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SEP 18, 2014
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Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Sermon2/2/14 6:18 PM
j gilkenson from georgia  Contact via emailFind all comments by j gilkenson
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Christ the Suffering Servant
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow. Amen

Sermon1/27/14 6:34 AM
Nick from Flower Mound, Texas  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Nick
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“ No worries - Print more! ”
As long as they can print more, I don't think they care about the future. Side note: PAYING FOR A PRISONER'S SEX CHANGE??? What in the world? Will he/she have to transfer prisons then? So bizarre.

Sermon1/25/14 6:04 AM
 from Fayetteville,NC  
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Fantastic way of making the Gospel clear to the kids.

Sermon1/23/14 4:55 PM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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Sex in the 21st Century
Sean E. Harris
“ Thank you for discussing this ”
I believe that correctly "training your child in the way he should go," includes your child developing a personal reverence and fear of the Lord - thereby understanding His prerogative to dictate boundaries for how we live our lives. It is not legalism. In modern culture, we talk often of love and even the Gospel. But what of reverence, fear of The Lord (which gives wisdom), and surrender of our lives (including actions, not just our hearts)?

Sermon1/23/14 8:32 AM
gib ham from Indianapolis  Contact via emailFind all comments by gib ham
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Sex in the 21st Century
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am a fundamental Baptist now, but I came out of the Nazarene holiness movement. I still believe very much in holiness, but I believe Steve is absolutely right on this one. We have to teach law in relation to the gospel. As you mentioned, law is a heart problem and no matter how hard we try, we remain sinful and never move away from our need for the gospel. It's not a matter of teaching touch Feely. .. It's a matter of truth. You can teach the youth about do's and don'ts and tell them to do it because God said so, and what you end up with apart from the gospel is a bunch of "moral" kids who grow up, live what we call a moral life, and die in their sins and go to hell. Apart from the Gospel we are all lost. Every part of the law should drive us back to the gospel as Paul says, grace is not a license to sin and I believe scripture is clear that those that have a new relationship with Christ have a new relationship to sin. I believe in holiness but we better be careful with it lest we get puffed up with pride each of us, no matter how sanctified, never move away from the gospel. It should be the main focus of every aspect of our lives. It should be what drives us

Sermon1/22/14 12:34 AM
carl haydock from england  Find all comments by carl haydock
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for doing an nif about england. You did get a name wrong. Its Nigel ferage. Still good nif pastor bill

Sermon1/21/14 1:54 PM
Pastor WJS from Fayetteville, NC  Find all comments by Pastor WJS
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“ Reply to Thomas of MI ”
Thomas, It sounds like some Providence. Praise God and thank you for the encouraging note. P.S. I love snow and miss it.

Sermon1/21/14 12:53 PM
LD from Birmingham.  Find all comments by LD
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“ Some good and some not so good. ”
There's a difference between questioning what the word of God says and questioning what the preacher claims the word of God is saying. We are commanded to test what we are being told. For example, some children lie, true, but not all. Some are as meek as a lamb. Variations in human temperament do not prove an inherited sin nature. Augustine introduced this fallacy from his gnostic background in the 4th Century; his misinterpretation of Romans 5 came from Jerome's faulty translation of the NT. Before then no one taught an inherited sin nature, including the Jews who had full access to Psalm 51. If you didn't believe in man's free will you were a heretic. The Bible clearly teaches corruption comes through temptation (James 1:13-15) and that children are born innocent (john 1:9, Deut 1:39. Matt 18:3). People don't listen to the preacher because they know that what they are being told doesn't make sense. It is absurd to suggest man is born depraved and then criticize his depraved behaviour. Jesus said: This is the condemnation, men loved darkness rather than light because their DEEDS were evil. Not their nature inherited from Adam, but their deeds. When men are called to repent of their sinful deeds rather than blame it on their sinful nature, maybe we'll see some results.

Sermon1/20/14 9:31 PM
 from Oklahoma  
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Calvin the Comeback Kid
Jonathan D. Andrews
“ Great Sermon! ”
I agree that people are hungry for God's word, not some preacher who is trying to look cool!

Sermon1/20/14 6:05 PM
carl haydock from england  Find all comments by carl haydock
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thought provoking nif pastor bill. Thank you for being truley honest. Hope you dont get negative feedback. God bless

Sermon1/20/14 4:00 PM
s c from OH  Find all comments by s c
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“ in the dark ”
This idea of "race" based upon melanin levels is so antiquated. I can't believe that people are still so ignorant or naive. A lot of these very prominent figures in our culture whose identities are rooted in the tone of their skin would benefit greatly by getting educated in the subject of race. Ken Ham has a wonderful site in regards to such.I think that it would also be highly beneficial if the commander in chief would accept the fact that he is a product of dark skin and fair skin. If any one has a problem with him, perhaps, just perhaps, it might have something to do with his leadership...just a guess.If the human race is ever to progress in terms of "racism",they'll have to drop the labels. Competence is not based upon melanin level..a newsflash!

Sermon1/20/14 1:54 PM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Brent ”
Brent, Thanks for commenting. I want to caution you about deciding what's fair outside of the dictates of Scripture. Asking "how it is fair that Christ was punished for someone's sin yet they still go to Hell" is going from Biblical Theology to Systematic Theology--where we interpolate far more than we exegete. I would encourage you to consider a key point. If you cannot tell a sinner Christ paid for their sin then you have no Gospel to preach to them.

Sermon1/20/14 12:39 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I "amen" the comment "thank you for the honesty and transparency at the end of the sermon". IN FACT it moved me to put it into practice as I was hearing it. I was delivering the mail on the worst part of my route. The rental area -mostly duplexes- for Calvin College students. I have recently been so upset that this area never gets shoveled and I can't get to a mailbox without climbing out. Not just out, but up a snow hill. But just as I was listening to Pastor Bill's self-reflection I was convicted that I really needed to curb my tendency to be upset at my customers. In fact, I had a good conversation with a young student as he looked in despair at the pile of snow near his mailbox. I realized that they didn't shovel the pile there, it was being pushed there by the city plows and I shouldn't be upset with them. So I resolved at the same time I was hearing the pastor's words to put them into practice. For those of you who are in places like Greenville, and Fayetteville, you will just have to use your imagination what lake-effect snow looks like in Western Michigan. And may God give me more sin-mortifying grace. I have said this before but I am gaining so much respect for the pastors in your church.

Sermon1/19/14 4:39 AM
Lauri from Baltimore MD  Find all comments by Lauri
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
I struggle mightily with finding a balance between loving other people the way Christ loves us and wanting to avoid victimization. Its so difficult to not give in to fleshly desires, especially if someone keeps saying the same things over and over again. We have to be taught that it's wrong to hit other peoplewh,en things don't go your way.

Sermon1/18/14 10:22 PM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
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“ Reply to Preceding 3 Comments ”
Thanks to each of you, friend. Sometimes in our desire to "renounce hidden things of shame/dishonesty" (2 Corinthians 4:2), we force ourselves to be transparent. God only knows and imparts to us by His grace and through His Spirit how to do this.

Sermon1/18/14 6:37 AM
Krisztina F. from UK  Find all comments by Krisztina F.
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for your honesty!

Sermon1/17/14 7:06 PM
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Janine Elizabeth
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Just went to view the video at end of article. My question is, "I wonder who wrote his script." This is disturbing and wonder on the future of this church body.

Sermon1/17/14 3:30 PM
CJW from Ft. Bragg  Find all comments by CJW
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“ Our flesh is ugly ”
Thank you for your honesty and transparency at the end of this commentary.

Sermon1/17/14 1:36 PM
Leatherneck from Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Leatherneck
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon ”
Gentlemen, Thanks for your testimonies, we are all the same. My thoughts ego and tongue. Often I find myself apologizing. I hate sin!!! God Bless

Sermon1/17/14 7:23 AM
Pastor Bill from Fayetteville, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Bill
• Add new comment
“ Response to MS ”
Thanks for stopping in. Yes, this is certainly circus-like. It's not like we have tons of reputation money to spend with an already cynical and skeptical world.

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