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DEC 28, 2014
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Way of Life Literature
David Cloud  |  London, Ontario
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This section shows all user comments posted
on all sermons, products, blogs, and events for this broadcaster

Page 1 | Page 4 ·  Found: 98 total user comment(s)

Sermon10/27/06 9:58 PM
Robert from Chicago  Find all comments by Robert
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful! What is our purpose in Christ's Church? Clarifies baptism, prayer, repentance. A must listen to by brother Cloud. Win souls!!

Sermon4/23/06 2:13 PM
W,T, Standard from Georgia  
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“ King James Version - Sermon ”
I encourage you to visit this site and review some of the statements made in your sermon. The Geneva Bible holds the honor of being the first Bible taken to America, and the Bible of the Puritans and Pilgrims. It is truly the “Bible of the Protestant Reformation.”. Also the Geneva Bible and the earliest King James Bible included the 14 books of "The Apocrypha" which I assume you do not endorse.

Sermon3/2/06 11:32 AM
Adrian Murguia from Houston, TX  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Brother Cloud for contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints! I agree 100% in that we must obey the Word of God and make it our only standard in faith and practice. So sad that many today let the world determine what obedience to God truly is! Way of Life Literature has been a blessing for my wife and I and we really enjoy your Friday Church News! God bless you Brother!

Sermon1/29/06 5:45 PM
Fred Parsley from Mansfield Ohio  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I grew up with Rock and Roll. It was, the and still is at times, very hard to steer clear of. It pervades all we do. Tv, sporting events, doctors office, restarants and now church. Cleaning up Baal does not make it an item to worship with. My mother hated rock and still does , though her stance, because of rock's pervasiveness, has mellowed as has most of societies. But because we have become accostommed to this music , does not make it ok. I remembeer my mother saying that the music made her nervous. She said she felt like it was trying to invade her self control.. Just as one imbibes much liquor because they enjoy the effect , so it is with music. We listen to it because we like the "intoxication", though it is more subtle than drink. But is it? Just as love of intoxication usually sneaks up on you, so does the beat of music. I used to distain hip- hop, but once I became accustommed to it , I actually started to like it.Now that I have given all this over to the Lord, it has actually become easier to stay away. Not easy , grant you , but easier. If we are in any doubt after listening to this , then just maybe , we should avoid it to be on the safe side.Isn't our God worth the risk?

Sermon11/26/05 9:44 PM
David and Gabriela Buzulak from Newville, Pennsylvania  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Probably the best Fundamentalist preacher in the world! Everybody should give a listen! Thank you Brother Cloud for such great sermons. The Lord has really used your sermons to help our family. We also love "O, Timothy" magazine and will be getting a gift subscription to our pastor friend in Oklahoma. p.s. I still think our mountains in Pa. are prettier than yours. :)

Sermon11/18/05 1:57 AM
enoch from california  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Sometimes it is hard to speak the truth but it had to be spoken for our benefit. Too long have the watered down message of compromise been allowed in our pulpits. Away with letting the world dictate how we sing and live. In Christ alone should we live and move and have our being!

Sermon10/17/05 7:04 PM
Lori Sampedro from Northeast Ohio  Contact via email
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Church History, Part II
David Cloud
“ Great Sermon! ”
I finished the last three parts of your church history series. Wow! I learned so much. Thank you for putting these series together and sharing with us. What great testimonies these people are for holding firm to their beliefs under such horrid persecution and death. It sure makes me appreciate what we have today as far as religious freedom. God bless.

Sermon10/17/05 3:22 AM
Lori Sampedro from Northeast Ohio  Contact via email
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Church History - Part 1
David Cloud
“ WOW!!!! ”
This was an excellent message on church history as far as how catholocism was started. It makes me cringe now when I think of all the practices they do in the name of the Lord. This is just excellent in bringing to life the apostacy behind the RCC. I am looking forward to hearing your other parts on church history. Great job and God bless you.

Sermon7/30/05 9:36 PM
rev Stanley Mcqueen from kentucky  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
WE know that God saves men once and for all not to lose men after they are saved..God is big enough to save a man he is Big enough to keep a man saved.. he is a God that chasties those the loves so they might be partakers of his glory...He saves men to keep them saved not to lose them .. there is no way that a person that has got saved can become unsaved.. God dont lose those who he has saved ... the word saved means just this saved kept, great sermon thanks kentucky

Sermon7/11/05 12:45 PM
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My dear staff, Greetings in the Savior name of Lod Jesus.I pleased much when i searched your anoited site through search.I much much blessed through it only reading.God bless you for this great task.How can use this site?. Yours in Christ, sajjad

Sermon7/9/05 5:59 AM
Joe Kolly from Michigan, usa  
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“ Thanks for taking a stand... ”
I've listened to most of the 'WOW' CD's available in the 'worship' category, and after doing so I have to wonder if many of the songwriters have ever even read the Scriptures. Many of the songs either condone living after the manner of this depraved world(and I get plenty of that wicked exposure as it is, without needing so-called 'believers' exposing me to even more of the same)...or...have an 'emotional' basis for approaching God in the lyrics...or, in not a few instances, go so far as making Almighty Jesus into an object of 'romantic affections' (with a fair number of the songwriters being male!!!). Is 'perverse' too strong a word here? The bible shows us that our worship must come on the basis of two and truth...and biblical love (as defined in 1 Cor 13) has zero emotion to it..and Jesus Himself said that if we continue in His word....then we will know the truth, and it is the truth that will make us free...neither sentiment, nor affection, nor passion, nor a 'feeling' or 'emotion' of any kind will save us; only the truth by the love of God. Thank you sir, for your strong stand here. Jesus knows the tide is against those who are willing to do what you do in your preaching, and He will bring your reward in due time. Gods peace in Him.

Sermon6/14/05 8:24 PM
Marcel from Canada  
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Church History, Part IV
David Cloud
“ Needed information! ”
The Reformation was a time for great revival yes but unfortunately some protestants were guilty of persecuting the Baptists because the Baptists rejected the compromises made by the Reformers. The Reformers repeated some of the errors of Rome such as unscriptural infant baptism and the union of Church and State which ultimately brings corruption to both entities. Let us not forget that the Union of Church and State under Constantine was the beginning of a downhill spiral for the professing Church and led to popery. People should listen to this message to get a better view of Church history.

Sermon6/14/05 8:15 PM
Marcel from Canada  
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Church History, Part II
David Cloud
“ Needed information! ”
One of the reasons why churches have become weak is ignorance of Church history. If more Christians would read great history books such as John Dowling's "History of Romanism" and J.A. Wylie's "History of Protestantism", the ecumenical movement would fall flat on its face. The Waldenses were the real pre-Reformation Biblical Christians and they had nothing to do with the Romish Babylonian Church of Antichrist. Being holy servants of God, they were targets of the wrath of the evil, impious Roman Catholic Harlot during the Middle Ages. I hope more Christians hear such messages.

Sermon6/14/05 8:07 PM
Marcel from Canada  
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“ Timely message! ”
Believers need to be warned about all of the garbage (i.e. Rick Warren) that one can now find in a Christian bookstore. Praise the Lord that He has raised up servants to warn God's true believers!

Sermon3/12/05 2:06 PM
Randy Bissell from Corpus Christi, Texas  Contact via email
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“ Can't Clean Music Up Enough ”
I had this idea a few years back to take used baby diapers, composed of paper and plastic, and recycle them into paper and plastic dinnerware. Of course, they would be completely cleaned and sterilized -- shredded, bleached, melted down. It would be extremely environmentally friendly, too. But I would not sell a package...not even one to Al Gore. Why? Because the use of the plastic and paper in diapers have made the substance unsuitable for dinnerware. Much the same, the use of some musical beats and tempos within our culture to promote sin makes those beats and tempos unsuitable for praise and worship. You just can't clean rock 'n roll up enough to make it good enough for God.

Sermon7/11/04 12:04 AM
B. Bell from Ohio  
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“ Right on Point!!! ”
Bro. Cloud,this is a great message! Most of these contemporary songs have no place in the house of the Lord. I like some CCM, but most of it does not give all glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You were 100% right in quoting John 4:24 "In spirit and in truth" The Church needs to stop bringing the world inside of it's sanctuaries.

Sermon6/11/04 3:06 PM
Janice Moore from Fallon, Nevada  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Friend in Christ, May God bless you 10,000 times over for your faithful preaching of the truth. Finding your site on the internet has been the Lord's supply of my cry for the truth to be spoken. I knew the church was in deep trouble but had no idea the extent of it. My son in law is the Pastor at the church I now attend. When I leave, there will be no place to go as they are all the same here. Not only will I be leaving my church fellowship but also losing my family. My husband tells me he is staying for the children. My heart grieves. Confusion reigns. Even now come Lord Jesus. Though He slay me yet will I praise Him. Praise God who never leaves us or foresakes us. And to you His faithful servant, many thanks! J

Sermon1/24/04 4:21 PM
Andrew Hall from Worcester, United Kingdom  Contact via email
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“ The truth of the scriptures reigns! ”
Thank you so much brother for this fine message. I was a child of the sixties and the seventies and grew up in churches where they encouraged 'modern' music to attract the youth. Sure it attracted me but it did not make me a christian, nor did my non-repentance confession of faith that is encouraged in these world pleasing churches. Praise the Lord, I am now truly born again - freed from a bondage to alcohol, and a redeemed murderer. My solace is in worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ through lovely hymns and Scottich metrical psalms. My dearest moment was sitting at the graveside of Francis Ridley Havergal (not ten miles from where I live - in a gorgeous English country churchyard, where her father once ministered) and singing "Take my life and let me be, Consecrated Lord to thee." Modern singing with its beat - and off beat - massive sounds and the pop stage leadership is totally manwards and not Godwards. Jeremiah 6:16 "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls...." The modern neo-evangelicals and dog-barkers ignore this as they know better than God lets read the last sentence of that verse "But they said, We will not walk therein." What is plainer than that? Bless you for this message. Be bold in the preaching of the word of God.

Sermon1/22/04 5:31 PM
JEAN HODINH from DALE, TX  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I still have not gotten used to contemporary rock music in church because I have to handle the effects of associating it too much with the world. I do however, appreciate having it on the radio sometimes while I'm driving around because the subject and words take alot of the world affect out of the rock. To me the most inspiring music is the traditional music that I grew up with. . . .Thank you for your deep thoughts on this subject

Sermon1/21/04 8:09 PM
Daniel Lee Ford from Jackson, Mich.  Contact via email
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“ Authorised Bible Ably defended!! ”
The beauty, honesty, integrity, & loyalty to the original languages of the Authorised King James Bible shines in Cloud's plain sense call to 'mind the same thing'. PHIL 3:" 15Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you. 16 Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the SAME rule, let us mind the SAME thing." Curiously, (the operative command to have the SAME canon(rule), is REMOVED from the corrupt text that is the base of the new versions) :-) If you're not up to speed in this area, Cloud has another great 3 part series specifically on textual criticism on this site. (If you like this, see Dr. Alan Cairns explaination of texts at,

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