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NOV 26, 2015
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon10/6/15 7:16 PM
Jon from WI  Find all comments by Jon
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is called atlanto-occipital disassociation. Rare and usually fatal. The reason that you do not place a child in the front seat with air bags. The air bag deploys at 200 mph.

Sermon10/5/15 11:41 AM
Bryan  Find all comments by Bryan
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You Know, Huppim and Muppim & Them
William J. Sturm
“ Great Title! ”
Still reminds me of Jim Henson.

Sermon9/29/15 8:36 PM
Alfred from Godwin NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Job 12:23-25 ESV He makes the nations great, then destroys them; He enlarges the nations, then leads them away. He deprives of intelligence the chiefs of the earth's people and makes them wander in a pathless waste. they grope in the darkness with no light, And He makes them stagger like a drunk man.

Sermon9/26/15 8:34 AM
Henry Walter Holt Jr from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Henry Walter Holt Jr
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“ Interesting ”
Enjoyed the discussion. I cannot speak for America, I can only speak for myself. As far a Trump goes: 1. He says what comes to mind, there appears to be little preparation in anticipation of the questions asked by the moderators. He says what will play well in a "Vines" world and what will cut his competition to the quick. He never answers a question with detail. 2. He is the complete antithesis to current day politicians who measure every word that come out of their mouth. 3. If he says something that is perceived offensive by the media, his canned response is "deal with it". 4. He does not come across as being able to be bullied by the media. 5. Nailing him down on an answer is like nailing jello to the wall 6. His opinions "evolve" with whatever is situationally expedient. This is the most terrifying and dangerous thing about him. 7. He's fun to watch. You just cant wait to see who he's going to offend next. He's the Don Rickles of the political world. He's an equal opportunity offender.

Sermon9/22/15 2:03 PM
Eli from Fayetteville NC  Find all comments by Eli
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“ Thoughtful ”
Good broadcast. I find a lot of Christians just don't understand the right way to handle many of these issues Biblicaly and these differentiations are an important part of Christian education. Mentioning Paul making tents for unbelievers and exposing the question about "why not divorce too" are things that folks don't think about until it's put right in front of them. You gave me good points to discuss with my circle of friends.

Sermon9/21/15 6:02 PM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Alfred ”
Dearest Brother, great question and one I struggled with a little in this lesson: http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=8413926221

Sermon9/21/15 9:09 AM
Alfred from Godwin NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have a question no one (post-trib) seems to be able to answer. If the post-trib position is the correct one, who will populate the kingdom during Christ's earthly reign? All believers are raptured and changed or resurrected into glorified bodies. Will unbelievers populate the kingdom? Sheep and goats? I don't take a hard position anymore, because all positions have valid points. But, the post-trib position is more compatible to the reformed/amillenium belief. In other words no millennium, Christ returns rapture/resurrection new heavens and new earth, eternal state.

Sermon9/21/15 8:40 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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Why Read Other Translations?
Sean E. Harris
“ Reply to Justin ”
Do not assume we are ignorant or "lack understanding" simply because we don't find credence within "KJV onlyism." Having Sam Gipp would provide nothing more than a "Anti-nonKJVonlyism" viewpoint. I am familiar with him and his daddy in the faith Peter S. Ruckman and all the other fellas from the PBI world. I read my first "advanced light" books of "The Christians' Handbook to Manuscript Evidence" and "The Scholarship Only Controversy" while I was 19 years old so I doubt, since I own more than 10 of his commentaries, I will get anything new from his golden child Gipp.

Sermon9/19/15 9:24 AM
Henry Walter Holt Jr from Fayetteville, NC  Protected NameFind all comments by Henry Walter Holt Jr
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What if They Make it Right?
William J. Sturm
“ I am crushed! ”
My self righteous pride is brought to the light. My attitude of, "How dare you, do you know who I am?" is scorched in the light of GOD's Word. I am ashamed of my pride. Thank you Lord Christ for your intercession on my behalf, a man of profound weakness and fault.

Sermon9/19/15 6:00 AM
Carl in Greensboro from NC  Find all comments by Carl in Greensboro
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear released the following statement Tuesday regarding the marriage license issue in Rowan County: ..."The General Assembly will convene in four months and can make any statutory changes it deems necessary at that time. I see no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money calling a special session of the General Assembly when 117 of 120 county clerks are doing their jobs." She is an elected official who was elected by the same people who voted for KY's Defense of Marriage Act. That is why she was not fired and can not be fired by the Gov nor the Atty Gen. She is waiting for the state legislature to general assemble next year to take up the matter so she and other clerks can be legally accommodated just like the 30 clerks in NC were by our legislature. I believe her staying in elected office will add the gravitas for the citizens of KY to persuade the legislature to pass legal protection for not only the clerks but other elected state officials. I think it would be a different story if the majority of the county population that elected her agreed with SCOTUS but they overwhelming do not.

Sermon9/17/15 8:15 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to K Mclaughlin ”
Thank you for stopping in. You have heard the whole series? How did you find it?

Sermon9/16/15 2:36 PM
K Mclaughlin from Dallas  Contact via emailFind all comments by K Mclaughlin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Enjoyed the mormom series..i have a relative tjat os on the cult Inglesia in Cristo...not the Church of Christ.. Never heard anyone teach on this cult...thousands are involved...you may want to check it out. Thank you

Sermon9/15/15 7:48 PM
Alfred from Godwin NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for the reply, I am not dogmatic in the area of eschatology. If anyone of you consider your doctrines of theology to be completely true or right, you only have to reach your hands up and feel your ears and will discover they are the furry ears of an ass. Martin Luther

Sermon9/13/15 4:55 PM
Lottie from Ohio  Find all comments by Lottie
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“ Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! ”
I just want to say, "Thank you, Pastor Sean, for this message."

Sermon9/12/15 10:34 AM
Pastor WJS  Find all comments by Pastor WJS
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“ Response to Tanya ”
Thanks for stopping in! My heart is glad each time I am able to see patterns or similarities in bastions of falsehood. Maybe we can save some (1 Cor 9:22). Feel free to "share" the recording.

Sermon9/11/15 5:46 PM
Tanya Pitman from Lexington SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tanya Pitman
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks Pastor Bill! YOU always get to the point on your broadcasts! I was brought up in the Church of Rome/Catholicism, so I know more about this false religion that claims to be Christian! Biggest deception of the True Christianity! I will say that I don't ever remember drinking the cup of wine! Only the Priest did that, and we got in a procession line to take the round wafer that the Priest called, "the body of Christ " I didn't even know about transubstanciation! I didn't really believe that I was eating Jesus body! Thank God for calling me out of this counterfeit Christianity! The priest spoke in Latin mostly and bored me to tears! I just thought I'd share this with you and others that may read the comments!

Sermon9/11/15 12:03 PM
danfromtn2 from Hendersonville, TN  Find all comments by danfromtn2
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“ Great discussion! ”
The word 'Berean' is a good fit for you guys since you're using the Scriptures alone to guide you on this topic. I cut some Christian teeth on the Scofield Reference Bible a few decades ago but keep it around just so I can show folks how wrong his eisegetical notes are.

Sermon9/11/15 11:12 AM
danfromtn2 from Gallatin, Tennessee  Protected NameFind all comments by danfromtn2
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“ Good discussion ”
The word 'Berean' fits you guys really well. I like how you place the Bible above all other sources in dealing with these issues. The only reason I keep my Scofield Ref. Bible around is so I can show folks how wrong his eisegetical notes are!

Sermon9/11/15 7:44 AM
SuzAnn from NoCal  Find all comments by SuzAnn
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for another great and thought-provoking presentation. Again and as always you guys seek the "truth" of God's WORD and aren't afraid to tackle the tough issues or preconceived ideas of our faith. Please continue to unpack scripture for us so we may serve our Lord with full hearts and clear minds, not fearing anything that is set before us bc the truth has set us free to trust God for our future.

Sermon9/11/15 5:23 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Alfred ”
"Are you saying this is one event?: Yes. Zech 14 and 1 Thes 3:13 & 2 Thes 1:7 are clearly the same event: He comes with angels. 1 Thes 4: He is obviously coming with saints who are dead. So...given the proximity of 1 Thes 3:13 and 4:15--and Paul's continuing language, it doesn't appear legitimate to force two different events. "What about the rapture of the 144,000 in Rev 14 which were redeemed from the earth." I am not sure just yet. You are right...it does appear to be a separate event.

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