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SEP 21, 2017
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Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive
Joseph A. Pipa Jr.  |  Taylors, South Carolina
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Sermon7/8/16 9:13 AM
Media at GPTS from Taylors, South Carolina  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Media at GPTS
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“ Fixed ”
this audio has been fixed on 7/8/16

Sermon6/12/16 10:09 AM
Kevin Denning from USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kevin Denning
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The First Disciples
Dr. Leon Morris
“ Great Sermon! ”
A blessing this Sunday morning. My first time to Listen To Leon Morris, a suggestion from our pastor. Funny, articulate, and insightful. Thankful for his teaching.

Sermon5/11/16 7:35 AM
Aileen Willoughby from Cortez Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aileen Willoughby
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very timely and much needed answers to what we are facing today which is a complete obliteration of our history as male and female, whether we are believers or not; it's like a weed of hatred that has taken hold with no known enemy; God is sovereign and man is responsible.

Sermon5/2/16 9:17 PM
Jim Lincoln from Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
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“ Great Information! ”
All of this long auido file should be listen too, for example information on the http://tinyurl.com/hmrnflx (Papyrus 72) comes in at about 44 minutes into the nearly two hour talk.¶ Some of the last tidbits of information come nearly at the end! When this was program was made, I --think-- I found out that Dr. White's preferred Bible was the NASB? I found it interesting, and what many people no doubt suspected, is that many new Bible versions come out, because publishing companies want to make as much money as possible and this isn't done by paying other publishing companies for their versions. What Dr. White didn't point out is that also many publishing companies like the KJV because they don't have to pay any sort of royalties to anyone. ¶ As I said the program was loaded with details, such as the NET Bible has a host of useful translating notes for the New Testament, which are of interest in themselves. He didn't apparently like the Old Testament version of that Bible. ¶ A good idea is to download the audio file and break into halves and listen to it, but then the whole thing is really no longer than a typical movie would be. ¶ You could very well find information you weren't expecting. I did!

Sermon3/17/16 1:07 PM
Aliyah Berakah from US  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aliyah Berakah
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Christ the Lord
Evangelist Rolfe Barnard
“ Duplicate Sermon ”
This is the exact same sermon as the one dated 1962. Same titles. This one just has the first 10 minutes of the service included. But this one and the one dated 1962 are both cut off abruptly at the end in mid sentence. I wonder what the rest of the sermon was.....

Sermon2/5/16 2:30 PM
John pickles from New Jersey  Find all comments by John pickles
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“ Great Sermon! ”
its unlistenable, something's wrong with the audio

Sermon2/5/16 2:22 PM
John pickles from newcjersey  Find all comments by John pickles
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Sufficiency of Scripture, Pt 1
Dr. James White
“ Great Sermon! ”
the last 25 minutes were cut off, right in the middle of a cliff hanger no less, very nice other than that

Sermon12/14/15 8:12 PM
Mephibosheth from The King's Table  Find all comments by Mephibosheth
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“ Amnon. ”
I see Amnon in me. Lord have mercy. Blessed Jesus died for me. Who would die for an Amnon.

Sermon12/14/15 2:41 PM
Mephibosheth from The King's Table  Find all comments by Mephibosheth
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A Wife of Noble Character
Pastor Walter Chantry
“ Thank You. ”
Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lemuel's Mother. Thank you Pastor. Thank you wife of noble character.

Sermon11/22/15 9:11 PM
Michael Lindner from Kyoto, Japan  Find all comments by Michael Lindner
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“ Great Sermon! ”
There are many in Asia who understand textual variants in ancient writings, also in copying from one oriental writing and understood by those of another oriental language. It seems that westerners (from England and America, etc.) get into unneeded battles over textual variants. To study is to show yourself approved, and to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide, and proper exegetical tools for many historical documents to help one understand the grammar and the meaning. Big thank you to James White, who helps us understand the historical variations, and the meanings of the texts.

Sermon11/16/15 12:05 AM
Name  Find all comments by Name
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#04: Ears Digged - Body Prepared
Dr. O. Palmer Robertson
“ Great Sermon! ”
I found this study to be so helpful! If only I could find more sermons that would go into such depths to help us understand the Old Testament in the New Testament!

Sermon11/10/15 1:53 PM
James Steed from Bakersfield, CA  Contact via emailFind all comments by James Steed
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“ RE: Theonomy Movement ”
Thank you for the fair and well formed presentation. I found substantial agreement with the majority of your comments and I appreciated your pastoral heart. R/T has been confrontational to a purpose; major theological/church outlets appear to have colluded to let R/T die the death of silence and shunning. Particularly, Gary North has put on record his modus operandi that certain parties would be 'flushed-out' to engage in biblical/theological debate on our distinctives. Most previous reviews had admittedly performed performed a smear campaign w/o even reading any of the pertinent literature. We have addressed most if not all of our brethren's concerns in writing and in our church sphere. There are always abuses; think on Luther and the Peasant Revolt. That is not warrant to ignore/sleight biblical/confessional progress. Had Theonomy appeared 50+ years ago, there wouldn't have been need for such an emphasis because most historic denominations had a high view of the Law. Our views are well represented in historic Reformed thinking: Johannes Pistoris of the Synod of Dort fame influenced generations with our view of Law, including our Founding Period in America. The Westminster writings include the divines' understanding of 'General Equity', which should prevail. Your pastoral commen

Sermon9/27/15 3:54 PM
Robert from New Jersey  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen...!! Thank you for this wonderful message..!

Sermon9/22/15 8:57 AM
Don Reisinger  Contact via emailFind all comments by Don Reisinger
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The Kind of Men God Uses for Reformation
Rev. Ernest C. Reisinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
The sermon identified is not the one being preached.

Sermon7/24/15 11:43 PM
Kerry Watson from NZ  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kerry Watson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The King James Bible is far superior to any other version. I used to read the New King James but after comparing Scriptures I realised that Thomas Nelson publishers did NOT make it easier for the modern reader to understand, as they said they would. Other versions also are poorly lacking compared to the Authorised Bible.

Sermon6/22/15 3:02 PM
David Martin from NH USA  Find all comments by David Martin
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Creation vs. Evolution #1
Ferrell Griswold
“ Great Sermon! 100% correct!! ”
Great Sermon! 100% correct!!

Sermon6/16/15 7:33 AM
Nonyem Uzoma from Accra,Ghana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Nonyem Uzoma
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Christian Service: Slavery or Sonship
Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Dr.Ferguson,i am tremendously blessed by this sermon.I have got to a place in my Christian walk when I had become broken-hearted about the teachings in my local church concerning legalism and disdain for many other believers who are struggling with understanding God's sovereignty and our authority in Christ.Your speaking has enlivened me today and is a triumph to satan's assault on The Glorious Christ and the Oneness of the Body of Christ!I thank God for your life.More grace,life and Light!Hallelujah!We love You,Lord Jesus!

Sermon6/8/15 6:36 PM
june grooms from topeka,ks.  Find all comments by june grooms
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We Do Not Lose Heart #1
William Hughes
“ Great Sermon! ”
A message that is needed indeed to served as a reminder To All brethren who has a true and earnest ministry in Loving to see minds of the blinded that "they" may see! Thank you for sharing by teaching, may God bless you!

Sermon5/23/15 5:20 PM
Aliyah Berakah  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aliyah Berakah
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How God Saved Me From Infidelity
Evangelist Rolfe Barnard
“ Incomplete Sermon ”
Interesting sermon, but it cuts off in the middle of a sentence, so we can't hear the rest of what Brother Barnard was saying. How I wish I could have heard him preach in person. There are none like him today.

Sermon5/23/15 3:37 PM
Aliyah Berakah  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aliyah Berakah
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Who Is Going to Heaven?
Evangelist Rolfe Barnard
“ This Is A Duplicate Sermon ”
This sermon is a duplicate of a sermon entitled "Who Is Going To Heaven" dated 1965. There is a 3 minute difference in the files, with this one being 56 minutes and the other being 52 minutes. This audio is better than the 2004 sermon. Those are the only two differences, but the sermons are the same.

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