel in a nutshell. It says so much about God's righteousness. This message caused me to consider the Gospel in a different light; in terms of understanding the law and the spirit of the law; understanding the reputation that Jesus had for telling the truth because he is truth.

Sermon10/14/08 9:50 PM
Jose  Find all comments by Jose
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I really enjoyed this message, it was so good that now i wonder if he was somehow kicked out of the underground christian network. I believe this was the last message from him. To various speaker, if you read this message let us know if everything is good with you. I think we all miss you here. I hope you come back and present "The myth of the Pretrib Rapture Part 2".

Sermon10/6/08 12:17 PM
Stanley L Jefferson Jr from Maryland USA  Find all comments by Stanley L Jefferson Jr
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“ Must-Hear Sermon! ”
Don't take this lightly friends. This is an eye-opening sermon. It's not about nitpicking or doctrinal "ping-pong" between pre- and post-Trib beliefs. I'll point out one difference I have with the speaker: it looks like God's people will go through tribulation from the devil and the world, and be raptured so that God can pour out his wrath. The speaker says that the wicked are always removed, but it looks like it's actually the righteous being removed from His place of judgment. For example, Noah and his family were removed from the place of judgment by being hidden in the Ark, and were brought back after it was over. Lot and his fmaily were removed from the place of judgment and were brought back after it was over. The Jews were allowed to get from between the waters of the Red Sea before they crashed upon the Egyptians. Maybe it's not God removing His people from persecution, but rather after the world has persecuted them, he then hides them from the wrath that He pours out, then return them. This seems to mean that the Christians will go through tribulation (which is spoken in reference to believers) and then a rapture occurs and God then pours out judgment upon Earth, with Christ afterward returning with the believers to establish His kingdom (pre-Wrath).

Sermon9/30/08 1:30 AM
Peazy  Find all comments by Peazy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much, boy I am glad I listened to this, very tired of all the wrong teaching everywhere, guess it teaches us the importance of knowing Gods Word..Bless ya...peazy

Sermon9/24/08 4:50 PM
Josh Toltzman from Wisconsin  Find all comments by Josh Toltzman
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What mormons wont tell you at the door
Keith and Lorri MacGregor
“ Great Sermon! ”
Any body know what film she is referring to at the end of this sermon?

Sermon9/7/08 3:04 PM
Sandy from Az  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sandy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for clearing up some things I was having problems with. I am enrolled into a seminary that preaches the rapture allot. I was having problems reading scripture and putting it together with a rapture. It was causing me some distress, but having found this sermon my questions are answered. Just wanted to say thanks. I wish though that you would let me know where in the scripture it states, "Now he that letteth let until he be taken out of the way". Thank you and God bless.

Sermon7/24/08 10:35 PM
Stan Jefferson Jr from Maryland, USA  Find all comments by Stan Jefferson Jr
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Much Needed Sermon! ”
Yikes! Mystery minister is right on when he makes the comment about camera and observation in Maryland... I've considered leaving myself, but I'm still praying about that because there's also a big "domestic" ministry field here. Why are so many Christian leaders silent on these issues? It seems that many focus on catchy titles and 3, 7, or 9-point sermon outlines, and yet issues like this are untouched. Of course the liberals and modernists will go on board with this, but where are the conservative Evangelicals? Fundamentalists preach on this, but they don't get the publicity given to the Evengelicals. He makes a good point: this global warming bonanza is a great way to control people, creating an issue that gets differing sides to compromise their convictions for a common goal. It can be used to explain away God's miracles and thus lead men to continue hardening their hearts. Also, I've seen the media do just what he described: put on one expert who opposes Gore's global warning, and then put on a multi-expert panel to support it, giving them the last word over the voice of the lone dissenter. Christians, pray, fast, and hold on! Thank you Jesus, and thank you UCN!

Sermon7/24/08 10:27 PM
Stan Jefferson Jr from Maryland, USA  Find all comments by Stan Jefferson Jr
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I am FED UP with this !!!
Theo Hikmat
“ You'll never hear this on Sunday morning! ”
This was a compelling message: I made CDs, but unfortunately most people simply don't want to hear it. While this simply demonstrates what the Bible already teaches (1 Tim 2:1-4), apparently people value personalities over the Word of God. I hate to say this, but today's Christian celebrity preachers seem to be elevated to a level that is - in the minds of the Christian masses - above examination, reproof, or correction. When most people hear the segment where Billy Graham states that people who don't even know Christ's name are His, they shut their ears off. Robert Schuller states that there's a "wideness in God's mercy", although the Bible says wide is the gate that "leadeth to destruction". Not only do we have to stay encouraged in the Word, but we have to have the courage to reprove the unfruitful works of darkness, even if it means naming names. Thanks again, Underground Christian Network and Mystery Minister. Whoever you are, I hope the Lord prospers you to keep preaching!

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