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Kevin Swanson  |  Elizabeth, Colorado
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Sermon5/3/13 11:55 AM
less filling  Find all comments by less filling
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Not "Rhino" but RINO (Republican In Name Only). RINOs are usually a few years or, in this case, months behind their evolving Democrat counterparts. If you want Democrat-lite, vote Republican. If you want the real McCoy vote Democrat.

Sermon5/2/13 11:31 AM
kenu from Montreal, Canada.  Contact via emailFind all comments by kenu
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“ The answer of course is no. ”
John Lennon is dead. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, LIVES ON!

Sermon4/29/13 2:05 PM
low and sinking lower  Find all comments by low and sinking lower
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Since the turn of the century, eighteen (and counting) western countries now recognize same gender marriage. For the first time in recorded history, the Devil and his minions have finally united. In contrast, Christianity has never been so divided. One report suggests that there are upwards of 41,000 Christian denominations and independent churches. Reference: Gordon-Conwell Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Perhaps Christ is scourging Christendom for its disobedience to his prayer that the church be one. The Christian west, now in each of our thousands of tiny isolated ghettos, has become Les Misérables. O how far we've fallen. What have Christians bequeathed to the coming generations?

Sermon4/17/13 1:01 PM
Recovery  Find all comments by Recovery
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The world has telegraphed to the church that men and women are exactly equal in every way and in every role with just two exceptions: most women are usually a little smarter and way better communicators than most men. Therefore, when they set up the pipeline of students into America's foremost conservative seminaries (Covenant, RTS, WTS, etc) attracting both men and women, guess which degree will soon be awarded -- not just for men -- but for both sexes? That degree which is the gold standard for entrée into even the most conservative pulpit: the MDiv. Government-backed student loans at these august institutions will see to it that this absolute equality and equity are maintained. Once the conservative church market is flooded with male and female MDivs, it's only a matter of time (and a well-placed EEOC lawsuit or two since $100,000s in lifetime income's involved) and they'll be women preachers crawling throughout the OPC. Wait ten years and your OPC preacher will be openly-gay. After all, according to the government, it's only "fair." Whoever set up the dual-sex pipeline's to blame for this -- not Reformation -- but deformation. How will the OPC ever recover from this blunder?

Sermon4/16/13 12:08 PM
Eureka  Find all comments by Eureka
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Before this is all over, which will be the last state standing? 49 will eventually succumb to this communicable economic and infertility death spiral. This single state is where the 2nd Mayflower is ultimately heading. Wouldn't recommend a real estate investment in any of the other 49 failing or soon-to-be failing states. And since Washington D.C. is the only recipient of positive cash flow, perhaps this provides a clue which direction to move, invest and sink down really deep roots.

Sermon4/10/13 5:03 PM
Anna-Marie McDonnell from Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anna-Marie McDonnell
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Regular listener ”
Hi, I am a regular listener and I love your radio shows. I am a home-schooling Mum of four and totally agree with your comments about feminism. However, I feel that you are very one sided in blaming feminism for the problems in marriage. There is a two sided problem here. You say men want to lead their families. I am fortunate in my own marriage but I know women who just want their husband to lead and he is a product of this generation of feminized manhood. A wimp! In my experience with family members and friends with marriage problems, women will lead when men won't and generally I have found that a lot of women only nag when they feel the husband is not leading the family and not responding to them. One lady I know said she found it very hard to respect her husband as he would not lead his family. As I said I agree with you but you some times appear to be very angry with women in general. I personally believe that as the head of the house the husband must take the lead when it comes to re-building a marriage and a godly man must take the headship of the family. I think that lack of male leadership in the home contributes hugely to the pushy wife problem. Thanks for reading and God bless you both

Sermon4/7/13 6:07 PM
Lisa from Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Good testimony.

Sermon4/7/13 12:48 AM
Silvia Hebner from Carlsbad  Contact via emailFind all comments by Silvia Hebner
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon4/3/13 4:57 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Its 'possible' that the homosexual and other kinds of marriage is making headway and GOD IS ALLOWING it BECAUSE CHRISTIANS ARENT MARRIED AND ARE DIVORCING AT RECORD RATES..they should marry BEFORE at least 25 years old.

Sermon4/3/13 4:14 PM
Rob from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rob
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Bigger issue with colleges isn't just a man or woman taking classes, but rather the fact that Christians get just as carried away with the thinking of "sending away" their children to a college, and then letting the state school indoctrinate them for 4 years.

Sermon4/3/13 4:00 PM
Rob from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rob
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“ Great Sermon! ”
While I think there are some good points made here, the problem I find is that there's the other side of the two-kingdom mindset, which tends to be more of a theocratic direction. When Jesus showed the denarius to the Pharisees, it was to draw a clear distinction between the earthly kingdom and the heavenly one.

Sermon3/31/13 1:05 PM
Lady_Virtue from OKC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lady_Virtue
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Cezar, I stand by my original comment. The fact that people are needlessly and unnecessarily delaying marriage and fornicating in the meantime makes this all the more difficult. And being a follower of Christ in a world that hates Him and His people is not--again, NOT--easy. "Christians" who claim that going against the world's grain is easy are not being realistic. Maybe you married early, and in the Lord; I hope so. Not all of us have been so blessed.

Sermon3/26/13 7:50 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I love these kids, and wouldnt know what my life would be without them..my daughter actually treats them as her older brothers although they are her older nephews.. she even has a nephew older than 35, since her oldest sister was a teenage mom as well,,,shes even a great aunt, whomever she gets married to would be a great uncle before hes a father

Sermon3/26/13 7:41 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I remember, just about to marry my husband: his wife got divorced from him and had a daughter. she got pregnant by a 18 yo boy while she was 15. EVERYONE INCLUDING HER MOM WANTED HER TO HAVE AN ABORTION..EXCEPT MY HUSBAND...he was the only one who happened to talk her out of it. Even then I was still pro choice since she was only 1 month pregnant she could have had one. Alhough he and his brother could have made some better decisions they never were in JAIL for violence, etc. because my husband still had a good influence on them. Tomorrow will be his 23rd birthday and, yes, she didnt shake the 'loser' and got pregnant another time with another kid, hes 20, my husband, their grandpa still had a good influence on them.. the problem today is that too many silver haired ponytailed toothless meth addled 'grandpas' dont care. its not the first generation, its the 3rd generation today..We also have an 18 yo daughter together who is an AUNT to these kids, and she is doing great today, still a virgin. i told her to wait until marriage because her aunt got pregnant on honeymoon--uncle used a condom, ahem,,they dont work 100%, and kid is 50

Sermon3/26/13 3:59 PM
find that gate  Find all comments by find that gate
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The RCC is so chock-full of sinners that Pelosi and Biden are just a few of the most prominent cake toppers. Though the Catholic Church has a 2,000 year immutable prohibition against abortion, contraception AND sterilization, there was a sea of humanity at the Pope's inaugural mass. If priests, bishops and cardinals could even discern which of these is worthy to receive Communion during this august gathering, it would amount to some fully-habited nuns, a few quiverfull families and a little old lady on the pro-life running team. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:14)

Sermon3/26/13 3:22 PM
jamesc from Fallbrook, CA  Find all comments by jamesc
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“ Great Interview ”
Thanks for this. It was a blessing to hear and a reminder that God delivers us from the penalty of our sins and the power of our sins.

Sermon3/24/13 7:52 PM
PuritanDownloads.com  Protected NameFind all comments by PuritanDownloads.com
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“ Homosexuality & the Christian Faith, Butterfield ”
Below are a couple YouTube videos by Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, regarding her Christian testimony, that may also be helpful. +++ Conversations that Matter: Homosexuality & the Christian Faith http://ow.ly/jn6w0 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkJZSeUGzWw (Free Video at YouTube). Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, author of "The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert" addresses the topic of homosexuality from a Biblical and personal perspective in a fascinating new autobiography of an ex-lesbian English professor who finds Christian faith. +++ Part 2 at http://ow.ly/jn6uT or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-AQlrcTr5w (Free Video at YouTube). Very interesting question and answer period. Dr. Butterfield's testimony of God's sovereign grace in her life, in paperback format, is entitled: The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield. It is available at Crown and Covenant at http://ow.ly/jn6Kj and elsewhere.

Sermon3/24/13 4:57 PM
if it were possible  Find all comments by if it were possible
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“ Great Sermon! ”
"A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after." -Gloria Steinem. Multiply this effect by billions of women (yes, even Christians) and in this egalitarian age, all men are drunk with scott-free sex (if they wish) while the women reign. Sanger has toppled Mary as the new god-bearer. Pastors Bayly report that 2,000,000,000 children have been lost in this epic 40 year battle between the forces of good and evil. The Lord of the Air has so stupefied that evil somehow now emits light and good, but darkness, bigotry and shame. Up is down. In tail-foremost arguments, pure reason emerges. In the last days the second-created shall command the first.

Sermon3/23/13 10:30 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
• Add new comment
“ A lot to think about. ”
This interview was timely for me because just two days ago I downloaded Rosaria's book to my kindle and have almost finished it. One of the most important points for me to ponder was the way her pastor calmly and methodically brought light to her during their visits. I have a son that is very far out of the way and I have had to learn that even though I have narrated every Jonathan Edwards' deprecatory sermon in his two volume works, the communication of such sermons were long ago lost on my son and he was able to cast off their light, and other thundering messages. The last 3 months I have made some progress with him but it has been by spending hours with him and me alone, at restaurants, out picture taking, or other events. The doctrine of hell doesn't scare him but it did keep him from committing suicide more than once. But what does work is an approach where the people that reach him have to woo him. The result has not been accomplished yet, but Rosaria's story is helping me to make some sense of things. To re-evaluate some of our evangelism techniques and couple it with our Christian lives.

Sermon3/22/13 7:28 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Today in the early 2010s, if things continue to go this way, and homosexuals get 'marriage', this is how POLYGAMY BECOMES LAW. Women will have a harder time wanting to get married since fewer and fewer boys are raised with fathers. Besides, the kids who are babies today, and want kids, they will think NOTHING of sharing a man, at least they have a father and theyll think its better if they have a father than without one. It took years for christian women to change this trend in the early 200s since it takes 40 weeks and lots of training in the WORD OR GOD to change it. and its only took a few DECADES PLUS ABORTIONS to change it. Its not all lost though, some young people are rebeling agains the rebels for example, when they marry, write their names Mr & Mrs Husbands Name or even Mrs Husbands Name, (that takes guts). They need to start by watching WOODSTOCK and rebel against it--i just watched it and they had YOUNG WOMEN SKINNY DIPPING NAKED at the end of the movie (hendricks was the last one playing among the TRASH THE BABY BOOMERS LEFT) Since im a black woman, this is real depressing for me: young black and latinos in the early teens killing babies with guns ON PURPOSE...and NO ONE wants to be near them-you could only be fatherless for a few generations before...

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