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DEC 20, 2014
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon9/24/14 3:13 PM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very good commentary. Thank you for addressing this. While the people will probably always be debating the values/dangers of vaccines, I think as Christians we can all agree that using aborted babies as ingredients is wrong. I would say that it is an abomination before The Lord.

Sermon9/23/14 6:56 PM
Flibber T. Gibbet from Indianola, Iowa  Find all comments by Flibber T. Gibbet
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“ Beauty in the eye of the beholder-Prov 32:8 ”
What the Thailand guy thinks is beautiful might not be beautiful for the US crowd. I've also read that it is illegal in Singapore to chew gum. They are very strict on littering, so chewing gum leads to leaving it on the pavement in many places. To prevent that, it's illegal to chew gum at all!

Sermon9/23/14 12:34 PM
Tanya from Lexington, SC, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tanya
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Pastor Bill.........Wow!!!..........A fair game?? Also, Never thought women would be in combat either, and what about football???.............good will be called evil, and evil called good...........Our God is a just God, and that's just what He going to do, put everything back in order. The way he wants it to be.........the birth pangs are getting closer together..........

Sermon9/21/14 9:11 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Tanya ”
Greetings, Tanya, and thanks for stopping in. I have the very same temptation of which I speak in the podcast each morning when I choose between personal devotions and sermon/lesson preparation. So I, like you, have much repentance to seek in this area.

Sermon9/20/14 1:18 PM
Thy Word is Truth from UK  Find all comments by Thy Word is Truth
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Type into your browser: LXX A Model of Reverse Engineering by Scott Jones, for proof that the NT quotes are not from the Septuagint. God has preserved his word in the universal language of English. English took on its modern form in the late 16th Century. The KJV was translated almost immediately and is remarkably simple, stunningly beautiful, and yet altogether modern. The text is sealed and cannot be changed. This fits the nature of scripture itself. It is the best-selling book in human history. It is an act of God. It is also, by the way, subject to constant attack, vilified along with those who defend it, in much the same way creationists are attacked and ridiculed. The modern versions are constantly edited, an evolving text, its own text is attacked in the footnotes, verses are challenged and then removed. This has Satan's footprints all over it. The Bible you read now will probably be unrecognisable in a hundred years time, unless you read the KJV, which will remain the same, yesterday, today and forever. Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89).

Sermon9/20/14 11:48 AM
jen from ny  Find all comments by jen
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What if the Worst Happens?
Joey Kellett
“ Great Sermon! ”
ThAnk you, excellent message& encouragement. May God bless you & your family.

Sermon9/19/14 8:07 AM
Wiggooch from ND  Find all comments by Wiggooch
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Well said justin! They use terms like "ignorant" and "stupid" to describe a group that dare believe the kjv is the completed word of God. Listening deeper, they just fall into the category of people who don't believe that there isa perfect word of God anywhere on earth. They make a big deal of "the Greek" when NOONE uses that Greek anymore. They also don't really touch on th fruit that the kjv has produced over the last 400 yrs. they also don't delve into the families of texts, etc, they also don't go into the translators of the kjv or the translation PROCESS they used. They end up merely sounding arrogant and mean in this podcast.

Sermon9/17/14 1:00 PM
Justin Ray Bernal from Merriam, Kansas  Protected NameFind all comments by Justin Ray Bernal
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I love you guys but this KJV bashing (yes, when you called them 'ignorant' you are bashing) is hard to listen to, please at least have someone from thier "camp" present to clear up all your mistakes or at least share with you some reason, logic and love as to why they support that translation. This sermon could of been five minuts long and we would have got your point but the longer you guys went on the more I started to question your validity and simply checked it out for myself (yes on the computer as I listened) and all the confusion you said was present with the KJV was cleared up and easily solved. I don't understand what the point of this cast is unless this is your call to challenge a KJV believer to a debate.

Sermon9/16/14 11:18 AM
Carl E from Australia  Find all comments by Carl E
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Nicely said!

Sermon9/16/14 5:37 AM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Sermon! ”
It's amazing how we often make idols out of anything; even things that are good and given by God. The bronze serpent and the temple of God were destroyed. Even the ark was lost. I guess the KJV can fall into this category of idol worship. You brothers brought out many excellent points but the use of the Greek Septuagint by the authors of the New Testament via the Holy Spirit is wonderful (though one could argue that one of the Gospels (possibly Matthew) may have been originally in Aramaic). Many saints are ignorant to the fact that God prepared the preservation of His Word as He was preparing to bring His Son into the world. God used Alexander the Great to make Greek the common language from Spain to India and then He used the Roman Empire to provide civil stability that the Gospel could be spread in relative safety. He even used Rome to be the executor of His Son on the cross, to punish the Jews for their rejection of Him, and to destroy the last remaining symbol of the Old Covenant which was the temple. The KJV would still be valid if we spoke Shakespearean English but languages change and even die. If the Lord tarries there will be need for newer translations. There's even a place for good paraphrases like what is found in Hebrews. Thank God for preserving His Word!

Sermon9/15/14 8:07 AM
Brad Eason from Ocsla,Fla  Contact via emailFind all comments by Brad Eason
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for a strong Godly stance for the word of God. Things will change for the better in my home. Keep up the good work.

Sermon9/15/14 2:52 AM
Tanya from Lexington, SC, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tanya
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Pastor Bill. If no other believer that listens to this podcast has an immediate conviction of the Holy Spirit as I have, not only should we fall on our knees. Dust off the only Book that gives Life and can take it away!!!! As for myself, my knees aren't far down enough, I'm flat on my face in the mud. God, have mercy on us, for Jesus name sake........

Sermon9/14/14 7:18 PM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Comments! ”
Thanks Pastor Sean for your comments. Senator Hagan has proven that she is a big deficit spender and should have no chance in her bid for re-election but there she is in the polls. The books of Kings and Chronicles prove that politics and religion do mix. The kings who led by their own will or the will of the people did the most harm to Israel and Judah than those who had a heart for God. One can argue that it was politics and the desire to remain in power helped to put Jesus on the cross. Sadly it is this country's children (the few that are born) that will bear the burden of this future entitlement state.

Sermon9/13/14 3:36 AM
Sean from Indiana  Find all comments by Sean
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A Lecture on the Global Flood
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Lecture ”
Hey Pastor Harris, I always enjoy your sermons and lectures. I've never commented before, I just wanted to say, I've read in commentaries that the 120 years may have been the duration until God would flood the earth, rather than the maximum age men would attain. The other thing was about what you said about the ozone layer. I believe the depletion was said to have been caused by chemicals called CFC's, not by greenhouse gases. Anyway, have a good weekend.

Sermon9/9/14 9:07 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Micahel ”
Michael, Thanks for stopping in and listening. I loved the book of Job as I preached through it. Those messages are also available on SermonAudio.

Sermon9/7/14 11:19 PM
jg from atlanta  Contact via emailFind all comments by jg
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Love your enemies. I believe you do that by living with them in peace. However there is a clear distinction between that practice and a war of defense against an enemy that would rape your wives and daughters, chop off your head and then move into your house. This us the stated goal if this enemy. If wars of defense were wrong some one better tell Moses, Joshua, Gideon, King Saul, King David and others that defensive wars are wrong. I believe scripture rings with God's blessing on nations that fight against evil. And after exhausting all diplomatic efforts, you must take the fight to them and pray for God's protection. Y'all said right that as a nation we have moved from God so far that the line between what side is more evil is becoming much more blurred. God help us.

Sermon9/7/14 9:01 PM
romulus pry from romulus MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by romulus pry
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Choose the Will of God
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
I passed this on to a brother from church. Our friend. A deacon really likes joyce meyer. I had sent him before a sermon from macarthur saying meyer was a heretic. Being saved as an adult I understand better now when Peter is speaking to the born agin adult. Yes my thoughts do fall back on past experiences and it brings me down. But I get back up and Love my redeemer. Before being saved we were vile filthy cruds on the way to hell. Boy our we blessed to be in His family an heir.

Sermon9/7/14 3:35 PM
Alfrd from Godwin nc  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfrd
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Where is America? Most of The Book of The Revelation is just repeating what has already been said in the Old Testament. And those countries mentioned in the Old Testament are the same ones that will be involved in the events of the Book of the Revelation. Is all about the middle east/Asia minor and northern Africa. Europe, United States are bit players in the grand scheme of things. America will be collateral damage. This is also why the Church will not be here. We are not in the Old Testament and there is no reason for us to be here when God turns his attention back to Israel.

Sermon9/6/14 10:40 AM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Commentary! ”
Excellent podcast with great comments from each one of you! Apostle Paul as a former Syrian terrorist that persecuted Christians... Wow, that sounds like a member of ISIS. That video of that American from Salisbury who wanted to join ISIS was chilling but I think most Americans are still missing the wake up call and have their alarms on snooze. One last thing, I think America is clearly seen in the Bible in Revelation chapter 18 as one of the three physical manifestations of the towers of Babylon the Great. America represents Economic Babylon that sits on many waters (which are the diversity of people (Rev 17:15) that make up America which can not be said about modern day Iraq) and chapter 18 clearly emphasizes the economic and mercantile trading prowess of Babylon the Great. The three spiritual "towers" of Babylon are in Rev 18:3 1. The tower of fleshly indulgence with a great emphasis on the freedom of sexual immorality at all costs. 2. The tower of religious compromise of the "kings of the earth" (Rev 1:5) by emphasizing prosperity over fidelity to God. 3. The tower of economic trading for the sake of fulfilling immoral passions (kind of like the economic black mail that Uganda is facing). This president is not satisfied with writing memoirs. He wants to rule.

Sermon9/5/14 7:04 PM
Tanya from Lexington, SC  Find all comments by Tanya
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I agree Pastor David. I know a few people that go to that church. It's only 10 min. from me. It just sprang up a couple years ago, and I'm sure there are people that are saved at that church, and were saved from God working through someone there. But, here's the thing, because, I started at a church similar to that one....very charismatic, ccm, youthgroup with, arcade, rock band, strobe lights, night club looking.......and I thought, this isgreat........until I began to study the scriptures diligently, and it took a few years to find a church that wasn't giving 20 min. sermons........and the rest was loud rock music and dancing.( feel good). Also, the people I know that go to New Spring, are usually single and looking for mates, more than to worship on the Lord's Day, and still live like the world.......the evidence of true conversion is lacking!!

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