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NOV 27, 2014
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Londonderry Free Presbyterian Church
Londonderry, Northern Ireland
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Sermon10/2/06 12:28 AM
Rex & January Hoag from Billings, Montana USA  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent comparison both historically and spiritually of two religions. Two religions that were created by men and their lofty ideals. Neither of these religions obey the holy scriptures. Neither of these religious beliefs follow and love the Lord Jesus Christ. So very sad for all of those people! However, a magnificent challenge for putting into practice our faith in Christ! We are told to love our enemy and with God for us who can stand against us? Onward Christian soldiers!

Sermon9/30/06 6:19 PM
Jim Murdock from Portadown, Northern Ireland  
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“ What An Introduction! ”
What an introduction and overview of The New Testament!!! You are to be heartily commended in putting so much detail and study into this course!

Sermon9/27/06 5:53 PM
Albert from Northern Ireland  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon well researched, presented and preached by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a must to be listened to by all who claim salvation by faith in Christ alone.

Sermon9/23/06 5:36 AM
Andrew from Northern Ireland  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is an excellent exposure of the hypocrisy of false religion. Whatever the controversy Rev. Brown has faithfully declared the truth - whether the rise of sodomy or the hysteric actions of Islam. I thank God for his ministry and pray that His continued blessing would be upon it.

Sermon9/22/06 4:16 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via email
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“ Historical Accuracy ”
How much longer will the truth go out like this? This survey of both Muslim and Roman Catholic history is accurate and informative.

Sermon9/22/06 1:16 PM
Clinton R. Ooten, Sr. from Rt 49, Sprigg, West Virginia  
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“ Brave Work ”
This good Pastor while Standing for the Truth continues to bravely place himself as a Target before this Satanic World. He needs the serious prayers of God's Children. Another great Work by this Man of God.

Sermon9/22/06 7:33 AM
Dessie Yates from Williamson WV  Contact via email
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for your stand against both of these false religions.

Sermon9/22/06 3:53 AM
H D from Michigan, USA  
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“ Perceptive Sermon! ”
Catholic clergy were in grave fear that Muslims would plunder the many riches and lands of the church, much of which had, itself, been plundered in the name of God over the prior centuries. Most importantly, priests told crusaders that 1) They were fighting for God, and 2) If they were killed in battle they would be guaranteed Heaven, as they were soldiers of their Maker. Since the Catholic [Universal] church was founded by Emperor Constantine in 324 A.D. it could not possibly speak for all Christianity, already founded and early on, Scripturally based. Muslims associate crusades & killing = Christianity, which would actually be directly against Christ's teachings, were all Christians to be judged by the vast brutality historically documented and recorded from the crusader's era. The vast chasm between Catholic and Christian is based upon Scriptural and Traditional interpretations but the Muslim cannot differentiate. Shia and Sunni, Muslim and Druze; Americans also, cannot tell the difference!

Sermon9/10/06 4:43 AM
Norman Smith from New Haw,Surrey,England  
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The Signboard Of Calvary
Rev Ian Brown
“ Most Encouraging Sermon! ”
Pastor Brown looks at the signboard nailed to the cross from different aspects. One aspect though,was a great encouragemnet to me. That is,God used that sign to awaken the soul of one who read it...the dying thief who was later that day to be found with Christ in paradise. Pastor Brown put it like this...it became a gospel tract to him ! What an encouragement to myself who displays the Word of God on a placard and goes amongst the perishing lost ! Thankyou Lord for that encouragement from this sermon...may others be encouraged too,to the glory of thy name.

Sermon9/7/06 4:06 PM
Scott McMahan from Internet  Contact via email
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“ A Biblical view... ”
This is a good, Biblical, balanced look at prayer and fasting. In America, fasting has become a favorite of quack health experts in recent years. This message will help restore the Biblical view that's becoming lost. There is a lot packed into this short message, so it may require several listens...

Blog9/6/06 11:06 AM
Matthew Nuzum from Iowa USA  Contact via email
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I have a flier that I've made and discussed with a few JWs. I've uploaded it to http://bearfruit.followers.net/Skeptics.Kingdom_Hall.index

I've tried to make it as non-conforntational as possible and I've ordered the questions from easy to hard. If you get a witness that listens and considers the questions you'll start a very interesting discussion. By the way, this isn't exactly a hand-out, it's more of a discussion starter. Questions 4, 5 and 7 seem to be the most interesting for discussion.

The last meeting I had the men I talked to said that JWs are characterized by their love. I'm curious, then, how they respond to "apostates" and if they consider that a good example of love.

I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions for the flier. My contact info is on the website.

P.S. I always run into semantic issues when talking to JWs. I'd expecially love for a way to re-word question 8.

Sermon9/4/06 11:02 AM
Simon Rühl from Gießen, Germany  
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“ Be careful... ”
I am going to listen to this sermon and it will propably help me to understand your comments. I DO believe that Hinn is a false prophet and that his teachings are wrong. But most of the commentators are careful not to get trapped with false doctrine. Though I think you are right with Hinn, please be careful how you talk about him. We should speak the truth in love. Be careful! With doctrine and with the way you defend your doctrine. "I'm sure that I would surely fall away, except for grace by which I'm saved" (Keith Green)

Sermon9/3/06 2:22 PM
Norman Smith  
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The Crown Of Calvary
Rev Ian Brown
“ Man of sorrows,what a name ! ”
I have just finished listening to this sermon,and it has been one of the most humbling srmons to the pride of man that i have listened to. Pastor Brown obviously does a lot of research into the subject at hand,and not only does he bring before the listener all aspects about the crown of thorns,but also the scourging, verbal mocking,beatings,etc.that the Lord endured prior to being crucified. Pastor Brown also brings out the way Christ is still crowned with thorns today,not literally,but symbolically in the way he is treated by sinners. Thankyou again bro Brown for preaching on these truths.Blessed Saviour !

Sermon9/3/06 2:15 PM
Norman Smith  
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The Hyssop Branch of Calvary
Rev Ian Brown
“ Oh what the Saviour went though! ”
Pastor Brown brings out the spiritual significance of the hyssop at Calvary from different viewpoints,all are weighty and thought provoking. For me,personally,it reminded me again of the intense bodily sufferings that my Saviour went through,what a humbling of the heart again as we are told of the dislocation of the bones as the cross is raised upright,of the difficulty in breathing,of the thirst of the Lord ,and being offered vinegar ,etc. This series on the artifacts associated with the cross brings home all that the Saviour has done in laying down His life for the sheep.

Sermon9/3/06 4:51 AM
Norman Smith  
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“ Deserves a sequel ! ”
I listened to this sermon,which was mainly a history lesson. I was waiting for some spiritual application,which although there was some,it hardly amounted to much in an hour long message. A sequel,or part two ,with some spiritual application would be worthwhile at some point ? I did not like the political overtones, too much, but i guess they are neccessary to this subject,if one is to treat it in its fulness. Humbled of course by the loss of young lives for the cause of freedom. Just my thoughts,for what they are worth.

Blog9/2/06 9:30 PM
chawoott from Virginia USA  
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I decided to see the video posted on some odd site called YOUTUBE. What was actually scary was the wording on the screen. Why are you folks wasting time on pinging on preachers when you should be winning the lost? All this effort on handling God's problem makes me think that you do not believe in the God who works. God has brought down His anointed all by Himself when they really did wicked things. I am actually thinking I need to find another Christian site as this one is beginning to irritate me rather than making me glad I'm in the Kingdom.

Blog9/2/06 12:31 PM
Peter Scott from Canada  
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Here's someone who managed to take some video footage of the London show:


Sermon8/29/06 8:40 AM
Cheryl - Cal  
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“ The Stuff Twilight Zone Is Made Of ”
A great book on this cult, as well as many others, is "Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin. This book is a great tool for those exposed to and considering joining any of these cults. The section on Scientology is quite lengthy and detailed.

Blog8/29/06 8:27 AM
Gayle Pospeschil from Massachusetts USA  Contact via email
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“The Northeast is alive with the Holy Ghost” (guessing no).
Definitely "NO"! I've been in Massachussetts for just under a year and the place is a spiritual wasteland! 15 years ago I visited for 10 days and the farther away I got the better I felt. It's a gloomy place and it explains why Stephen King writes as he does. I've been told by several people that New England is under a cloud. Most of those who've said that are, like me, not New Englanders. One told me the antiChrists get together at least once a year to perform rituals to ensure New England remains a haven for wickedness. Considering the numbers of proud witches, pagans, mystics, yoga practitioners, compromising churches , and other antiChrists in my area alone I don't doubt it. My pastor is from Texas and he was warned that New England is known to break pastors. I have found pockets of Christianity here but I feel like a missionary. Please strengthen us with your prayers!

Blog8/28/06 5:08 PM
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