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JUN 29, 2017
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Sermon1/29/16 10:14 PM
Richard9 from Papua New Guinea  Contact via emailFind all comments by Richard9
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I appreciate Mr. Martin as a man of God, but sometimes his unnecessary harshness presents Christianity in a way that I do not believe it is intended to be presented. He feels strongly about things, and I mostly agree with all these things, but I can well understand that people find the style distracting. There doesn't seem to be much room for graciousness. For example, roughly quoting a point made in this sermon, that pastors who subscribe to a sermon outline service will stand in God's judgement for that. Well, I agree a pastor should not be lazy (his point, I think), but there are many reasons a person may do this other than because he is lazy in God's work. Did he, for example, not use commentaries or other helps when he was a young pastor?

Sermon1/26/16 2:59 PM
mary cummings from west seneca, n.y.  Contact via emailFind all comments by mary cummings
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“ I am in agreement with calvin. ”
anyone who has truly been regenerated is more than welcome to share their faith with me . feel free to email me at anytime.

Blog1/12/16 1:43 PM
John Burke from Santa Cruz  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Burke
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"The spiritually mature always turn to God for help in times of
anxiety, distress, confusion, or unrest in the soul, and they are
assured of wise counsel and deliverance."

In actuality, sometimes God may leave us in a state of anxiety,
distress, confusion or unrest---this is the testing of the soul, which
Christians have experienced in all centuries.
John Burke, PhD

Sermon1/7/16 9:03 PM
harry ecks from Leeds UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by harry ecks
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“ Good solid teaching ”
History is vital - without it the Bible is unfathomable to most

Sermon1/2/16 11:29 AM
allan Thomson from Glasgow Scotland  Contact via emailFind all comments by allan Thomson
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“ thanks Albert ”
Thanks so much for the helpfulness of this message It is much appreciated My friend Robin Shankly of Glasgow sends his regards also

Sermon12/25/15 9:52 AM
XRC  Find all comments by XRC
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“ Great Sermon! ”
* * * * * Five star lecture on the 'XMess' blasphemous time of year festival that the whole world and religious professors can come together and get the 'warm fuzzies' as they watch anti-Christ from Vatican city carry his plastic baby doll (his god) and make an absolute fool of himself and billions of others as they 'ooh and aah'.... :ugh:

Sermon12/24/15 3:54 PM
Asa  Find all comments by Asa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the truth and well done. But how will the pastors get a bonus if they follow after popery?

Sermon12/14/15 7:16 PM
Barry Hodkinson from wallasey england  Contact via emailFind all comments by Barry Hodkinson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have listened to a number of these Spurgeon sermons, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. the man who spoke these sermons has captured them perfectly. I can imagine that it is the man himself speaking. I would dearly like to thank the man in question. can anyone tell me his name.

Sermon12/3/15 5:52 AM
Thomas Sullivan from Grand Rapids MI  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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Answers to Prayer 1 of 12
Archibald Alexander
“ Thanks to S W R B ministries ”
This month marks my 30th anniversary of narrating books. I have no copies of the original cassettes, this narration being from 1985. If Reg had not uploaded this here I would have no copies or even memories of what it sounded like in the beginning, December 1985.

Sermon11/22/15 10:16 AM
Mourner  Find all comments by Mourner
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“ Many considerations ”
Have been listening to your series and am in essential agreement. That being said, I'd encourage you to consider the following lecture that was read here on sa of Stephen Charnock's by a Reformed Church in WI. The text is from Rev. 2:5 the teaching entitled 'The Removal of the Gospel' his comments on the 7 Churches especially Laodicea's removal before John's exile per Charnock and his consideration of Dr. Moore's work was interesting. Charnock's thoughts on the 11th Chapter of Rev. should be noted and the pouring out of the dregs of the wrath of God by the vials would then be heightened by "Rev 15:8 And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to 'enter into the temple', till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled." the removal of the Gospel for 3 1/2 years not in its going forth to individuals but by the political powers that be (death of the witness). Durham on the closing of the temple interesting by comparison, note Charnock on the 10th part of the city being the weakened political empire of Rome, the 8th which is of the 7 that will be overthrown thus causing other political powers to fear. I found Charnock's teaching here very revelatory of sins to consider and avoid. Appreciate your series.

Sermon11/8/15 11:05 AM
mike from ROME  Find all comments by mike
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“ Great Sermon! ”
thank Christ for Men like you. Jesus said his flock is small,the path to life is narrow and only a few follow it.Narrow is the gate and few go through it. Someone has to be is just the way it is and truth is only in the eye of the beholder

Sermon11/6/15 2:09 PM
1260student from usa  Find all comments by 1260student
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“ Thank You! ”
Thank you Mr. Dodson for the unbiased coverage of the 1260 years. I've been scouring the internet and sermonaud io looking for a sober, timely sermon regarding 756 and 2016. Like you I also refer to 606ad as "the 606". I highly recommend Nathaniel Stephens' "A Plain and Easy Calculation of the Number, Mark and Name of the Beast". It was published in 1656 (same as the flood - 1656 after Adam) and one full prophetic "time" before 2016. Matthew Poole covered it in his commentary and it is available online. I would love to hear your comments on it.

Sermon10/21/15 6:02 PM
Natalie from Oklahoma  Find all comments by Natalie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Such a good reminder of why I am keeping my boys at home! Thank you for the encouragement!

Sermon10/11/15 10:05 AM
Deborah Jackson from Manchester, England  Find all comments by Deborah Jackson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This message should be preached all year through... Christmas is a pagan holiday and I thank God for pastor Greg... And I pray that God will open the eyes of christians about this serious issue. God bless you pastor Greg.

Sermon10/11/15 5:14 AM
Rev. Robert Allen from Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rev. Robert Allen
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon10/4/15 8:56 AM
Mourner  Find all comments by Mourner
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“ Helpful Reminder! ”
This review of the 4th Petition of the Lord's prayer rightly states: "Man depends upon heaven for the means and comforts of this life. The fourth petition underscores this point that God's concerns are for our spiritual and temporal needs in this life." What dependent creatures we are on the Creator of all men and the redeemer of his elect. We are reminded by the Larger Catechism (Q.193) when we petition God to give us a reasonable portion of the good and necessary things of this life that we ask for mercy. We have by our sin, original and actual forfeited our 'right'. Christ has procured this right in the Covenant of Grace giving us faith to ask for what he deems necessary for us in order that we are able to fulfill what is expected of us or our duty in seeking first his kingdom and righteousness. In my life the great God of heaven and earth has used this simple concept of dependence on him in this matter to show me my heart and conform me more and more to that which is pleasing to Him, his own image in us. Being too easily forgetful He daily reminds us of our great need of Him and of submission to Him in all things, by showing us as only He can; not our needs only but all men's, especially those dependent upon us, or we upon them. I return thanks for this help.

Sermon10/1/15 2:02 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is an excellent sermon on the sovereignty of God and on His goodness. Spurgeon does a wonderful job on proclaiming God's goodness as he expounds upon Moses request.

Sermon9/27/15 5:32 AM
Non nobis domine from the pilgrims path  Contact via emailFind all comments by Non nobis domine
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“ boast not of tomorrow ”
This sermon starts with the following: What should we think about celebrating a “secular” Christmas? “Pastor, perhaps you haven’t noticed that this is mid-summer rather than winter. December 25th is yet months away.” I know, but my thinking has run along the lines that perhaps a discussion about this topic might be best addressed at mid-summer long before we are facing the holiday season and before holiday sentiment and plans are already burning brightly. This is in direct violation with Prov. 27:1 and James 4:13-17. What should we think about celebrating a “secular” Christmas? “Pastor, perhaps you haven’t noticed that this is mid-summer rather than winter. December 25th is yet months away.” I know, but my thinking has run along the lines that perhaps a discussion about this topic might be best addressed at mid-summer long before we are facing the holiday season and before holiday sentiment and plans are already burning brightly. It is better to preach in such a way that men may know whether they are heading for heaven or to hell. Many can copy this talk, like Mr. Talkative, but few can walk the walk like Christian, Faithful and Hopeful.

Sermon9/23/15 4:14 AM
Warrick from Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Warrick
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Richard Bennett wisely points out the satanic aspect of the Romans Catholic Church, how that thworks papacy is thexactly antichrist. May God bless this sermon to open the eyes of many Roman Catholics.

Sermon8/11/15 9:25 AM
Jan from Dayton, MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jan
• Add new comment
“ Wonderful and Very Helpful ”
I've gone through a very hard 18 months with financial struggles after losing P/T work. I am not an orphan nor am I a widow. Because I never married it has left me with numerous questions at times. At the core, I desire to be self-sufficient according to 1 Thess. 4:11-12 but being on disability has made it uniquely difficult & challenging as I've looked for ways to become self-sufficient. As I've encountered unexpected expenses, I have felt burdensome. This message helped put things into perspective even though I don't fall into the widow or orphan category. Thank you for this much needed message. God bless.

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