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MAY 25, 2016
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The Independent Presbyterian Church
Dr. Terry L. Johnson  |  Savannah, Georgia
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2015 Calendar of Annual Hymns and Psalms
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 148k | Views: 140+
Terry is trying to assure that his congregation gets a regular yearly diet of the very best hymns from the Reformed evangelical Protestant English-speaking...

Shorter Catechism Memorization Schedule - 1 year
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 154k | Views: 20+
Every 4 years, I.P.C. sets aside an opportunity during our Sunday school hour for particular attention to memorization of Catechisms - 1-8 grade - (Childrens =...

Annual Communion Season
Terry L. Johnson
8/7/2015 | Size: 110k | Views: 120+
In August of 1742, a crowd of 50,000 gathered in Cambuslang, Scotland, for an outdoor communion service amidst the revivals of religion then erupting all...
      Expositions of John      

I AM - John 6:35
Terry L. Johnson
5/5/2015 | Size: 127k | Views: 10+
Preached at Easter 2015 Service.
      Expositions of Luke      

Luke 20:9-19 - The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 310k | Views: 10+
It is characteristic of bureaucrats that they raise issues of authority. Religious, educational, and political officials often are concerned more about...

Luke 21:1-14 - The Widow's Mite
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 203k
The account of the “widow’s mite,” found here in Luke as well as in Mark’s Gospel (12:41-44), typically has been presented as an example, if not the supreme...

Luke 19:45-48 - Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 353k
Even as Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was a deliberate, celebratory declaration of His identity as the Messiah-King (19:28-45), so also Jesus’ entry into the...

Luke 20:1-8 - The Question of Authority
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 222k
A commonplace logical fallacy identified in all the logic textbooks is known as an “appeal to authority.” “The experts say…” “Scientists all agree…” “Everyone...

Luke 20:45-47 - The Problem with Religious People
Terry L. Johnson
12/23/2015 | Size: 209k
Serious religion has certain warping propensities, certain corrupting tendencies that have always plagued religious communities. Israel in the time of Jesus...

Luke 19:20-26 - Caesar or God?
Terry L. Johnson
12/3/2015 | Size: 239k | Views: 60+
The religious authorities recognize that they are the wicked tenants who have persecuted the prophets and who intend to murder the Son. Yet violent...

Luke 17:5-10 - Mustard Seed Faith and Unworthy Servants
Terry L. Johnson
12/25/2014 | Size: 135k | Views: 60+
Nearly everyone who has ever been close to things religious and spiritual has wished he or she had more faith. They have compared themselves to others and...

Luke 19:11-27 - The Parable of the Ten Minas
Terry L. Johnson
10/13/2015 | Size: 324k
“Today salvation has come to this house,” Jesus declared of Zacchaeus in the passage preceding ours, “for the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Lk...

Luke 20:27-40 - The Question of the Resurrection
Terry L. Johnson
12/3/2015 | Size: 268k | Views: 50+
It is typical of skeptics to raise complicated or difficult or farfetched hypothetical questions in order to justify their rejection of faith. Such is the case...

Luke 19:41-44 - The Redeemer's Tears
Terry L. Johnson
10/13/2015 | Size: 228k
“The Redeemer’s Tears” is the title of a famous exposition of Luke 19:41-44 by John Howe (1630-1706), the last of the English Puritan giants to depart this...

Luke 15:11­-32 (parts 1-3) - The Parable of the Lost Son
Terry L. Johnson
10/2/2014 | Size: 362k
Expositions of the Gospel According to Luke

Luke 19:28-40 - The Triumphal Entry
Terry L. Johnson
10/13/2015 | Size: 219k
We have arrived at the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Up to this point His prophetic or teaching office has been prominent. His kingly and priestly...

Luke 16:14-18 - Religion Gone Awry
11/18/2014 | Size: 166k | Views: 100+
We hardly need proof today that religion can run amuck. With decades of terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, and more recently, beheadings in the daily news, we...

Luke 19:1-10 - Saving Lost Zacchaeus
Terry L. Johnson
8/3/2015 | Size: 187k
Jesus encounters “a wee little man” named Zacchaeus (v 2). The meaning of their meeting is interpreted for us in verse 10: Jesus is seeking and saving the lost.

Luke 18:15-17 - Suffer the Little Children
Terry L. Johnson
5/5/2015 | Size: 140k
April 26, 2015

Luke 17:1-4 - Take Heed to Yourselves
Terry L. Johnson
12/17/2014 | Size: 153k
Jesus has just described hell as a “place of torment” from which there is no escape, where a “great chasm” is “fixed,” where its occupants plead for the least...

Luke 18:9-14 - The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican
Terry L. Johnson
5/5/2015 | Size: 173k
April 12 & 19, 2015

Luke 16:19-31 - The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Terry L. Johnson
12/17/2014 | Size: 200k
Have you ever wondered what happens to our conscious selves when we die? Do we cease to exist or do we live on? Do we all go to the same place or are we...

Luke 16:1-13 - The Parable of the Unrighteous Steward
Terry L. Johnson
11/10/2014 | Size: 197k | Views: 50+
What we will see as we proceed through the parable is a desperate manager rewriting his master’s bills without the interest, thereby securing the gratitude of...

Luke 18:18-27 (parts 1-3) - The Rich Young Ruler
Terry L. Johnson
6/24/2015 | Size: 188k | Views: 20+
Let’s first recognize that the rich young ruler introduces the right subject. And a ruler asked him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”...

Luke 15:11­-32 (parts 4-5) - The Parable of the Lost Son
Terry L. Johnson
10/2/2014 | Size: 201k
Expositions of the Gospel According to Luke
      Ordo Salutis      

Potato Heads - I
Terry L. Johnson
6/9/2014 | Size: 52k | Views: 20+
The Bible is richly diverse in the ways that it presents salvation. Multiple metaphors addressing multiple human needs calling for various saving responses are...

Potato Heads - II
Terry L. Johnson
6/18/2014 | Size: 97k | Views: 10+
We can slide up and down the ordo salutis and identify one item or another that has become the whole gospel at one time or another. When a partial gospel, one...
      Pastoral Ministry      

Core Values for Church Planting
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 131k | Views: 40+

An Evangelical and Reformed Faith
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 197k | Views: 20+

The Keys to a Long Ministry
Terry L. Johnson
4/17/2015 | Size: 180k | Views: 80+
Today’s average ministerial stay has drifted down to 3-5 years on average. Yet many of today’s most noteworthy ministries have been characterized by longevity:...

Improving Our Baptism
Terry L. Johnson
1/4/2015 | Size: 265k | Views: 120+
The breakdown of ecclesiastical discipline in the 1960’s, combined with the unrestrained energy and enthusiasm of the Jesus movement, resulted in an anarchy of...

Sonship: An Adequate Psychology of Christian Experience
Terry L. Johnson
7/15/2015 | Size: 161k | Views: 10+
Primarily my concerns have to do with how Sonship would have the Christian see himself. Much of its program is aimed at an outlook, what one might call a...

The Grace Debate (revised)
Terry L. Johnson
6/11/2014 | Size: 271k | Views: 1,140+
Essentially what the grace boys preach is this: sanctification by realization. Realize what Christ has done for you; realize His great love; realize His costly...
      The Church      

The Church as it Was Meant to be
Terry L. Johnson
6/9/2014 | Size: 217k | Views: 20+
Periodically, in the history of the church the cry has sounded to reform and cleanse the church, and to return it to the purity and simplicity of the apostolic...

The Stones Cry Out
Terry L. Johnson
5/24/2016 | Size: 260k
A Theological Tour of The Independent Presbyterian Church Of Savannah One hundred and seventy years ago the first sanctuary on this site was completed. The...

What if?
Terry L. Johnson
6/18/2014 | Size: 67k | Views: 10+
What if there were no Independent Presbyterian Church? Let’s have an “It’s a Wonderful Life”–style pretend session. Rather than imagining a world without...

Calvin's Institutes Two-Year Study Guide
Terry L. Johnson
1/4/2015 | Size: 503k | Views: 120+
We trust that this resource will be as helpful to you and your study as it was for the men of The Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah in 2013 and 2014.

A Biblical Theology of Worship - Acts
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 273k | Views: 100+

A Friendly Response to J. R. DeWitt on Preaching
Terry L. Johnson
7/7/2014 | Size: 134k | Views: 2,830+
Preaching, a central element of worship, has not been left untouched. The solidly biblical and theological content of the evangelical preaching of the...

Learning and Loving the Trinity Psalter
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 101k | Views: 10+

The Christian Use of Visual Art in Worship Today
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 135k | Views: 10+

The Ebb & Flow of Lectio Continua Bible Reading
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 244k | Views: 30+

The History of Psalm Singing in the Christian Church
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 148k

Worship and Music Today
Terry L. Johnson
7/13/2015 | Size: 214k | Views: 30+

Reformed Preaching
Terry L. Johnson
6/18/2014 | Size: 95k | Views: 1,220+
What would you think of a minister who preached a lectio continua series of 159 sermons on Job and in 61 of those sermons (38%) failed to mention the name of...

Jim Byrd
Behold, Your God

Isaiah 40:6-11
Sunday Service
13th Street Baptist Church
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Hourly: Who Cast Jonah Into the Sea?
Clarence Sexton
Temple Baptist Church
Staff Picks..

Blake McDaniel
The Gospel Of God

Williamsburg Baptist Church
Sunday - PM
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Jonathan Hunt
Hard truths for hard hearts

John: The Gospel from Eternity
TIME in the Word...
Play! | MP3

Sermon: Inestimable Worth Of Christ
E. A. Johnston

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Duties are ours and consequences are God's. ... Samuel Rutherford

Gospel of John
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