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JUL 28, 2015
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Reformation Church
Pastor W. J. Mencarow  |  Boerne, Texas
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Sermon1/8/12 6:53 PM
BWS  Find all comments by BWS
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“ Real Religious Threats to Christians ”
It's amazing how popular it is now for Christians and apologists to talk about Islam, since 9/11, as if it in particular is the most existential threat to Christians and America, while modern Christianity itself has descended into political-correctness, apostasy and increasing liberalism. Why not the Biblical history of Jewish opposition to Jesus, the apostles, the early church, and Christianity historically? The Bible has much more to say about the Jews persecuting and seeking to kill Christians (read the book of Acts), and leveraging Government to persecute Christians, than any obscure allusions to Islam (a hybrid religion of Mosaic Judaism, Christianity, and paganism). The Israeli Lobby influences U.S. politics more and the Jewish ADL is passing legislation against Christians ("hate laws") that are increasingly turning government against Christian liberty for a liberal agenda. The Bible warns more about a false Christianity, a "synagogue of Satan", and a pretender anti-Christ, in subtlety, than any other militant religious threat.

Sermon12/28/11 2:30 PM
Strat from East Coast  Find all comments by Strat
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“ The Word ”
I go to church to hear the word of God plain and simple,not songs or singing....the word first and foremost and everything else after...if i leave convicted then i have heard the word,if i leave humming a tune i heard i should have stayed at home.....music and "style" is everywhere but where is the word.

Sermon12/27/11 3:39 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply to M Anderson ”
To M Anderson -- I have been in communication with Pastor Sean, but since you did not leave your e-mail address I must use this forum to reply. Here are the Scriptures I read and/or cited in the sermon regarding Biblical worship: Col. 2:18-23; Hos. 4:13; Jn. 4:23; Rom. 10:1-4; Mk. 7:6-9; Mt. 15:9; 25:21-23; Deut. 12:32; Prov. 30:6; Rev. 22:18. I also read from chapters 21:1 and 21:5 of the Westminster Confession, handed out those sections with the Scripture proofs, and of course I encourage my listeners to be Bereans and look up the verses: Mt. 15:9; Acts 17:25; Mt. 4:9-10; Deut. 15:19; Ex. 20:4-6; Acts 15:21; Rev 1:3; 2 Tim. 4:2; Jas. 1:22; Acts 10:33; Mt. 13:19; Heb. 4:2; Isa. 66:2; Col 3:16; Eph. 5:19; Jas. 5:13; Mt. 28:19; I Cor. 11:23-28; Acts 2:42; Deut. 6:13; Neh. 10:29; Isa.19:21; Ecc. 5:4-5; Joel 2:12; Est. 4:16; Mt. 9:15; I Cor. 7:5; Ps 107; Est. 9:22; Heb. 12:28. May I suggest you also listen to my sermon series on worship at sermonaudio.com

Sermon12/26/11 10:26 PM
johe from el mirage  Contact via emailFind all comments by johe
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I think the point is, or should be, that worship style should not be the deciding factor on "how we can get more people to come--or stay-- in our churches. The deciding factor should be whether a) is it scriptural, b) does it flow from a heart bent toward Christ and c) is it worldly. Every Christian should know that God brings people to Church, not worship style. If the Holy Spirit is there, people will be too.

Sermon12/23/11 4:48 PM
M Anderson from illinois  Find all comments by M Anderson
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“ uninformative ”
To Pastor Sean; yes, you understood correctly. This sermon only uses man-made documentation to tell us what is God-made worship. He says that there is scripture to back up his claim, but doesn't say what the scripture is so we can verify it.

Sermon12/22/11 10:30 PM
BWS  Find all comments by BWS
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“ Will-worship: Anarchy in Worship ”
Presently the most conservative "reformed" churches (and not just New Calvinism) are expanding their usage of musical instruments (what Calvin called Judaizing) during worship services yet they claim to follow the 2nd commandment's "regulative principle". This is hypocritical and astonishing and just more proof that modern Calvinistic reformed churches are as much will-worshippers in principle as the typical evangelical or fundamentalist churches. Even the most conservative Reformed Seminaries are liberal on this issue which foretellsd little change. There is a sharp contrast between Scotland's Presbyterian churches and those in the USA. It is willful disobedience and a symptom of having no fear of God.

Sermon12/22/11 10:36 AM
Pastor Sean from Fayetteville NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Sean
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“ Interresting Perspectiive ”
If i understood correctly this pastor was saying that the singing of any song that isn't scripture is not worshipping the Lord in truth. I wonder if i misunderstood him.

Sermon12/11/11 3:59 AM
Tariq Masih from Pakistan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tariq Masih
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am evangelist from Pakistan, i have got much blessings from your sermon.May God bless you more and more

Sermon12/9/11 11:06 AM
Donna Burnett from Raleigh, North Carolina  Find all comments by Donna Burnett
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Saved by Floodwaters
Keith Dewell
“ Great Sermon! ”
Insightful, profound and encouraging!

Sermon12/6/11 9:19 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas (San Antonio area)  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Great Sermon! ”
KM -- Thank you for instructing me! -- Pastor Mencarow

Sermon11/14/11 1:21 PM
Weng 51 from SWitzerland  Find all comments by Weng 51
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New Testament Worship
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon10/18/11 10:33 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas (San Antonio area)  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ RE: Great Sermon! ”
I have sent you the PDF of "Anarchy In Worship" by James Begg. For those of you who would like to read this excellent work, it is available at http://www.archive.org/details/AnarchyInWorship This is from the description on that site: "The principles upheld in this book are extremely important today, for as the title page notes "When nations are to perish in their sins, 'Tis in the Church the leprosy begins." Begg lays his foundations in the second commandment and deals with all man-made innovations in the worship of God. The four types of innovators exposed are especially interesting, being: 1.) the presumptuous and blasphemous innovator; 2.) the popularity-hunting innovator; 3.) the politic and scheming innovator; 4.) the asthetic innovator. Women preachers, drama, dance and numerous other modern inventions in public worship would all be rejected outright if these Biblical principles were faithfully followed. Herein we also see why those holding to the Scriptural law of worship and the Westminster Confession of Faith must reject musical instruments in public worship just an unbiblical innovation - a resurrecting of the abrogated ceremonial law - and thus a denial of the finished work of Christ."

Sermon10/7/11 11:40 PM
Evelyn Eliaz from Israel  Contact via emailFind all comments by Evelyn Eliaz
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Could you possibly send me the PDF to Anarchy in Worship, as you mentioned in your sermon? eveyisrael@yahoo.co.uk I listen to sermons online daily, besides attending church services. You do an outstanding job with the sermons as they are very clear and biblically based. Keep up the good work!

Sermon9/23/11 10:26 AM
Gary Peterson from Omaha, Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gary Peterson
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“ A Good Start--Needs To Go Deeper! ”
Pastor Mencarow hits on many excellent points here concerning rituals and the man-made practices churches sincerely believe are biblical but are not. As a fellow former Catholic, I appreciated what was said about the rote prayers and rituals. Saying a Rosary, for example, provides a satisfied feeling of having completed a task for God. I did it, now I'm done. That's easier than living a life of continual prayer and communion with the Lord. The insight into Francis Crick's crackpot beliefs was "worth the price of admission," as the saying goes. Yes, a wonderful example of knowledge without wisdom! The one shortcoming with the sermon in my opinion was it stopped short of exposing the extent of the pagan influences on today's church. A book that has revolutionized my thinking on the subject is Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna. Their research shows how even the "ol'time religion" is tainted by Hellenized Judaism and outright pagan influences. Even that 7:00am traditional service is no safe refuge for Bereans seeking to worship God biblically. Thank you for a "strong meat" sermon addressing a topic too few pastors will tackle.

Sermon9/5/11 5:56 PM
Genti Rexho from eastern europe, Albania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Genti Rexho
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon8/15/11 4:50 PM
Arthur from Scotland  Find all comments by Arthur
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The Mark of the Beast, Pt. I
W. J. Mencarow
“ Looking at History ”
Excellent teaching and the Reformed way of observing Vatican Rome's connection to Pagan Rome and its idolatrous gods. The Beast of the papacy in Rev 13, and how we can see the prediction validated in the Roman Catholic church. Thankyou Mr. Mencarow.

Sermon7/30/11 10:01 PM
Greg fraser from Rural Queensland australia  Find all comments by Greg fraser
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What Do Those In Heaven Know?
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you,I'm looking forward to the intermediate state and from the gen res on, the world to come.

Sermon6/1/11 10:57 AM
km from va  Find all comments by km
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
thankyou for this thorough well laid out presentation. i would like to make one correction or side note if i may. Muslims do not pray towards mecca because it is mohammeds birth place (if they do it would be a secondary reason) they pray towards mecca because it is the site of the kabba which is their most holy shrine. they believe it was built by abraham and ishmael (of course it was not)and it was the site where mohammed cast out the false idols and "re"instituted monotheism. i would also like to note tha the name Allah is not in and of itself a bad name. it is a contraction of al illah in arabic and means simply "the God". the Islamic "Allah" is not the God we know, however please be aware that Arabic Christians also use this name for God and this is how it occurs in the Arabic Bible (Van Dyke). to tell a muslim "Allah is Satan is confusing to them because in essence you are saying "God is Satan". it is better to specify the Allah of the Koran is Satan and the Allah of the Bible is Jesus Christ. this will have much more impact. anyways thankyou again, God Bless

Sermon5/31/11 5:09 PM
Shane Tomlinson from Coastal Georgia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shane Tomlinson
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Life After Death, Pt. 3
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Good preparatory (prep-oratory) remarks.

Sermon5/30/11 9:51 AM
Shane Tomlinson from Coastal Georgia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shane Tomlinson
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a very good message. God's Word is all we need. And I won't iterate or repeat what you've already said noted in this message. However, I would add that you should include in future messages the need for each and every member of your charge to study, live, and be guided by 2 Timothy 2:15 principles. . . . and study for themselves. Sir, you have no possible idea about what His Holy Spirit might have to reveal from His Word to another member of the Body (apart from what He has revealed to you). SW Tomlinson "Jesus, when He had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, BEHOLD, THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE WAS RENT IN TWAIN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM; . . ." (Matthew 27:50-51)

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