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NOV 25, 2015
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Toronto Free Presbyterian Church
Dr. Larry Saunders  |  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Sermon5/1/11 10:36 PM
Kevin Taylor  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kevin Taylor
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“ Refreshing message ”
What a blessing to know that this message is online and can be spread to the far ends of the earth because Mr. Cooke is so faithful in his life to always bring the light of Christ in a straightforward way.

Sermon2/25/11 10:42 AM
kelley from va  Find all comments by kelley
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Images of Christ and the Gospel
Richard Bennett
“ this is the truth ”
i want revival and reformation in my life. i want to be an image breaker. after i heard this message i removed my child's picture bible books. i want God's power, the power of his written word alone to work in my child's life. i use to be a sunday school teacher. i thought i was helping the children know Christ better with images and puppets and the like. i am sorry for the damage i may have done to these 4 and 5 year old children. i am very guilty. Lord forgive me. i believe it teaches children (and adults) to be irreverent towards God. they lose the fear of God when he is depicted in images. i even recently gave my 8 year old neice the Picture Bible for her birthday. i thought it would encourage her interest in the Word. i am so foolish. the cry of the reformation, "Sola Scriptura", so why was i always trying to prop up God's Word with images. the scriptures alone are sufficient. and if a soul will not hear them then there is nothing else that will help. no images, no movie, no drama, no picture Bible. God's Word is sufficient.we must accept this. now i understand the gavity of John's command "little children, keep yourselves from idols". i love you all, my dear brethren in Christ. God bless you all.

Sermon1/25/11 10:14 PM
Mosa Pierre Felix from Republic of Trinidad & Tobago  Find all comments by Mosa Pierre Felix
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have listen to these sermons countless number of times. I have even recommended them for our assembly. Again, every generation needs to hear these sermons by Dr. H. T. Spence

Sermon1/25/11 10:11 PM
Mosa Pierre Felix from Republic of Trinidad & Tobago  Find all comments by Mosa Pierre Felix
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Every church and home should have a copy of this sermon. Every generation needs to hear this sermon

Sermon12/27/10 6:21 AM
Weng 51 from Switzerland  Find all comments by Weng 51
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Time Running Out
Rev. Larry Saunders
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great Sermon!Thank you Pastor Saunders for faithfully preaching the Word of God. Many so called ministers of God betray the cause of Christ by watering down the Gospel in order not to offend and win more church members.They must remember there is a day of reckoning.The Lord will reward you for your faithfulness.

Sermon12/19/10 9:07 AM
SC from Singapore  Find all comments by SC
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“ Must listen! ”
Rev Wagner covers many relevant points that are a needful warning for all churches today. We must beware of the wiles of the devil, lest we offer the thrice Holy God polluted worship. The portion on music is very well put for those who are still doubtful.

Sermon11/2/10 4:24 PM
paul jepson from england  Contact via emailFind all comments by paul jepson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a topic Almighty God is speaking to many today. I've been a Christian for thirty odd years now. From a catholic background. I got sick of hymn sandwiches a long time ago. I now long for a fellowship of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately unless you go to something like an Alice Cooper concert, you've had it. In twenty years if we continue like this, God will be whoever has the shiniest guitar that day! Whatevr happended to evening servises? the television thats what!! I have to thank Almighty God for the computor. I only just found this site, but my main teaching has been coming from Dr John McArthur, Rc sproul, Adrian Rodgers etc., etc. Thank you for your word Rev wagner. I got to hear it 1st nov 2010. To end with an amusing comment. Alice Cooper the now aging rock star who's stage act was from hell itself.... get this...He's a Christian now. has been for some time now I heard. God doea indeed work in mysterious ways!!!!! May The Lord bless you and your ministry. I like you, presume that God will not put up with much more of this idoltrous world. every Blessing to you and all yours. paul England.

Sermon8/4/10 5:42 PM
Amanda Dane from Enniskillen NI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Amanda Dane
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“ Congratulations ”
Many Congratulations Debbie and Norman, from an Debbie's old friend Amanda

Sermon7/30/10 6:52 AM
Grace tan from Nz  Find all comments by Grace tan
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon7/28/10 2:35 PM
Faye from Atlanta, GA  Find all comments by Faye
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“ Needed To Be Preached ! ”
This sermon needed to be preached in the BOLD manner in which Pastor Wagner delivered it so as to counter the acceptance of man-centered worship that abounds today over that of paying homage to God that follows the biblical pattern. What a beautiful thing!...Pastor Wagner is fulfilling his calling to preach The Gospel and hold up the standard ("Thus Saith The Lord") for Christ-honoring adoration.

Sermon7/28/10 8:42 AM
Rev. David Mook from Phoenix, Arizona  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Rev. David Mook
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“ Powerful Preaching! ”
One of the clearest and boldest sermons on the subject of worship that I have heard in a long time. It is compelling in its directness and in its challenge. The call to become concerned with the manner in which people worship God is a reflection of the burden to keep the Lord Jesus Christ at the focus of that worship. I recommend listening to this message if you have a burden for Biblical worship, and I recommend listening to it if you wonder what all the controversy means.

Sermon7/22/10 8:06 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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John Calvin
Dr. Frank McClelland
“ Useful. ”
Good overview of Calvin's life and ministry, his theological work and his importance in Church History. There is an inexactitude: Calvin wrote not the 5 points of Calvinism in response to Arminius' errors. Arminius lived after Calvin.

Sermon6/23/10 11:16 PM
Marianne from Oklahoma  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marianne
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Jonah: Hard Lessons Learned
Dr. Ken Connolly
“ Great Sermon! ”
Listened to this several times--Thank you Dr. Connolly and I hope to hear more of your sermons as I have listened to all here.

Sermon6/22/10 8:02 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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Three Unchanging Views of Christ
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Great Savior. ”
The unchanging Christ (Hebrew 13:8), the exchanging Christ (2 Cor. 5:17) and the all-changing Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). Great salvation wrought by a great Savior.

Sermon5/2/10 4:57 PM
Jeremy from USA  Find all comments by Jeremy
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Images of Christ and the Gospel
Richard Bennett
“ 'Let's get back to the commandments.' Good sermon! ”
Whenever spiritual awakening comes from God as in a true revival or reformation, this issue seems to reappear and those who have come to know the true grace of God in Christ fight for this truth with all their might. It can be seen in the pages of history and it is seen in Mr. Bennett's continual and faithful fighting against idolatry. Mr. Bennett fights for this truth because he has experienced the grace of God by justifying faith alone in Christ alone to the glory of God alone. No man who knows God as a living reality, who walks daily in communion with Him through Christ needs any picture to assist his devotion. In fact, once we do come out of darkness and into light, these images become repulsive to us. We begin to hate the things God hates and love the things He loves. And we stop looking for excuses to justify our sin. The truest test that we love God and know the grace of God is that we keep His commandments "For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous." I Jn. 5:3

Sermon4/18/10 2:52 AM
James glory Robins from Yorkshire, England  Find all comments by James glory Robins
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Images of Christ and the Gospel
Richard Bennett
“ Great Sermon! ”
this is a must see video! The Lord is clear, in the pages of Scripture that He hates Idols and being a Jealous God, will tolerate no idolatry. Idolatry has embedded itself in the depest fabric of society today. Even the once Biblically sound reform church members have moved away from the absoluteness of Gods express commands against Idolatry and images of Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the like are found as symbols and letterheads for some of the most well known, once Biblically safe ministries ans missions. In this video, Richard Bennett, powerfully teaches against this horrendous trend and calls us to repent and consider the areas of our lives where we have perhaps slipped into apostacy and idolatry, using the pages of Scripture and Biblical examples, from both the old and new testament. After watching this teaching, I am certain the Spirit of our most Holy God, above Whom there is no other, nor any besides, will readjust your attitude, back in line with the true Bilical doctrine. May the Lord Jesus quicken the truths contained therein, unto you today. jamesglory..England, April2010

Sermon1/10/10 11:42 PM
Rebecca from Singapore  Find all comments by Rebecca
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The Great Sin of Pride
Dr. Frank McClelland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you sermon audio for making all these sermons available to the public. Thank you Dr McClellend for the timely reminder. Yes one can never get close to GOD with pride lurking in the heart.Everything we have,the very breath we breathe comes from HIM.Humility itself is from him.HE REIGNS FOREVER!!!

Sermon12/20/09 2:51 PM
Daniel Felix Ohide from South Sudan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Daniel Felix Ohide
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Where Has the Gold Gone?
Dr. Bob Jones III
“ Great Sermon! ”
This site has been a great source of my a blessing for my christian life.

Sermon10/18/09 8:20 AM
Genti from eastern europe Albania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Genti
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon7/27/09 11:31 AM
Cathy from Western Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cathy
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“ Excellent Sermon! ”
A very powerful message. A must hear. Bless you Pastor McClelland and thank you for your message. May the words of this sermon bless,encourage and help all those who hear it, as God Himself wills.

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