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DEC 2, 2016
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Sermon11/19/13 7:13 PM
Steve Kindorf from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Steve Kindorf
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“ A Method for Prayer-1710 ed-Chap 4-Thanks ”
A reading of Chapter 4, Thanksgiving.

Sermon11/19/13 7:07 PM
Steve Kindorf from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Steve Kindorf
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“ A Method for Prayer-1710 ed-Chap 3-Petitions ”
A reading of Chapter 3, Petitions and Requests.

Sermon11/18/13 9:52 PM
steve kindorf from ca. usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by steve kindorf
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“ A Method for Prayer-1710 edition-Chapter 2-Confess ”
An audio reading of Chapter 2.

Sermon11/18/13 9:48 PM
steve kindorf from ca. usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by steve kindorf
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“ A Method for Prayer-1710 edition-Chapter 1-Adorati ”
An audio reading of Chapter 1.

Sermon11/18/13 10:25 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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“ Good introduction. ”
Good presentation of Bunyan's family background, of Bunyan's childhood and of Puritan background.

Sermon11/17/13 11:50 PM
steve kindorf from ca. usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by steve kindorf
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“ added resource ”
Hi, I thought you might like to freely use this on your website, or give to others or for yourself. It's a free prayer book by Matthew Henry called 'A Method for Prayer' 1710 edition, with added devotional prayers, Bible helps and a glossary of 2400 words of the KJV. You can use the audio files for the book if you like.

Sermon11/15/13 11:34 AM
Tony de freitas from Perth Western Australia  Find all comments by Tony de freitas
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent . Coming out of Catholicism I still wonder why some Protestants stll do what the Catholics do . This is an excellent series and needs to be spread among all the pastors to tell and share with church members why not to celebrate Christmas

Sermon11/5/13 6:59 PM
Tom Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tom Sullivan
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“ A forgotten period in American History... ”
Yale 1807 revival. A student, became deeply anxious for his soul, at the start of the revival. He was, indeed, the first person in college, probably, who was under conviction of sin. As the work went on, others who were awakened at a much later period, were apparently brought into the kingdom, and were rejoicing in hope, while he was left in the bitterness of despair, with the arrows of the Almighty drinking up his spirit. His health rapidly declined under his sufferings. He was confined in a great measure to his bed; and it was feared that, with a feeble constitution, he must soon sink under the weight of his distress, unless relief should be obtained. In an adjoining room there lived an atheist, who denied the reality of revivals, and had regarded those who were concerned in it with scorn. A christian friend asked him to visit the sufferer, and led him toward the bed-side. He stood for a moment looking at the emaciated form before him, he listened to the exclamations which told the distress and horror of an awakened conscience, and then turning, went back to his room, to weep there under a sense of his own sin.(Life of Nettleton). BUT these stories are almost unknown in our day. Some of my most avid book reading friends have confessed their ignorance of this history.

Sermon11/4/13 1:21 AM
Hmr from Pittsburgh  Find all comments by Hmr
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Fantastic sermon. I never listened to Whitefield before, but I am so glad I stumbled across this particular sermon. Just what I needed. I love Spurgeon, and am thrilled to have such biblical scholars to glean wisdom from so many years after their passing.

Sermon10/29/13 6:56 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ John Owen's Exposition and Application ”
The original of this commentary written between 1668-1674 is about 4000 pages. I want to only comment on its application. Orme wrote, "One thing which stamps this exposition with peculiar excellence above most, is its practical tendency. The eminent godliness,as well as learning of the author, appears conspicuous on every page. His reasonings always terminate in some holy result. After reading the criticisms of an accurate scholar, the arguments of a sound logician, and the illustrations of a fertile imagination, we are furnished with directions for self-examination, or sent away with a warm exhortation to abound in prayer, if we hope to understand the mind of the Spirit. This is just as it ought to be. The theory of Christianity without the practice, is like a body without the spirit; the practice without the theory, is not a reasonable service. To treat the Bible as an ancient classic, is using an unholy freedom with its sacred contents; while an indifference to the precise meaning of the Holy Spirit, manifests ignorance of the important connexion that subsists between right sentiments and suitable practice in religion, as well as a want of regard to the authority of God, speaking in his word." Only one commentary, I M H O in recent days is like it in application. A W Pink's

Sermon10/22/13 7:11 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Almost Overwhelming ”
This sermon was on my mind last Saturday morning after reflecting on it Friday. Three times I woke up on the middle of the night and each time my mind went back to the terrible imagery drawn out in this message. If we knew but one person, and only one, who were to be the subject of this misery for all of eternity, and someone could point him out to us, that thought alone would sink the heart. But when all around us persons are in the span of a vapor going to be the subjects of this, I can honestly say to David's question, this is why my soul is cast down. Psalm 42:5. Today I was also reading Edwards's sermon, Christ's Agony {In the Garden} and between the two ideas that are both enough to swallow up the thought in contemplation, I begin to understand why Legh Richmond (1772–1827) said, Brother we are half awake, we are none of us more than half awake." Life of Legh Richmond, p. 251

Sermon10/18/13 8:30 PM
Louise Dreves from Bloomington, Minnesota  Protected NameFind all comments by Louise Dreves
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“ Powerful sermon! ”
"....Then it will appear that that neglected old-fashioned book called the bible is not a romance or a system of trifling truths, but the standard of life and death to all who had access to it." No matter how lightly churches or people treat the word of God or overlook some or all of its teachings, it remains the whole holy word of God. This teaching gave me such an awesome reverence and respect for the bible and for my responsibility and accountability as a Christian. Thank you Brother Sullivan for your narration.

Sermon10/14/13 7:07 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Explanatory Notes ”
When meditating on this sermon, I found it interesting that C H S attributed Psalm 73 to David, not Asaph. His own notes, Treasure of David, " Some writers are not sure that Asaph wrote {it}, but incline to the belief that David was the author, and Asaph the person to whom they were dedicated." (2)The fact the C Spurgeon focuses on vs. 18, surely Thou didst set them in slippery places, makes this comparable with Edwards's Sinners in the Hands... sermon. The verse is comparable to Deut. 32:35. Be that as it may, the imagery of this sermon is very frightening, the obvious pathos in which it must have been delivered, earnest and obvious, and the word pictures as graphic as a Samuel Davies, The Judgment Day, sermon. SID=77111231447 I was so moved by it myself, that just three days after narrating it the first time, I did it again Sunday morning to improve the quality and to more affect my own heart with its tremendous warning.He says,"Give me sooner to be shut up in prison for months and years than to stand by dying beds such as I have myself witnessed. They have written their memorial on my young heart; the scars of the wounds they gave me are there still. Why the faces of some men, like mirrors, reflect the flames of hell while yet they live."

Sermon10/12/13 3:45 PM
Bob Good from KC. Mo  Find all comments by Bob Good
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“ Very convicting ”
We have spit in His face with our sins.

Sermon10/6/13 10:32 PM
Jeremy from Pennsylvania USA  Find all comments by Jeremy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Much is revealed to us in the New Testament that was not revealed in the Old. We have a more sure word of prophecy. The character of God has not changed but now our sin has been put away by Christ. God no longer requires the sacrifice of animals, circumcision or strict dietary measures. The gospel of Christ is now the central message God requires us to preach. I depart with dispensationalists though when it comes to the place the moral law has in our life as Christians. And I also depart from them in their view of a literal millennium. In short, we must seek guidance of the Lord by His Spirit to apply His Word to our lives. All of it is given to us to profit from it and instruct us in the way of righteousness.

Sermon10/5/13 5:57 AM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Why this book is beneficial ”
As a narrator, often I don't listen to my own narrations. Maybe once or twice to check out the audio. There are exceptions such as a narration called, Excerpts from An Alarm to the Unconverted, Joseph Alleine. But this audio I keep on a CD and listen too it often. The way that Matthew Henry( 18 October 1662 – 22 June 1714 )has weaved Bible verses together to illustrate praying for specific outlines of the Lord's pattern for prayer is very helpful. Reading the first chapter of this book, on adoration and praise of God, was very convicting because I realized so little of my own prayers start with God's praise but instead so much of my own needs. When Max McLean narrated "The Valley of Vision" and released it on CD, the disk on confession and contrition was the one that I listened to the most. So it is with this audio. I feel like my self-reflection issues in a constant "groan being burdened." Charles Spurgeon used to say that John Bunyan's blood is Bibline - poke him anywhere he would bleed bible. I don't know how you could conclude anything else of the famed commentator as displayed in this book which is over 500 pages of weaved Bible texts in prayer language. Thankfully it is available all over the internet as a free e-book.

Sermon10/4/13 5:25 PM
Tyron Simpson from Prineville  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tyron Simpson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Jesus responds on faith, Gen 3 the curse of sickness and sin was tied because of curse on Adam and Eve, but the blind man the disciples asked who sinned the man or his parent Jesus answered neither but that the glory of God would be revealed. Some asked if healing is for today, I ask is breathing for today

Sermon10/3/13 10:21 PM
Juliana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Juliana
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon10/3/13 6:41 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Compare Edwards - Man Naturally God's Enemies ”
There is a sentence in this sermon that I have only seen the like one other time in an Edwards sermon and that is "...if it lay within a person's power that is governed wholly by self-love to pull God out of heaven and to kill Him, if he could promote his own interest by it, though never so little, or looked upon God as at all standing in the way of that interest, he would do it." In that sermon Edwards said " if the throne of God were within your reach, and you knew it, it would not be safe one hour. Who knows what thoughts would presently arise in your heart by such an opportunity." (Men Naturally are God's Enemies)

Sermon10/3/13 9:16 AM
BayCalvinist from California  Find all comments by BayCalvinist
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“ Great Sermon! ”

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