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SEP 22, 2017
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Cloverdale Free Presbyterian Church B.C.
Rev. Ian Goligher  |  Cloverdale, British Columbia
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Page 1 | Page 6 ·  Found: 163 total user comment(s)

Sermon7/12/07 10:29 AM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Overcoming the Prosperity Gospel
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Urging you to listen ... ”
Anyone who is involved in the prosperity gospel ought to listen to this sermon, since by their fruits you shall know them, and the fruit of the prosperity gospel in Budapest speaks for itself. I had never heard this story before, but it's a tragic one of how the true gospel was overshadowed by this false one. I also appreciate the fact that this sermon traces the prosperity gospel back to its non-Christian roots, through Hagin to Kenyon to "Park" Quimby. These non-Chrisitan origins are rarely mentioned, although this belief system is a cancer eating away at the heart of true Christianity. (And who is Steve Austin? Did he mean to say Joel Osteen?)

Blog6/17/07 10:30 PM
Ewan and Rachel Goligher from Toronto  Find all comments by Ewan and Rachel Goligher
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Thanks for the heart-warming message and wise reminders from God's Word. We miss everyone alot and we trust that the Lord will bless you all.

Sermon6/13/07 5:45 PM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Overcoming Immorality
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Don't miss this important sermon ”
An important word from God for today about how to overcome sin and immorality in today's world through the gospel, and how Christians should have a higher standard even if it is unpopular. Excellent message - don't miss it.

Sermon6/10/07 4:44 PM
Luc Aube  Contact via emailFind all comments by Luc Aube
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All of Grace
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Great Sermon! ”
For Michael: Acts 5:31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Savior, for TO GIVE repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins. Ephesians 2:8 For it is bt grace you are saved through Faith (And that Faith) is not of yourselves, it is a gift of God. The Bible says that THERE IS NONE who seek after God. If one does, it is because they have been called of God and given repentance and Faith. Salvation if of The Lord. Even one who is able to obey, it is because God has regenerated him and given him the grace to obey. If we fail, we are responsible, if we succeed, all glory to God.

Sermon6/10/07 2:29 PM
Dessie  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dessie
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All of Grace
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Outstanding God Given Truth!!! ”
Absolute truth taught is this message and there is no "BUT..." about it. It is All of God or it is Nothing. If we have the faith to repent that is taught in this sermon it has to be God Given Faith just as taught by this precious man of God. Thank you Brother Goligher!!!

Sermon6/10/07 7:48 AM
Michael Adams  Contact via emailFind all comments by Michael Adams
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All of Grace
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Great Sermon!... But ... ”
We do have a part in our own Salvation... We mustn't forget Christ does tell us things like Repent, (we can choose) and He tells us to Obey (again we can choose). But I understand that Grace is all of God. And Repenting and Obeying cannot ever earn Grace.

Sermon6/1/07 12:19 PM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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All of Grace
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ ONLY! ”
Salvation ONLY by grace. Anyone who is not a Christian ought to listen to this sermon and learn about the single distinguishing feature that makes Christianity unique among all the religions and beliefs of the world.

Sermon5/29/07 1:42 AM
savedbygrace  Find all comments by savedbygrace
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Brother Joe, Amen! May the Lord bless you and your wife exceedingly! Job 42:2

Sermon5/24/07 5:11 PM
Scott McMahan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Reasoning Your Way to Heaven
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ In-depth ”
This text, Isa 1:18, is one of the Old Trrailblazer's favorite texts, and he has preached many a sermon around it - but the Bible has inexhaustible riches, and Pastor Goligher brings out this text in depth with a lot of background information and how it points to Christ.

Sermon4/27/07 9:25 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Two good points in one sermon ”
This sermon discusses the proper Biblical view of speaking in tongues (other human languages), as well as the fact of resurrection bodies, something that is often overlooked. When we are resurrected, the Bible clearly states we will have bodies, not be disembodied clouds or spirits. I recommend this to anyone who is confused about the Bible's position on the resurrected body.

Sermon4/18/07 4:50 PM
Robert Bond from Australia  Find all comments by Robert Bond
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“ Sabbath Comments ”
Dear friends, it is obvious from reading the comment posted by Bruce M. that he was visited by other than SDA's - quite possibly by JW's. SDA's hold Jesus Christ in the highest regard, as He is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father (and the Holy Spirit). The Bible also describes God as Spirit (John 4:24 KJV). It is also noteworthy that the Sabbath was created by God before sin or Jews (Gen 2), kept before Sinai (Gen 16), and will be kept for eternity (Isa 66:22-23). If Truth is going to be presented - please ensure that it is the Truth. Be a true man of God and post this comment with the others on your web site.

Sermon4/13/07 3:21 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Written Evidence for Your Faith
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Is there evidence? ”
This sermon presents what the Bible says about the resurrection in a unique way. If you are skeptical, doubting, or wondering about the claims of Christ or the Bible, it's a challenge because the text presents the evidence, and the evidence corroborates the text. Listen to this and weigh the evidence for yourself. Look at it critically, like Thomas did.

Sermon3/28/07 6:36 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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Jesus Bearing Our Hell on the Cross
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Listen to the compelling gospel message... ”
In an age where theology gets strange, and you hear such things as Jesus being born again in hell, this message is a clear, compelling presentation of what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross, with sound theology. It's a great message for anyone confused by what is being said about the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus by so many voices today.

Blog1/14/07 6:16 PM
Al and Mona Schreyack from Massachusetts  Contact via emailFind all comments by Al and Mona Schreyack
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Thank you for a challenging sermon this morning about "being strong in the Lord."
We were so blessed to see Jacquelyne's dedication to the Lord live, as well. She is blessed to have a grandfather who is a faithful minister of Christ, Pastor Goligher, and we are blessed to share in the joy on the east coast through the webcast. Thank you again for a rich sermon. It was great to get home after hearing God's Word at our church this morning to another satisfying meal at the Lord's table. May God continue to richly bless this ministry!!

Sermon9/26/06 6:31 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via email
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“ Great way to learn about the WCF ”
This study is a great way to learn about the remarkable WCF and the Christian heritage of the Reformation. To get a copy of the WCF in America, the Radio Bible and Bookroom at has the (Scottish) Free Presbyterian edition - the title is Westminster Confession of Faith, but the shorter and longer catechisms are included in the same book. The Radio Bible and Bookroom has good prices on hard-to-find books like this, plus they've already imported them into America so you don't have to pay transatlantic shipping and do currency conversions.

Blog7/30/06 10:27 PM
Olive Marshall from Lisburn Co. Antrim Northern Ireland  Contact via email
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Rev.Ian Goligher
I like to say how much I enjoyed your sermon this evening and how it has
challenge me.
May God Richly Bless You,your wife and
family as you go off on holiday.
God Bless
Olive marshall
3.25 am. Tuesday morning 31st July

Blog7/16/06 3:28 PM
Olive Marshall from Lisburn Co.Antrim Northern Ireland  Contact via email
• Add new comment
Rev.Ian Goligher,
This is the first time I have listen to the service from Cloverdale FPC.
I would like to say thank-you for your massage. May God Richly Bless you in your service in Canada. I have only had a computer for a little over a year,when I left school computers were only coming in I am getting used to it am have do a few exams in it.
This is my life line on a Sunday due to the fact I can't attend Church as I had major operation on my lower back for prolased disc which started in Sept.2000 and broke on the left side and 11 months later in August it broke on the right side. I was in hospital in January 2002 for operation. I sorry to say I have be in continuous pain and need injections into my spine every 4-6 weeks. This injection keeps me upright I have to pay for this due to the fact there is a 4 year waiting list for pain management. During this past 5 year I losed Both my parents, but I Thank God one day we will meet again. If I hadn't my faith I think I would have taken my life before now.
I also thank God for the web as I can listen to service through out the day,
if my back allows me to sit to listen.
I go to Lisburn FPC. I was out for the first time 2 months ago, in 4 years.
I thank God for all the Minsters of the
FPC and for the work that thy are doing.

Sermon6/1/06 7:15 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via email
• Add new comment
Tulip Theology Part 1
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Great Sermon! ”
The series about the basics is good, but the part about TULIP is a high point - well research and presented to make the case about why this is correct Reformed doctrine, without being a barrage of too many details. (Also recommended is Ian Brown's G.O.S.P.E.L instead of T.U.L.I.P. version of this material, and the books "The Five Points of Calvinism" and RC Sproul's "What is Reformed Theology?". The first book has a lot of scripture references for each doctrine, and Sproul's book is good for explaining why TULIP is correct and the problems the other beliefs run into.)

Blog5/14/06 3:05 PM
Laurie Pearson from Alberta  
• Add new comment
Dear Rev. Goligher,

Thank you for your very encouraging Mother's Day message this morning. We were home sick from church this morning and watched your live broadcast (as we occasionally do when Dad is on shift in the morning too). Having been up 6 times last night with sickness and a hungry baby, I was encouraged to be remined that God is glorified through simple service that we don't think twice about while doing it. Thank you for your words and may God continue to bless your ministry. Our family is continually praying for you, your family, and the church in Cloverdale.

For God's glory,
Laurie Pearson

Sermon5/9/06 5:35 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via email
• Add new comment
“ Outstanding ”
Outstanding introduction to this important document - very informative. Combined with Pastor David Silversides' sermon on this topic, it makes a great primer. Highly recommended for people who want to study this historic document that establishes sound doctrine.

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