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DEC 4, 2016
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Reformed Bible Church, Central Virginia
Pastor Paul Michael Raymond  |  Appomattox, Virginia
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Sermon12/31/04 8:52 PM
Tommy Moore from Ohio  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Edwards delivered a sermon that so many so called "Feel Good Christians" need to hear in their heart. Hell is a real place and Edwards points that out firmly

Sermon10/17/04 4:59 AM
Michael Raymond from Hilton Head Island, SC  Contact via email
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The Practical Application of Totalism
Pastor Paul Michael Raymond
“ Great Sermon! ”
How humbling it is to think you have at least a basic understand of a topic like the soverignity of God and then listen to Pastor Paul preach and teach on Totalism! What a blessing! On top of that, the practical applications of Totalism is so rich you will want to listen to it again and again because this is a meal you just can't digest in one sitting. The good news is it is so delicious it may be all you want to eat it for an entire week. Let everything that hath a voice Praise the Lord.

Sermon10/16/04 7:26 AM
Michael Raymond from Hilton Head Island, SC  Contact via email
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The Pursuit of Victory and the Shame of...
Pastor Paul Michael Raymond
“ Great Sermon! ”
I thank and praise God for Sermon Audio.com and Pastor Paul. These ministries are a wake up call and battle cry for Reformation, Dominion and Power. This Sermon by Pastor Paul is one of the most, inspiring, educational, enlightening and powerful sermons that I have heard on Sermon Audio.com and that's saying a lot because Sermon Audion.com IS the rallying point for the "Blackcoats", the fearless ministers,(like during the revolutionary war) who God is using to lead the body of Christ to Victory. Run to the front lines of the battle by listening to THIS SERMON TODAY! May God Bless You.

Sermon10/15/04 9:28 AM
Michael Raymond from Hilton Head Island, SC  Contact via email
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The Intent of the Law, part 2
Pastor Paul Michael Raymond
“ Great Sermon! ”
My brothers and sisters in Christ, I encourage you, I challenge you, I beg you to Hear this sermon and the series "Dominion and Power"! If God has called you to be a Faithful, Serious, Convicted and Proactive believer, this sermon is for you! Yes our nation is at war with terrorism, and we are striving to keep it from our shores, but RIGHT NOW there is a spiritual war storming us and it has already reached our soil and rages in every state. There has never been a more appropriate time in history for Pastor Paul's series on "Dominon and Power". Truly "A MUST HEAR" for all the body of Christ!

Sermon10/13/04 8:48 AM
Michael Raymond from Hilton Head Island, SC  Contact via email
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The Intent of the Law, part 1
Pastor Paul Michael Raymond
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon and it's series "Dominion and Power" is a MUST for all to hear! How wonderfully interesting it is that God should guide me to a sermon by a Pastor that has my name and have him be blessed mightly by God with a burden for truth not being preached or taught widely today. The only teachings close to this sermon that I have been blessed to come across (other than the Bible of course)has been the book "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification" by Walter Marshall. I pray that God bless Pastor Paul and all he touches with his preaching and teachings. Once again this sermon and it's series is a MUST for all to hear!

Sermon10/10/04 2:42 PM
larry mcgrew from Newburgh NY  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! This sermon is famous most probably because it is clearly one of the greatest. The prosperity gospel compared to this is an alarming deception.

Sermon10/4/04 11:36 AM
Melvin from Singapore  
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Jonathan Edwards: Resolutions
Jonathan Edwards
“ Great Resolutions ”
Praise the Lord for preserving this Great Resolutions which is full of wisdom from above. It is certainly worthwhile to study through all the text and be transform into it likeness. Believe the text should be made available to those believers out there who desire to search for God proven wisdom. Our beloved late Jonathan Edwards had indeed do a good service to mankind. Wonderful will be to have more man of God likes him, Amen! Blessed is the one who read it, more abundantly for those who study it, forever blessing for those who reserving it from generation to generations, Amen!

Sermon8/13/04 11:27 PM
Jeff Roediger from Colorado Springs  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Jason, Heaven. Mr. Edwards is with the Lord. That does not, however prevent us from conveying the spirit of his meesage to the lost today. In His Grace Jeff

Sermon7/30/04 1:22 PM
Jim Corney from Cardiff Great Britain  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Edward's sermons on Sinners and the excellency of Christ prove him to be a superlative thinker and preacher with the incisive insight of a man supremely gifted with the Holy Spirit. I thank God for giving such a precious gift to the church. Edwards makes us all look like spiritual pigmies, we grovel when he soars. May God give us again this anointed ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ, so that we all come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,that we be no more children of the 21st century.

Sermon6/18/04 3:05 AM
Colleen Bondeson from Australia  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have never heard a sermon like this.The impact was very sobering.Australian christians have been pamperd by a feel good,God loves you no matter what teaching.We need more men like Edwards in the pulpit to bring revival to our land.Pray for us PLEASE.How urgent is it to pass this message to the lost and christians who need to be reminded of this truth.

Sermon3/24/04 8:24 AM
Bobby from California  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This message was amazing! Does anyone know who to get ahold of Jonathan Edwards for speaking engagements?

Sermon3/18/04 8:08 PM
Jason from Grand Rapids, MI  Contact via email
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“ Good Job, Edwards! ”
I've never heard a sermon that so vividly expressed the truth!

Sermon3/4/04 12:00 PM
Robert Basham from Marlton, New jersey  Contact via email
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“ Tremendous! ”
This speaker has the perfect sounding voice for reading the works of Edwards! Also, the last ten minutes of this great message are just as wonderful as the first ten minutes!

Sermon2/13/04 5:10 PM
Stephen Walker from KY  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Every person on planet earth needs this word from God. Because this truth is not preached and published enough today is a major reason many never come to Christ and/or there are many false converts in the church today IMO. I was born again & Spirit filled in 1978. I didn't last long though falling into the discouragement trap and worries of this world and pleasures of this life. I became a terrible drug addict, the facts I will spare you as I am still battling it as I was filled again with the Holy Ghost last August 2003, under the Spirit's power for about 6 hours. I am still being weaned off pain killing drugs as I was addicted to the strongest opiates made for over 20 years. But I have been set free in my heart tremendously, joy unspeakable, peace of mind and heart beyond words. I was given a spiritual revelation of my great sin of leaving my first love (Christ Jesus) for my own way, and was truly in the hands of an angry God. We are in the grace dispensation, thank God, but those refusing it are under great wrath, anger, and cursings(old and new testaments) I have been renewing my mind as much as possible daily through the Bible,studying it and listening to many sermons and teachers of the Word (I won't name who as it will only detract from the real teacher of my soul, the Holy Spirit) plus I do go to a local church. I have a long way to go, but am not where I was and the same God who filled me with His Presence is the same God who will finish this work when I obey Him and love Him with all my might.

Sermon12/19/03 2:43 AM
Robert W. Farner from Frazier Park, Ca.  Contact via email
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“ Just Great! ”
I can't say enough. Just like I've been saying to myself lately that it's time to start listening to the preachers of old. Like Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards would probably not be welcomed in to many of these feel good churches today. Bro. Robert

Sermon11/28/03 5:34 PM
Steve Sprague  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
After studying the NT concept of Propitiation and Reconciliation, one would wonder if the title "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" is a biblical reflection of the true attitude of God towards mankind. Consider studying the OT texts that show God as being ANGRY at humanity in the sense of His attitude towards them. Then do the same study in the NT and see what you find. Thank you, Steve

Sermon11/19/03 10:57 PM
Paul from Covington, LA  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a very sobering message.

Sermon11/19/03 3:25 PM
Dane Bundy from Costa Mesa  Contact via email
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“ How frightening is the truth! ”
Has the church not fallen asleep? How much controversy would this sermon stir in the church today, in the time when His great love is only preached! They mock God. How great is God's mercy,yes ! But How great is God's justice!

Sermon11/11/03 3:01 PM
Jim Ned from TX  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have spent the last five weeks watching the top downloaded sermons for the last 48 hours and this one is always there. I hope that it truly is that popular of a sermon and not just someone clicking to keep at the top. This is a great sermon that everyone should hear but lets keep it that way and not try to deceive people by just clicking.

Sermon9/25/03 7:31 AM
ANN WEST from NORTH CAROLINA  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I thought this was one the most thought provoking sermons that I have ever heard. I have sent it to others in hopes that they would get the same overwhelming and magistic view of God. Ann

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