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APR 20, 2014
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Way of Life Literature
David Cloud  |  London, Ontario
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Sermon1/10/04 8:06 AM
Daniel Lee Ford from Jackson, Mich.  Contact via email
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“ Heresies of textual criticism exposed! ”
Clear teaching exposing lies foisted on an unsuspecting public by infidels. Defenders of the modern 'bibles' cause doctrinal differences from the Authorised King James Bible. Many examples of textual deletions that are the root of deviations in the modern versions - changes in line with the Unitarians who worked on cobbled together gk. texts:the 'original gk?' which one of the 55 Nestles? .Part of 6 great sections: listen to all of 'em!

Sermon1/6/04 2:02 PM
Steve from Georgia  Contact via email
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“ Thought Provoking ”
This is a very interesting, thought provoking sermon from Brother Cloud. It appears from his other sermons that he has been given the gift of discernment about many issues confronting the church today. The popular health/wealth/psychology laced/easy living/easy Jesus/easy gospel message being sold wholesale by Christian bookstores is certainly cause for concern. Christians have been duped into thinking that the millions of dollars of merchandise sold in Christian bookstores is safe, sound doctrine. Much heresy exists on these shelves, though this message is rarely preached. I implore all seekers of the truth as it exists in Jesus Christ to pray for discernment in these trying times. May we judge all materials, whether labeled 'christian' or not, by the unalterable Word of God.

Sermon8/26/03 10:02 PM
s7_g from wheaton, il  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I enjoyed listening to this message. Brother Cloud is clearly knowledgable of the subject matter, both through personal experience and research. Some messages on the subject of music tend to be insensitive with regard to the areas of multi-ethnicity and interracial relations. This blunts the message's effectiveness. Brother Cloud shows a sensitivity to these potential pitfalls and does a great job avoiding them. Several times during the message, he points out that blacks as well as whites had people on both sides of the issue of accomodation of music in the guise of worship really serving as entertainment. Thus, his message is more ubiquitous in its potential coverage. And, it is a message for our Laodicean times, so this is very encouraging. Great message!

Sermon8/14/03 3:41 PM
Lisa Allen  Contact via email
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“ Excellent Sermon! ”
Everyone should listen to this sermon. Bless the Lord for the watchmen of the church who are being faithful to the truth no matter what the cost!

Sermon6/12/03 1:26 AM
wendigo from tennessee  Contact via email
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“ interesting! ”
i have never heard a sermon on southern gospel before. i always thought SG was THE gospel music to listen too. personally i never could stand it. i dont like people who sound like they have serious sinus problems. but what i dont understand though is some of our hymns dont even mention the name of jesus and if they are taken at face value could even be used to praise a false god such as budda. amazeing grace comes to mind or even i come to the garden none of these songs directly mention the name of jesus and can be taken in any way as a christian song or dare i say pagan song its all in who interprets it. my dad would roll over in his grave if he heard this sermon on southern gospel. he sang in a southern gospel group for years and in his point of view nothing was better or could compare to it. but i do know this my dads agenda was to see souls be saved through his group. he never asked for one dime for the tapes they made he gave every single one of them away. so i do know where his heart was. and i got saved because of my dads witnessing through his group. even though i didnt like the music or singing. it does go to show that jesus can use it at the right time or place. you know some of the lyrics to some southern gospel music really bother me. such as wouldnt take nothing for my journey now got to make it to heaven somehow,or im climbing up on the rough side of the mountain im doing my best to make it in. since when did we have to work to get into heaven or hope that we make it in? and where is the gospel in southern gospel how is singing about my mother in heaven going to get someone saved. all that does is depress me when i hear songs of my loved ones gasping for breath and waiting to walk the golden streets of glory. it just doesnt make anysince anyway great sermon an eye opener and you have also helped me to reconsider my point of view on ccm take care wendigo

Sermon12/31/02 7:27 AM
prabath de silva from Australia  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Brother DAVID,may the LORD bless and encourage you in this battle. I came out from charismatic movement 6yrs ago.Now I fellowship at an independent baptist church,but sadly ccm music and psychology has crept in because this erronous philosophy of judje not and the positive love gospel has been entertained by the deacon board and the pastor over the years.IS THIS NOT APOSTASY?

Sermon12/28/02 11:49 PM
Cliff Tucker from Cisco, Texas  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Sir I do agree with your theme that Southern Gospel music is not necessarily the standard for Christians to listen to. However I also know, according to my studies in 'religious' music that many of the favorite hymns of the church were tavern music with the words replaced. I am glad someone has 'exposed' the assumed 'sacredness' of SO. Gospel as in the same category, or a very close second to hymns and spiritual songs. It does not even come close. There is one person I know of that was considered a contemporary Christian artist who loved the LORD and would not fit into the category you are speaking of. Keith Green. He lived his love for the LORD and did much to propagate the gospel through his life. If I remember correctly he made a statement about the shame spiritual music should be a sold commodity. All in all I enjoyed your treatise and very much agree. Another very important ingredient is the life of the musician. Continue on dear brother.

Sermon12/23/02 11:08 AM
Kenneth from Oklahoma City, OK  
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“ A Must-Listen! ”
A thoroughly documented warning regarding an area that is often a blind spot among otherwise conservative pastors. Pop that Gaithers CD out of your car stereo & give this a listen!

Sermon9/20/02 5:47 AM
Denise Kristiansson from Abu Dhabi UAE  Contact via email
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Church History - Part 1
David Cloud
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise be to God! Tears fill my eyes and great gratitude fills my heart when I through this sermon am reminded of what the Lord Jesus has brought me out of over 30 years ago through much persecution - the RCC!

Sermon7/29/02 3:03 PM
Renee from Belleville, MI  
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“ A Very Thorough Series ”
I also recommend Matthew Pilch's 2-part series Is CCM Biblical? and H. T. Spence's series on Music and the Endtimes. Three great speakers.

Sermon1/28/02 4:44 PM
rich summers from so. indiana  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was led to shouting ground by the texture of the sermon as Bro. Cloud was led by the Spirit of truth to accent the speaking by the urgency and devotion coming to me via the voice within him. My own feeling and thoughts precisely, EXCEPT I MUST add that I think any history of the scriptures in the 20th Century that does not include Bro. Ruckman is in error. He has much criticism for his attitude in defense of the av 1611, but I recall Psalm 138: 2b! Anyhow, preach on, Brother Cloud, I love your work in Him!

Sermon1/28/02 3:14 PM
rich summers from so. Indiana ( routed through 3rd heaven)  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Apt defense by Bro. Cloud. Mention of Dr. Ruckman: tape shows why Ruckman uses bible language often to shoot an arrow through the heads of the textual critics. They lie, cheat, distort facts, and, in general, try to wreck the faith of as many in scripture as possible prior to their relocation elsewhere for "rewards".

Sermon1/25/02 1:33 PM
Nicholas Exner from Johannesburg, South Africa  Contact via email
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“ Greatly Needed Sermon! ”
This series on modern textual criticism is very important for each believer, especially as most scholars dealing with our Hebrew and Greek texts are modernists, unbelievers or people accepting the unbelieving principles of modern textual criticism. Many choose to ignore the issue, and leave our Bible in the hands of "the experts," but almost all of them hold to this unbelieving philosophy of textual criticism. This sermon explains the foundation of textual criticism, and will help each believer in dealing with our Bible's original language texts.

Sermon11/18/01 7:36 PM
Adam F. Veschak from Warren, MI  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I just finished listening to this message and am headed for part 2. I was both encouraged and challenged by this sermon. We need more men like you brother! Keep up the good work and God speed!

Sermon11/11/01 11:17 AM
Flavia Oliveira from Brazil  Contact via email
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“ Eye opening sermon! ”
Any one who is truly concerned with the kind of music that god wants his children to listen, should give some of his/her time to listen to what pastor david cloud has to say in this tremendously insightful sermon. I just wish some of our church leaders came back to the word of god and all its values and priciples for sound christan living and stopped beign imitators of things of the world that god never intended for his church.

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