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Scott McMahan
9/9/2014 | PDF Size: 102k | Views: 40+
A review of "You're Supposed To Be Wealthy" by Creflo Dollar, released in September 2014.

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Review: You're Supposed To Be Wealthy (Creflo Dollar)
Scott McMahan
9/9/2014 | Size: 102k | Views: 40+
A review of "You're Supposed To Be Wealthy" by Creflo Dollar, released in September 2014.

Review: Real Manhood (Creflo Dollar)
Scott McMahan
6/2/2014 | Size: 122k
A review of "Real Manhood" by Creflo Dollar, released in May 2014.

Review: The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor (Creflo Dollar)
Scott McMahan
9/22/2013 | Size: 96k | Views: 130+
A review of Dr. Creflo Dollar's September 2013 book "The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor".

NIV 2011 Notes
Scott McMahan
5/16/2011 | Size: 49k | Views: 20+
A typeset version of my NIV 2011 Notes blog entry, suitable for printing.

Review: Chosen But Free (Norman Geisler)
Scott McMahan
4/13/2010 | Size: 70k | Views: 120+
A short review of Norman Geisler's book "Chosen But Free" which concentrates on Geisler's too-quick denial of the doctrine of total depravity.

Review: Not Guilty (Creflo Dollar)
Scott McMahan
4/13/2010 | Size: 82k | Views: 120+
Review of Creflo Dollar's book "Not Guilty" with an emphasis on its theological content.

Review: Winning In Troubled Times (Creflo Dollar)
Scott McMahan
8/27/2011 | Size: 67k
A review with notes and observations about Creflo Dollar's book "Winning In Troubled Times".

Review: Faith-Based Marketing book
Scott McMahan
4/28/2009 | Size: 141k | Views: 130+
Review of the book Faith-Based Marketing: The Guide to Reaching 140 Million Christian Customers by Bob Hutchins and Greg Stielstra (John Wiley & Sons, May...

Review:Revelations of Christ by Swami Kriyanada
Scott McMahan
8/5/2008 | Size: 94k | Views: 140+
Review of "Revelations of Christ", a book by Swami Kriyanada (Kriya Yoga lineage) which critiques the Christian faith.

Warning About Comic Books
Scott McMahan
7/27/2010 | Size: 70k | Views: 130+
An essay written to warn parents about today's comic books. I had not looked at a comic book since about 1994, and they are not anything like they used to be....
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Fact Sheet: Bibles Printed In China
Scott McMahan
5/24/2011 | Size: 36k | Views: 30+
A one-page fact sheet with information about Bibles printed in China.