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AUG 30, 2014
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Cana Baptist Church
Dr. Charles A. Stewart  |  Fort Worth, Texas
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Sermon2/18/05 12:51 PM
Yeff Meier from Dallas Tx  
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How Satan Gets Into Your Head
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Notable Sermon! ”
One can hear the wisdom that the Lord God has imparted to Dr. Stewart through this sermon. With expository preaching so rare in this age, it is refreshing to hear a teaching of this caliber.

Sermon2/12/05 11:45 AM
Allan Armstrong from Ontario, Canada  
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How Satan Gets Into Your Head
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
A very pointed, practical and direct sermon. Here is the challenge, bring every thought captive and subject to Jesus Christ. Dr. Stewart does us all a very good service by asserting this can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit and our persistence in Him.

Sermon2/12/05 5:04 AM
Ben Yatar from Philippines  
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dr. Stewart is right in abandoning Pre-Trib like I did several years ago. After reading Steve Wohlberg's books, my belief in Pre-Trib crumbled.

Sermon2/11/05 2:00 PM
Bonnie from KY  
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
(Dr. Stewart welcomes the following listener's comments)"I thought I had a clear understanding of our "Blessed Hope." I heard a teaching suggesting that the Body of Christ would, indeed, go through the tribulation. It absolutely broke my heart. Not that I was seeking comfort by wanting to avoid the tribulation, but I so longed to see Him, that my hopes were crushed in this life....I absolutely KNOW that the Church (our Lord Jesus Christ's Body) be removed BEFORE the seven year tribulation period begins." Dr. Stewart comments: Thanks Bonnie for your thoughts. Various sectors of the Church have suffered great persecution in every generation since the first and have been purified, not destroyed, by their hardships because of the faithfulness and grace of the Lord Jesus! Most PostTribs believe that before entering the last 3.5 years there will be a great outpouring of the Spirit (Joel 2:28-32) which will be more than adequate to prepare, sustain, and lead God's people in victory whatever may come our way (Rev. 12:11). Remember: "Greater is He Who is in you, than he who is in the world". Jesus' followers need have no fear, and never be broken hearted, over His perfect and loving will for us, even when pain is involved. Grace to you, my dear.

Sermon2/11/05 8:15 AM
Arthur from Burleson, Texas  
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Why the Saved Can Never Perish
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Fascinating Message ”
Your message on blood covenants has opened up for me a deeper understanding of the New Covenant of my salvation and why I can never be lost once saved. Thank you for this new information. Very, very helpful!

Sermon2/10/05 4:50 PM
Vincent from Memphis  
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Way Off Base ”
(Dr. Stewart has posted the following listener's comment) "Way off Base! This is way off base and he takes a lot out of context...the Pretribulation rapture is the only way to look at it as God does!...Going to the "Greek" is a farce and there is no such thing as a "Septuagint" that was proven to be written before the time of Christ!...This stinks and so does the preacher!" Dr. Stewart responds: Vincent, it looks like I need to invite you out for a cup of coffee! I believe that Dr. Dwight Pentecost (Things to Come) would disagree with you on your issues with the "Greek" and Dr. Merrill Unger (Unger's New Bible Dictionary) would disagree on the existence and importance of the Septuagint in the life of the early church. I have always believed that the rapture issue is a disagreement within the family of faith and that we should discuss these issues with Christ-like grace. Just between you and me: I can hope that your rapture position is somehow correct; I just don't see it in the Word. I guess the Lord will have to resolve this issue with His glorious Appearing. People must be made aware of all the possibilites so they can make whatever preparations necessary to remain faithful to our Lord whenever He comes. Grace and peace to you, Brother!

Sermon2/10/05 10:11 AM
David from Newville, PA  
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Pre-Trib No Mistake! ”
(Dr. Stewart is glad to post the following listener comment) "There has been much evidence overlooked on the Pre-Trib side...Dr. Thomas Ice displays an ancient sermon, Pseudo-Ephraem (c. 374-627) that he found...You can go to Dr. Snow's prophecy website and examine these sermons (www.raptureready.com/featured/ttcol.html). I would encourage everyone to test and prove all these things like the Holy Writ commands us to do." Dr. Stewart comments: Thanks David for your input into this discussion. I encourage every interested person to visit the website above and test all things. I would also suggest listeners read Robert H. Gundry's exceptional book: The Church and The Tribulation (Zondervan) and visit The Last Trumpet website at http://www.geocities.com/~lasttrumpet/ where legitimate questions are raised concerning the Pseudo-Ephraem document and its actual authenticity. Ephraem's genuine writings in the Ante-Nicean Fathers nowhere seems to hint at a pretrib rapture. Curious, isn't it? How else will we come to agreement on the Truth of God's Word unless we all come to the table and discuss these relevant data? Thanks, Friend.

Sermon2/10/05 9:27 AM
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Still Not Accurate Enough ”
(Dr. Stewart appreciates and has posted the following listener comment) "Stewart's sermon is a good one in that he acknowledges the horrific problems of the Pre-Trib position...But he still has not dug deeply enough... He "assumes" that the Great Tribulation is the "entire" last 3.5 year period, which is not stated in Scripture...So "Pre-trib" is not accurate, "Post-Trib" is not accurate, "Mid-Trib" is not accurate. The most accurate term is "Pre-Wrath"...before the wrath of God begins...He needs to study this topic more carefully, but he is on the right road..." Dr. Stewart Responds: Thanks Alex. I actually agree with you that the rapture is prior to the revelation of the wrath of God. I would refer listeners to Van Kampen's excellent work: The Sign (Crossway Books); and to Marvin Rosenthal's work: The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church (Nelson).

Sermon2/9/05 5:44 PM
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
It's good to know that men are still humble enough to admit when they are wrong. Thank you! May the Lord bless your ministry!

Sermon2/5/05 1:24 PM
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How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ how to affair proof your marriage ”
great sermon.

Sermon2/4/05 5:23 PM
Ben Lev from Melbourne, Australia  Contact via email
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My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for your honest discourse and the time spent on this subject.All the more reason to stay close to our Lord & Saviour. In any case no prophet was ever saved from what he prophesied but went through it all with the poeple. I trust that the Lord's prayer to deliver us from evil will always apply.

Sermon1/31/05 7:32 PM
Keith Harvey from Arlington, Texas  Contact via email
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How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
I feel that Charles Stewart's sermon on "How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage," gives both Biblical and practical advice for all couples to follow. I forwarded it to my whole Adult Bible Fellowship; take a look, listen, and be prepared to learn.

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