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JUL 24, 2014
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Kevin Swanson  |  Elizabeth, Colorado
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This section shows all user comments posted
on all sermons, products, blogs, and events for this broadcaster

Page 1 | Page 10 ·  Found: 957 total user comment(s)

Sermon8/27/13 7:38 AM
Lady_Virtue from OKC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lady_Virtue
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great point about the error of normalizing exceptions, particularly concerning the education of boys and girls and the brainwashing of so-called "career women." This has led to a world of trouble. Most churches and professing Christians even take that route, sadly. Excellent program.

Sermon8/23/13 12:17 PM
tina from fly over country  Find all comments by tina
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon8/23/13 11:01 AM
Allie from Detroit  Find all comments by Allie
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“ tsk tsk ”
ELCA is a cult. They claim to ne christian but do not hold to scripture. They do not deal with sin, but live in it openly with no shame.

Sermon8/22/13 5:14 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I don't believe in women being in these positions over men. For example: in the home, when women take their children to church and the dad stays behind, the kids do NOT stay in church later. It's similar to Malachi 4:6, and even Timothy, whose mother and grandmother taught him the scriptures, said for women to keep silent in the churches. Men don't listen well to women after they reach the age of 12. They need GODLY MEN to mentor them!!

Sermon8/21/13 6:54 PM
Chris in Vancouver from Vancouver, BC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris in Vancouver
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“ Third-world? ”
Kevin, not to miss the main point of the show but unless your understanding of the term is different from the rest us, none of the countries listed at 15:55 are third-world countries... including Russia. Googling Slovenia or Hungary and clicking on images will suffice. Czechoslovakia? That country hasn't been around for two decades and I drove through Slovakia (including its capital) this June and two years ago, in addition to going to Prague in the Czech Republic and I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that these are "third-world" countries. And neither were they under communism (I'm from Poland originally). Slovenia was indeed a third-world country as part of Yugoslavia for which the term "third-world country" was coined, meaning a non-aligned country during the Cold War but these countries were never third-world in the sense the word is understood today.

Sermon8/20/13 5:55 PM
chefjim from Gloucester  Contact via emailFind all comments by chefjim
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“ Thank you, Kevin and Dave ”
I know you are a true believer and I have been listening to you for about 7 years give or take. But don't you think it is about time to give up on looking for some sort of reformation? Isn't it pretty obvious that we are in the very last days before the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His Bride, the church to take us and hide us away until His indignation be overpast? (until the Time of Jacob's Trouble is over) I realize that you optimistically think that there is a chance that this country could turn around and turn to God but doesn't it seem to you that the opposite has been happening for quite some time now? I appreciate what you say and the topics that you address from your platform but as a solid teacher and firm believer in the word of God don't you think it is time to talk to your listeners about His Glorious appearing and our going with Him in our glorified bodies that won't ever get sick or hurt or die? That is the zeitgeist in my world, and I suppose I have said enough about it but I do want to thank you for your service, I just wanted you to hear from one of your listeners about what seems to be approaching....THE RAPTURE!!! And I also wanted to comfort you with these words!

Sermon8/15/13 7:52 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I think a married couple needs to have at least one child...and then get their tubes tied... you never know when you get older, and all of us will unless we die soon, that whom will take care of us. Will we be put down like an old dog or cat? if there is no one there to care for us?

Sermon8/14/13 6:22 PM
Michael W from Helena  Find all comments by Michael W
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“ Great Message! ”
The only point I would not agree with is the statement that in the end these people will regret their choice. If in vanity they have spent their lives, in vanity they might well die. Sad story made sadder by the fact that some of them will "never get it" they are so self-absorbed. A fantastic listen and lots of good, biblical backup for what God seeks from His married couples, when He grants it.

Sermon8/13/13 8:50 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
WOW.... it's actually past time for a reformation... Todays kids, have absolutely NOTHING especially the millenial groups.. like you, i'm NOT INTO WOMEN PREACHERS EITHER.. simply by having them, the sons are dragged to church and then if the pastor is female.. they will NOT BECOME BELIEVERS as adults in general...ISAIAH 3:12.....ooweee we could change it, but it has to be from the WOMEN ONLY... for one, we need to honor the younger generation, by WEARING DRESSES/SKIRTS as standard. I never thought we would cause homosexuality as standard, but could it be from our DRESS..? and then superlong hair on MEN? not all kids go this way but there was always a group who did, and would NOT if women and men dressed appropriately kids are smaller than we are, and see legs of women and men, and there is NO DIFFERENCE. unless the women are dressing provocativly.. with mini skirts which may show the crack of their bottoms.

Sermon8/13/13 7:00 PM
Bev Nachreiner from Hawaii  Contact via emailFind all comments by Bev Nachreiner
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“ Great Sermon! ”
St. Matthew 16:12 Then they understood that he bade them beware not of the leaven of bread, but the teaching of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. (Bade-order command) Give them choice but no free will. Jolly old England if you desert AWOL the Army because you object, your not cast off but killed! Choose but no free will

Sermon8/11/13 4:07 AM
Lex Rex from Europe  Find all comments by Lex Rex
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“ Excellent Broadcast! ”
An excellent analysis of the hook-up culture, Marriage 2.0 and popular music. As to popular music: I am currently watching the documentary "Hell's Bells" with my wife. Had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole goes. God bless you, Kevin and Dave! Keep up the good work!

Sermon8/8/13 10:00 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
It can be 'scary' because many kids from the church just may go into the CULTS.. like JW and LDS, since they even still have a dress code, and the men seem to have responsiblity to their wives, especially LDS.. what also seems to happen, is that many young girls don't seem to be loved and receive affection in public, the males walk in front of them while they walk waay back, or they hang on to them like clothes on a hanger--this would have NEVER happen until the early 21st century Romans 1 is right: its the WOMEN who go into sexual suicide FIRST, thru lesbianism WHEN they cant find a guy to make the first move, and then the men

Sermon8/8/13 9:49 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
It seems a rare as 'hens teeth' to find a good man, a guy who is raised to 'take charge' I had NO IDEA that men will fold up like a patio chair..but it didn't seem like this until the early 2000s, when they started piercing their ears en masse! and then GAUGE their ears all the way down to their shoulderblades.. its unreal. but not many girls know about this and why guys arent taking them out anymore I have an 18 yo daughter, who is very pretty, and years ago, would have had her pick of guys, but NO LONGER..guys are losing all right, and girls have to 'put out' and she has to be educated so she could support him, and buy HIM jewelry for his PIERCED EARS, eventually, i think, women could survive IF they start wearing DRESSES and SKIRTS as STANDARD which means NO MORE PANTS... Its a reason, why many women born before 1940 would never be caught dead in pants, and even would wear a skirt over their pants if they worked in the fields or on their horse! I think Jezebel and Ahab is similar to today

Sermon8/7/13 10:02 PM
Bob and Laura  Find all comments by Bob and Laura
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“ Parents! Listen and Read! ”
As ones who don't even have children, it is saddening to us...the whole system is corrupt and yet we have no choice but to pay for it! Exasperating! The only answer and hope is prayer for revival in our schools and nations. The irony is some other cultures are actually allowing the Bible in the schools and the USA, which used to be a beacon of light, is now is prohibiting it. Definitely a battlefield, yet as we know we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Great job Ray and we pray the Lord would use this book mightily for His glory and for education reformation.

Sermon8/7/13 6:28 PM
chefjim from Gloucester  Contact via emailFind all comments by chefjim
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“ But wait a minute! ”
Kevin and Dave, Although you are both in agreement that legalism can be counterproductive to the Christian, and I would tend to agree with several of the items that you had mentioned, e.g. how much water to use in baptism, (even baptism itself not being necessary for salvation could be included in your list) but I believe that pastors with large platforms such as yours need to study the King James vs. other versions issue IN DEPTH. I used the NIV for years and I would never say that someone is not saved if they use other versions but I can tell you that when I did a study on the differences, It was completely obvious that I was reading a version that had an agenda, that being to water down the message of Christ. And when I delved into the villainous characters behind the scenes of these new versions, I was convinced that they are not of God but of money and thus asked the question, why would any Christian, upon discovering the blatant ERRORS and apostasy that these versions cunningly insert, continue to read and study them? I for one will not and I am an advocate of exposing these PER versions for what they really are...COUNTERFEITS. This is not being legalistic nor unnecessarily dogmatic but this falls under the instruction to RIGHTLY DIVIDE the word of truth.

Sermon8/7/13 2:58 PM
Christendom  Find all comments by Christendom
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“ Great Sermon! ”
"I was glad I read the Associated Press story first because, setting aside the headline and lede, it included the minor detail that Pope Francis did not depart from traditional church teaching on sin and homosexuality [is intrinsically disordered]." -Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, GetReligion reporter and LCMS member

Sermon8/6/13 2:25 PM
Forster  Find all comments by Forster
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Albert Mohler discussed the crisis in South Korea today with an unprecedented fertility rate of 1.1. Marriage has so collapsed in that ancient culture there's no remaining family structure to encourage marriage in the rising generation. Now the government has been forced into playing matchmaker for the hope of an ongoing tax stream. Reminds one of the dystopic novella, The Machine Stops, from a century ago, the author painted a world where the central government not only dictates the number of children but also the process by which each comes into being. Perhaps the future is marriageless. Then the girl will only kiss frogs. With no marriage, she'll never know a prince.

Sermon8/5/13 6:58 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
BTW.. a good movie to watch is THE ENCOUNTER.. its about Jesus but set in the 21st century..and HE runs a diner. 5 people end up in the diner, and they figure out who he is but THEY did. its similar to Peter saying Jesus was the messiah, NOT Jesus telling the people he was..the people are like the WOMAN AT THE WELL and he knew about their troubles..(SPOILER) there was a sheriff, who is SATAN in disguise

Sermon8/5/13 6:55 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My daughter is still a virgin. she is going to college to become a dietician, so she could work at a hospital. She has a boyfriend though who IMO is too overprotected by his mother even though he has a father at home who works. I'm praying for her to either leave him, or for him to become a mature man before he gets married, even though it may NOT be my daughter....she wants to get married and have at least 4 KIDS OR FIVE.. but the LORD has to lead it youre right... the WASPs need to have at least 4 kids in general, and this is why the hispanic crowd are gaining power in the US. They have families who are more intact than the blacks and whites in general..the men in the extended family in general if they arent in gang life, may have a blue collar profession

Sermon8/5/13 6:40 PM
Lady Day  Find all comments by Lady Day
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I notice we have LGBT-Q, who is very powerful today BUT it didnt start there but was caused by women who gave their bodies to guys who had FWB (friends with benefits) and they don't make good parents.. no one is thinking ahead, when young ladies are 30 lbs overweight and has sleeves full of tattoos before the age of 20 the only thing that the 50s that wasnt' good was interracial marriages were frowned upon...you dont date outside your RELIGION...ever. I just notice that WOMEN tend to do this and many christian men are too much into porn to want a woman

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