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JUL 2, 2015
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Reformation Church
Pastor W. J. Mencarow  |  Boerne, Texas
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Sermon6/20/15 5:55 PM
DRS from Chesapeake, VA  Protected NameFind all comments by DRS
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Who Is The Holy Father?
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Yeah!! It's been sooooo long, Pastor Mencarow and Pastor Bennett!

Sermon5/21/15 8:54 AM
Newcomer from USA  Find all comments by Newcomer
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The Mark of the Beast, Pt. I
W. J. Mencarow
“ Great Sermon! ”
Watch and pray.

Sermon2/8/15 5:53 AM
Tanya Pitman from Lexington SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tanya Pitman
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“ Okay! ”
Just wanted to let you know that you misquoted that Lazarus was dead three days,but he was dead four days! (John 11:39)....You know scripture well, so I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to say 3days! I'm surprised a little that the students you were doing this study didn't bring this to your attention though!!!

Sermon12/29/14 10:51 AM
Carl E from Australia  Find all comments by Carl E
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very good 7 minute summary.

Sermon11/23/14 2:40 PM
Alfred Thames from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred Thames
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“ Things To Come ”
Mr. Fulton If you really want to know about the things to come, read J.Dwight Pentecost's book THINGS TO COME, A STUDY IN BIBLICAL ESCHATOLOGY.

Sermon9/4/14 2:26 PM
Alfrd from Godwin nc  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfrd
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Verses 3-12 is not hard to understand at all. It is pretty plain to me. Maybe if you let the bible speak for itself, instead trying to spiritualized most it. It wouldn't be so hard to understand. Wow, I bet you have a difficult time with Ezekiel 40-48 too. I have no formal learning, and I understand it well enough.

Sermon8/18/14 5:20 AM
Joe Long from London UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joe Long
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“ Great Sermon! ”
You are spot-on!! Keep preaching this stuff - 9/11 was an inside job on behalf of the globalists.

Sermon8/13/14 12:11 PM
Marc from South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marc
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I enjoyed the teaching but didn't the earthquake hit in ad 17 ? 50 or 60 years before Revelation was written?

Sermon8/10/14 7:26 PM
Samantha M from Georgia  Find all comments by Samantha M
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“ Wonderful Sermon! ”
We are the blame for most of the sin running wicked in this world. We as believers need to take a stronger stand against sin...Amen Bro. !!

Sermon8/10/14 5:15 AM
Raymond from Mossley - Newtownabbey, UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Raymond
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“ a valuable & timely message ”
This is excellent and applies very much to our situation in the United Kingdom also. Thankyou for you faithful cry in this !

Sermon7/15/14 11:54 AM
matt sanders  Find all comments by matt sanders
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“ Great Sermon! ”
very helpful

Sermon5/11/14 5:40 PM
Lisa from Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What about Zechariah 12 ??

Sermon4/28/14 5:11 PM
Lisa from Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Good preaching on being humble and true prayer.

Sermon12/17/13 6:22 PM
Asa from Arizona  Find all comments by Asa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor for this good teaching. The church is in so low an ebb, because of all the "I thinks" out there. Can you imagine Paul and Silas singing "just as I am ". What blasphemy.

Sermon12/17/13 1:00 PM
Thomas Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas Sullivan
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“ Is the Psalter Inspired? ”
I just can't follow the distinction that the Psalter is inspired and other hymns, even if they use Scripure, are uninspired. We have little patience with people like the Ruckmanites who say that the King James Bible translation is inspired, and where it differs from the original languages, the KJV is the final authority. But I don't see a lot of difference between this extreme view and calling the "Psalter" inspired hymnology. It is a translation, and since it is made to rhyme, it can't even be a translation on the same level as a good English translation of the Bible. I think this sermon is very helpful... SID=810082234199

Sermon12/16/13 1:34 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply to 'Some Other Scriptures To Consider' ”
Please read my response to the comment "Some other Scriptures to consider" at http://wp.me/p1q0BF-bE

Sermon12/15/13 1:30 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply to 'Some Other Scriptures To Consider' ”
Dear Mr. Brown, Thank you for your irenic comments. One of my frequent prayers is that I will always be teachable: “Rebuke not a scorner, lest he hate thee: but rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.” “Iron sharpeneth iron, so doeth man sharpen the face of his friend” (Prov. 9:8; 27:17). As I trust you know, the Bible is its own dictionary and is its own commentary. As believers, we must turn to God's Word to understand God's words. Thus we must always be watchful that we are not unconsciously putting modern definitions upon words in the Bible, including “hymns” and “songs.” We should look to the Bible to determine the meaning of those words. We should ask ourselves, “what do they mean in the language of Scripture? What did the words mean to the writer and to his first century audience?” Continued below..

Sermon12/15/13 1:29 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
The misunderstanding of what is meant by “psalms,” “hymns,” and “songs” in the New Testament is because many believers do not know that the 150 compositions in the book of Psalms were titled as “psalms” (Heb. (mizmohr) , “praise” (t'hillah)” and “songs” (sheer) . In the Greek translation of the Old Testament (the Septuagint), which was the Bible used by the believers in Ephesus and Colossae, the book of Psalms is divided into “psalms,” “hymns” and “songs” – thus Paul's use of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” in Eph. 5:19 and Col 3:16 to refer to the entire book of Psalms, not to uninspired compositions. (“Spiritual” means “inspired by the Holy Spirit.”) The Greek word psalmos is the equivalent of mizmohr and is translated “psalms.” Humnos is the Greek word that is the equivalent of t'hillah and is translated “hymn” or sometimes “praise.” Odee is translated “song.” Psalmos, humnos and odee follow the Old Testament, of course, and are used often in the titles of the Psalms in the Septuagint. Sixty-seven are titled psalmos. Six are simply titled humnos. Thirty-five are titled odee. Twelve of the titles are both psalmos and odee, and two are both psalmos and humnos. And Psalm 76 is titled with all three: “psalmos, humnos and odee” (“psalm, hymn and song”).

Sermon12/15/13 1:28 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
We no longer make the distinction between the three titles of inspired compositions and refer to all of them as simply the psalms. Sadly, this has resulted in the widespread belief that when the Bible says “psalms” it means the book of Psalms and when it says “hymns” and “spiritual songs” it means uninspired compositions. When the writers of the New Testament used the terms translated in our English Bibles as “psalms,” “hymns” and “songs” they were referring to the inspired psalms. They were certainly not referring to uninspired compositions. Every first century believer, Jew or gentile, who heard “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” knew immediately that the reference was to the inspired compositions in the psalter. That is how the compositions were titled. It would never occur to them to think that “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” meant “inspired psalms and uninspired compositions.”

Sermon12/15/13 1:27 PM
Pastor W. J. Mencarow from Boerne, Texas  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor W. J. Mencarow
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“ Reply ctd to Some other Scriptures to consider ”
The hymn Jesus and the disciples sang in Mt. 26:30 and Mk. 14:26 was undoubtedly the hymn that was ALWAYS sung at the conclusion of Passover, part or all of the Great Hallel, psalms 113-118. In Acts 16:25, Paul and Silas sang a hymn. The 1599 Geneva Bible translates it correctly: “Now at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang Psalms unto God, and the prisoners heard them.” The quote of Rom. 15:9 you cite is from the NIV. I am very sorry to see that the translators simply inserted the word “hymns.” The word is not in the verse in the Greek nor in any other English translation I have consulted. Not even humnos is in that verse (even if it was, it would simply mean one of the psalms). The KJV and the Geneva Bible both translate the verse accurately: “...For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name.” (KJV) “...For this cause I will confess thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy Name.” (Geneva Bible).

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