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AUG 23, 2017
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Kevin Swanson  |  Parker, Colorado
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Sermon1/25/16 9:25 PM
D. Brown  Find all comments by D. Brown
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you soooo much for pointing out Trumps blatant non Christian characteristics displayed thus far. I feared only I saw him in that light. enjoy your show.

Sermon1/24/16 3:27 PM
Scott from England  Find all comments by Scott
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“ Not so sure you are correct. ”
I don't believe you are very well informed on London churches or indeed 'Justin Welby'- a very poor choice to represent anything ‘Christian’-a strange ‘evangelical' on record as celebrating ‘the riches of Benedictine and Ignatian spirituality’ and is ecumenical in his praise for the pope. (note the 39 Articles of the Church of England!) He worshipped at Holy Trinity, Brompton, where the Alpha Course was pioneered. These sort of ecumenical/charismatic/Pentecostal type churches may be growing and attracting immigrants, but are they really the work of God? It isn't always the Biblical gospel that is being preached, but rather the ‘Jesus’ of ALPHA portrayed more as a ‘Solver of human problems’ rather than as a ‘Saviour from sin’ You should examine the solid churches in the UK on SermonAudio who represent those who are faithful to God’s Word. Few are large in number, but they evidence the work of God’s grace. One such church would be Spurgeon’s old church: The Metropolitan Tabernacle-Dr Peter Masters. I would submit that outside of London there is far less than 1% attending church and in some areas you can travel many miles before you find any faithful Christian never mind a church!

Sermon1/20/16 2:44 AM
Stephen Crawford from Northern Iteland  Find all comments by Stephen Crawford
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“ Where did the previous message go? ”
Where did the message on the rise of vampirism and paganism go? It was there literally a few minutes ago then I find it replaced by this current message on London churches

Sermon1/6/16 7:17 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
It's possible that when they stopped preaching out of the KJV, this happened. Most young kids go to churches that use everything but!! It may be ok to have other translations but not at pulpit

Sermon1/5/16 3:35 PM
Justified from USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified
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“ Surprised ”
@ Adam McManus Brother, I say this in love. I want to see Muslims come to Christ as you do, but hearing the Gospel and responding by the raising of a hand! Is this not the decisionism we've grown weary of in America? In Christ Alone

Sermon1/5/16 2:59 PM
Roelf Schlebusch from South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roelf Schlebusch
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“ A promise from God to encourage you..... ”
For the ruthless shall come to nothing and the scoffer cease, and all who watch to do evil shall be cut off, who by a word make a man out to be an offender, and lay a snare for him who reproves in the gate, and with an empty plea turn aside him who is in the right. Isaiah 29:20-21 ESV

Sermon1/4/16 11:39 PM
Michael Lindner from Kyoto, Japan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Michael Lindner
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Did we hear it right? You said, if someone doesn't take a "watershed" stand on an issue, you'll go to hell. That is what I heard. I don't think you meant that if a believer doesn't stand for life, (in the context you were referring to abortion) that person will go to hell. Do you mean that 'weak kneed' people are not true believers and will go to hell? Do you mean that a Christian can lose their salvation? What DO you mean? I see no problem commending Franklin Graham for courageously taking a stand against abortion. But do not say people are going to hell for not taking a stand against abortion. That is not biblical. I think I just heard it different from what you attempted to say. Could you tell us your theology on what makes a person a Christian, eternally secure? Perhaps you were talking something along the lines of humanly, we shall know people by their fruits. But in God's eyes, and his eternal perspective, he knows who he has saved for eternity. It is not a matter of one's stands one takes on earth. That, is too human centered for eternity.

Sermon12/27/15 2:13 PM
christiansasleep  Contact via emailFind all comments by christiansasleep
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“ Great Sermon! ”
An example of movie entertainment to awaken us? 'Wolverine was panned by the critics here, but we enjoyed it. I agree that the language was unneccessary and offensive. In fact, given the rating, I was shocked at it. The sad thing is I never even noticed the blasphemous swear words. I noticed others. My wife told me afterwards. Lesson learned about becoming comfortable with garbage.' An English Reformed Baptist pastor's comments above proving my point? He enjoyed it despite the offensive language and DIDN'T even notice the blasphemy, then learns the lesson about being comfortable with garbage? Surely Christian pastors have better things to do? Why not set the same time aside to pray for a member of the congregation or the salvation of sinners in the locality or for God to grant a pure heart dedicated to His Glory. We wonder why there are so few conversions...yet we are sat at the movies or in front of our 50 inch TV screen? Part-time soldiers are of little use in a full time, full scale, spiritual battle?

Sermon12/25/15 11:07 AM
Mary from Earth  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I didn't really notice these things until you'll pointed it out. Go check out the trailer to the new x-men movie due out in 2016. Listen to what's being said. You will be quite surprised. What should we (Christians) think of these movies? I'm guilty of watching the other x-men movies but won't go see this one.

Sermon12/24/15 1:44 AM
Roelf from South Aftica  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roelf
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“ Thank you ”
Jesus set me free from porn addiction. There is forgiveness but I paid a heavy price for my actions. Fast and seek the face of God as if today will be your last day on earth! Remember the devil came to steal and destroy. Me and my house will serve the Lord.

Sermon12/23/15 5:02 PM
Chris in Vancouver from Vancouver, BC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris in Vancouver
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Also, when doing reviews, don't include SPOILERS (regarding the son), or at least add a spoiler warning. I wonder if it's at all OK to even read non-Christian worldview fiction.

Sermon12/23/15 11:54 AM
Don Waltmire from Chicago NW Suburbs  Contact via emailFind all comments by Don Waltmire
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“ Expose the evil works of darkness ”
Jason Cooley of Old Paths Baptist Church also has broadcast important detailed information about this movie that George Lucas and Hollywood are foisting on the world.

Sermon12/22/15 12:58 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is how it started; first, the ACLU unhinged Christianity, then drugs mainstreamed, along with occult religions. Lastly, most christians dont have the strength to put down ISLAM when it takes over the west. It just might radicalize. Ive even heard, that in pagan cultures, they heard about a redeemer....but it was clouded by drug use and child sacrifice centuries ago. Drugs were a door into the occult

Sermon12/22/15 5:59 AM
BWS  Find all comments by BWS
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“ important! ”
George Lucas admitted in an interview at the advent of the first Star Wars that the purpose of the series was to introduce Americans to a new way of thinking. It is filled with occult mystery religion, witchcraft, it's not innocent fiction. It's indoctrination on a much greater scale than that of Harry Potter. Christians have no business patronizing this film or taking their families and children to it for mere Entertainment.

Sermon12/14/15 1:54 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Generation Y2K is drowning. Part of the gender confusion could be from marriages not lasting, along with smartphones, so anyone could get to young children; to confuse them. The 'shemitah' curse could be the attach on colleges. Kids are no longer learning, but learning how to protest. Homosexuality just may have increased beyond the 5% mark

Sermon12/10/15 2:05 PM
Kevin from Michigan  Find all comments by Kevin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I also am not a pastor, but I agree with all my heart, we all need to repent. God is great, stay faithful my brother.

Sermon12/10/15 11:18 AM
Paul1111 from West Lafayette, IN  Find all comments by Paul1111
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am not a pastor, but agree with you and have echoed your statements on repentance with my family. Keep leaning on Christ, brother. Paul Matthew 5:10-12

Sermon12/9/15 5:42 AM
Lynda from Australia.  Find all comments by Lynda
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“ Dig deeper. ”
You guys say we should look at the foundations when considering whether our children should watch a particular movie and not just the wallpaper. With all due respect you guys need to dig far deeper. You say there are some good Pixar movies. Pixar is owned by Disney. Walt Disney was a 33 degree Freemason, and if you delve into what he was involved in it was absolutely sick. It is estimated that approximately 40% of Disney’s employees are homosexuals and that they have the largest gay and lesbian employee organisations in the entertainment industry. They are one of the top sponsors of pro-homosexual TV programmes and ‘Gay Days’ at Disney World was incorporated in June of 1990. There is a eight part audio series exposing Disney: And if you study the history of Hollywood and what it's goals are, you can kid yourself all you like, but there is nothing good coming out of it:

Sermon12/4/15 4:01 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This could be how polygamy may have s yt? Rated. Also millennial men and women not 'running on all cylinders ' with tattoos, piercings, and pot, won't make them strong enough to fight; so we will just roll over like Neville Chamberlain. ......unless true revival and repentance takes place

Sermon12/4/15 8:11 AM
Shelie from Idaho  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shelie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very good program. Would love to hear more on 'Christian' men that consistently seek to look at immodestly dressed women.

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