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SEP 2, 2014
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon6/9/14 1:39 PM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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“ Second attack ”
A new attack, inspired by the same source. Her mother said, "She was someone different during the attack." http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/06/09/mother-attacked-by-daughter-says-slender-man-could-be-to-blame/?intcmp=HPBucket

Sermon6/9/14 10:18 AM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Another spirit ”
A "reformed" Christian? No, she is a "professing" Christian just like most who "profess" Christianity in this nation and abroad. As I listen to the discussion, sounds like she did not experienced the New Birth according to the Word of God. Remember? Sean- God Is holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy....... No understanding of her sin - even her good works are like filthy rags before holy God? If it was the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus who visited her, she would be sharing how much she was forgiven and all that of the New Birth. Time will tell. Also, she felt that the Holy Spirit 's visit was like an invasion??? No, the Spirit of God did not come upon her. That was a different spirit - not of God for the purpose to grant her salvation. She has not been born again. Just another person "professing" Christianity. The Spirit of God will complete His work in the one God called to repentance. Whenever man adds his two cents it just brings more confusion. God's Word Is true and amen.

Sermon6/7/14 4:25 AM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ ...by way of media outlets ”
Demons can and do become visible to the child of God walking in the Spirit of God for the purpose of testing. But like you said, they cannot inhabit a person born from above. As far as those two 12 year old girls, they're to young to be charged as adults. They probably hadn't even started their period. Why isn't something being done about all the satanic activities taking place on TV, in movies, video games, phone apps, in schools, etc. Yes, whatever it was that those girls were involved in was satanic. Folks are being brainwashed daily. Those girls weren't demon possessed. Smh.This is just the beginning. Charge all the kids as adults? How about going after the suppliers, distributors, etc.

Sermon6/6/14 10:05 PM
Lady_Virtue from OKC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lady_Virtue
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Why would a married person be communicating with someone of the opposite sex on his or her cell phone, unless it's a relative or, perhaps, STRICTLY for work purposes? When you marry, things change. If having opposite sex "friends" upsets your spouse, as well it should, then you need to cut that person off. The workforce can be a very dangerous place, especially for women. It is a godly jealousy that wants one's spouse all to him or herself.

Sermon6/6/14 7:59 PM
Spqr3 from Philadelphia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Spqr3
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Good commentary on a sad subject. Thank you for the Scriptures and even a couple of historical references.

Sermon6/3/14 3:38 PM
s c from Oh  Find all comments by s c
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“ green,green grass ”
I,respectfully,disagree with Cezar.A happy marriage is an ideal and all marriages will experience ups and downs. "The grass is always greener on the other side"- so most people think who haven't seen all the manure that it takes to get it that way. Husbands and wives beware.Any communication between members of the opposite sex should be accessible to their partners. After all,it is already in full view of God.

Sermon6/3/14 10:16 AM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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“ Disturbing ”
In the West, where we often deny the existence of the supernatural, this is probably how a manifestation of demonic influence is seen. Just think about cultures in Africa or Asia - is it not obvious the demonic influence in those cultures? It just seems more obviously spiritual because people there believe in spirits.

Sermon6/2/14 6:02 PM
Cezar from Midwest  Find all comments by Cezar
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“ Great Sermon! ”
If the simple act of texting or talking on the net can break up a relationship, then it was never happy to begin with.

Sermon6/2/14 5:33 PM
Joseph Henson from Fairfax, Va.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joseph Henson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I love his comment on illustrations (rule 8). So much precious time is wasted on silly illustrations, many of which are incompatible with the mood and gravity of the text itself.

Sermon5/29/14 4:20 PM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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“ Great Sermon! ”
People stumble over "He learned obedience" (Heb 5:8); yes Jesus learned something. People today have a hard time with the humanity of Jesus much like those in NT times. Peter was scandalized twice by Jesus' actions (speaking about being rejected and executed like a criminal, and a servant who washed his dirty feet). Jesus a friend of sinners, accused of being a glutton and a drunkard, touching lepers, allowing bleeding women to touch Him; having a heavy heart nearly to the point of death (sad/depressed?); asking the Father for a last minute change of the divine plans if it was possible; YET WITHOUT SIN. GOD in the flesh scandalizes people but it is essential to salvation to believe this (1 Tim 3:16, 1 John 4:2, 2 John 7). Now what is a mistake; misspelling words, tripping over someone's feet, mispronunciation, striking out? I wouldn't call those sins. Some Christians calls everything a sin; some don't call anything a sin. Which makes my point: when it comes to sin we are the sin professionals par excellence; not Jesus. But is every mistake and error a sin? "To err is human to forgive is divine." Jesus, the sinless God/man! This brings me back to His baptism; He didn't need to do it; but in doing it sinless Jesus identified Himself with sinful me; and that was no mistake!

Sermon5/28/14 1:10 PM
DL from Oklahoma  Find all comments by DL
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for expressing what I have felt for years!

Sermon5/23/14 10:12 PM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to vague reply of 'princess' ”
Which verse in Matthew 7 applies to Mahaney and Harris?

Sermon5/23/14 12:54 PM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Reply to Bill ”
Matthew 7, Jeremiah 29 How are they so not, Pastor?

Sermon5/21/14 9:09 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Princess ”
Apostate? How are they so?

Sermon5/20/14 6:39 PM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ No Excuses ”
Familiar with their (church and school) practices. Apostate! I will not excuse them. Just because they "profess" Christianity means nothing -- many do the same. Examine the fruit and the fruit isn't based on what they put in their books. Anyone can write a "Christian" book. There is something seriously wrong in the churches today and shame on anyone, including myself, who are not able or willing to forsake all others and follow Christ Jesus.

Sermon5/20/14 3:42 PM
Skyriter from UK  Find all comments by Skyriter
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Post Tribulation Thieves of Joy
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
Jesus puts the rapture on the last day (John 6). Paul places it at the last trump (1 Cor 15), Revelation puts the resurrection after the tribulation (Rev 20:6), Jesus is coming as a thief after the tribulation (Rev 16:15), the Day of the Lord comes after the sun and moon are darkened (Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20). Paul exhorts the Church to watch for the Day of the Lord (1 Thess 5). 2 Thess 2:1 ties the 2nd Coming and the "gathering" together as the same event after the man of sin is revealed. The word Parousia (coming) is common to both Matt 24 and 1 Thess 4. I could go on and on. The evidence for a post-trib rapture is so overwhelming it defies belief anyone could believe otherwise. But no, apparently there will be 2 resurrections of the dead in Christ, 2 2nd Comings, 2 last days, 2 last trumps, Jesus will be coming as a thief twice, ... Everything is duplicated for the convenience of sparing the Church the tribulation. Completely bonkers. Oh, and nice work guys.

Sermon5/18/14 10:17 PM
Princess from Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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Future Grace Impacts Us Now
Sean E. Harris
“ I hear you ”
They don't understand because they are "professing" Christians. So therefore they sit like bumps on a log. Churches today are filled with mostly bumps. Preach to us sheep please. Preach the Word and leave the rest to GOD. Feed His sheep.

Sermon5/18/14 6:14 PM
Cezar from Midwest  Find all comments by Cezar
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Bundy's Civil Disobedience
Sean E. Harris
“ Bundy Issue ”
You need to update your comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoRkmCQJewU http://theblacksphere.net/2014/4/black-marine-clive-bundy-no-racist If more people would stand up to unconstitutional laws there wouldn't be any.

Sermon5/18/14 7:23 AM
Henry Walter Holt Jr from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Henry Walter Holt Jr
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“ Right on point. ”
Dave, I think your piece nailed it. Mob rule, even on the internet, is a terrifying thing. I wonder how long it will be before SermonAudio will be declared hateful and forced to shut down for its homophobic, Islamaphobic, anti-world views? Just the Intolerant-tolerant Left continuing their rhetoric, "You can say and do what you want; as long as your views agree with ours. If they do not, we will hunt you down and destroy you!" Was this what we fought 75 years ago in Europe or am I just continuing to propagate the male WASP picture of history? I don't know, I guess I am just one of those "unenlightened, creationists who have hung their hopes on a distorted myth". I guess I need to return to the public universities so I can have my antiquated ideas remolded by the enlightened professors putting forth the same ideas. By doing this I will not even need to think for myself! My benevolent government will tell me what I need to think! Naha. I believe i won't allow the lefties tell me what to think. I'll just stay unenlightened and not run with the lemmings.

Sermon5/17/14 7:51 AM
avidlistener  Find all comments by avidlistener
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“ Interesting Sermon! ”
....25% were starving and has been starving for years and yet it is the 75% that creates and passes the food distribution laws for 100% of the nation. There is definitely an imbalance. A better example would be to say American Christians will never fully understand what persecuted Christians around the world go through on a daily basis until that extreme persecution befall them and their families. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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