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AUG 25, 2016
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Dr. Alan Cairns  |  Greenville, South Carolina
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Sermon8/2/09 10:55 PM
Alyce from Australia  Find all comments by Alyce
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon8/2/09 10:49 PM
Alyce from Australia  Find all comments by Alyce
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Is Roman Catholicism Christian?
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is absolutely refreshing to hear someone state what I have thought all along, but have continuly been shouted down at any statements I make regarding this issue. I have always thought, how does one claim to be Christian yet remain in a system that is in opposition to what the Bible says? Some may think they have legitimate answers for this, but I ask you where does your loyalty lay, at the foot of the cross or upon the alter of Rome?

Sermon4/27/09 10:46 AM
Karen from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The best explanation of baptism I have heard yet!

Sermon4/3/09 5:02 PM
David Heesen from Wisconsin  Contact via emailFind all comments by David Heesen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Dr. Cairns says, rightly, that baptism is not essential to salvation, but in these 4 minutes does not cover the problem of a professor of Christ who refuses to be baptized even when instructed that Christ commands him to be. "My sheep know my voice, AND THEY FOLLOW ME." If they don't then they have no claim on full Christian assurance.

Sermon3/9/09 2:24 AM
Carl Halling from London, UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl Halling
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“ Great encouragement, Dr Cairns! ”
In this short but beautifully rendered message, superb preacher and speaker Dr Cairns deals with one of the most disturbing passages of Scripture- concerning a Christian's possible loss of salvation - and yet makes it clear that it does not refer to genuinely saved born again men and women. A great message, and very reassuring. Recommended.

Sermon3/6/09 4:11 AM
D. Shelton from Sydney Australia  Find all comments by D. Shelton
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“ The real context ”
Actually we often ask the wrong questions when treating these passages in Hebrews. The context is the deliverance of God's Hebrew people as a group detailed in Number 12 - 14, not individual personal salvation. This situation historically is referred to many times in Hebrews 3 and following. The issue was the rebellion of the whole group in Numbers having had all the benefits Paul mentions in Heb. 6: 4, 5 - and when they tried to undo their rebellion, it was impossible (Num14:44ff) for them. Paul used this paradigm case to try and persuade the Hebrew Christians as a group in his day not to return to the sacrificial system (as Dr. Cairns rightly observes). These warnings are corporate warnings for a 'church' which can apostatise - it is not treating individual salvation. Individuals (like Joshua and Caleb) for whom Christ died and who rest on Him alone for salvation will never be lost, even though their churches might apostatise - but different Scriptures address that issue of personal salvation.

Sermon3/3/09 4:57 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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“ Difficult texts; good answer ”
Using the context of these passages, Dr. Cairns explains the specific situation they are meant to address, which is why they are included in the letter. When taken out of context, these passages in Hebrews can be troubling to Christians. This is a good answer that should set things straight. People worried about these passages ought to give this a listen.

Sermon2/24/09 10:09 AM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by Scott McMahan
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What is the unpardonable sin?
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Often-asked in Pentecostal circles ”
A good answer to a question that is often answered badly, or speciously, by those in the Pentecostal and Word of Faith camps. If you're in this group and worried about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, this is a good answer that succinctly (Dr. Cairns did it in five minutes; I didn't think he could answer a yes/no question in under an hour!) explains the context and intent of this passage, an area where the Pentecostals sometimes struggle. This answer shows what the passage was intended to mean in its context, which should help people who are afraid of having committed this sin understand what the original point of including this passage was. Because Pentecostal/Word of Faith teachings are so sensitive to the Holy Spirit, this often comes up among them, but it can occur to anyone. Good answer!

Sermon2/14/09 11:37 AM
Matt Haney from San Antonio, Texas  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Matt Haney
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Cairns (whos ministry I love) said people refer to a text that is not in the Bible that says, "Call no man reverend", but there is a very similar text that he did not address in Matthew 23:6-11, "and they [the Pharisees] love the place of honor at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues 7and greetings in the marketplaces and being called rabbi by others. 8But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers. 9And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. 10Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ. 11The greatest among you shall be your servant."

Sermon2/11/09 7:41 AM
K.J.ONeil from London  Contact via emailFind all comments by K.J.ONeil
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Tears Shall Cease
Dr. Alan Cairns
Another very good sermon thats a wake up call. Dont store up treasures here but give yourself to God wholly.

Sermon2/7/09 7:39 AM
K.J.ONeil from London  Find all comments by K.J.ONeil
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Why did Christ have to be God?
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thankyou Alan for this message, may the Lord bless you

Sermon1/24/09 7:20 PM
Pastor Edward Watson from Durham, North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Edward Watson
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What about the gift of healing?
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Dr. Cairns for dispelling this popular lie taught so widely in "Churches" today by false teachers. Thank you for being bold for the truth and standing up and naming names. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your ministry and family.

Sermon4/29/08 2:08 AM
JohnLC from Indianapolis, IN  Find all comments by JohnLC
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“ Both Ways ”
I find this situation quite sad ... but dozens of Christian groups have entirely ceased their adoption support and services because of the possibility of a child being sent to a same-sex household. Children should not be a toy in the game being played here, but don’t pretend that Christians are innocent of the abuse either.

Sermon4/2/08 7:37 PM
John from GA  Find all comments by John
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“ Great Sermon! ”
THere is a prudent balance that has to be weighed between what your saying Stu and being obedient to those in authority(also scriptural) Freedoms will come and go as they have throughout history, but we must seek our true freedom from our Lord and not from men.

Sermon4/2/08 12:12 PM
stu  Find all comments by stu
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“ What about the US? ”
As you know, our unalienable rights are these: Freedom of speech, press, conscience, religion, bear arms, assembly, privacy, swift and fair trial by jury of peers, habeas corpus, posse comitatus, AND free and fair elections. Do you know what is unique about these specific freedoms besides being God given and unalienable? They are all uniquely PROTESTANT freedoms! What makes them PROTESTANT freedoms? Because virtually every single one of these freedoms are not only forbidden, but are specifically condemned in Roman Catholic Canon Law. Patriot act removes these freedoms. Its author was an assistant Attorney General named Viet D. Dinh, who was an orphaned immigrant Vietnamese Catholic refugee working with JESUIT Georgetown University. Our pastors signed a 501c-3 -hence they have agreed ,like Judas to sell out Christ.. they wont warn the flock to obey God and not men ...but will push the vaticans war in the mid east, wrest Romans 13 and help usher Christs people into concentration camps . Same nonsense happened with Hitler . They refuse to warn of Babylon , being part of it.

Sermon4/1/08 2:24 PM
Mary  Find all comments by Mary
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow, the second sermon, when the Scottish speaker was talking about the deaf and dumb man, who had his ears and mouth opened by Christ. That was an amazing exegesis... who is he?

Sermon3/28/08 12:11 PM
Butch Boruff from Urbana, Illinois  Find all comments by Butch Boruff
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“ Wonderful solid message ”
Wonderful message, totally bible based and presented extremely well. Truth is truth, he puts it out--and let's the Holy Spirit deliver it.

Sermon10/8/07 5:30 PM
jenny from Leeds England  Contact via emailFind all comments by jenny
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“ Really Helpful ”
As a theology student in her last year in a Catholic collage, i found Dr ALn's series really helpful in defending my faith. As I have only come to Christ in past few years, I need all the help I can get when arguing against Catholic theologians. Dr Cairns help to define what salvation by grace means. God Bless his work!

Sermon8/4/07 10:48 PM
dr  Find all comments by dr
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Christian, thanks for sharing your own experience re: the homosexual lifestyle and your own struggle with it. I, too, have struggled with homosexuality and still do. I pray that God will give me a true hatred for this sin. I can't help my feelings but I do know the Bible calls this lifestyle sin. Perhaps many more men struggle with this and just do not open up like you and I have done.

Sermon8/3/07 3:41 PM
Christian Raas  Find all comments by Christian Raas
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“ the truth shall set you free ”
Thank you so much for this encouraging programme! I was an even sader case, because I used to be a born-again Christian for many years and yet lived a double-life serving homosexual ideas. After strong conviction I completely broke with the homosexual lifestyle but I still struggle with temptations and I often doubt my salvation because of the wicked and hypocritical life I have lived for so long. Homosexuality IS death! It is death to the body, death to the spirit and worst of all it is death to the soul. Lord have mercy! May grace still abound where sin abounded to God's glory!

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