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FEB 13, 2016
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Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church
Craig A. Thurman  |  Willow, Alaska
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      Our Featured Article      
Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
12/13/2015 | PDF Size: 232k
This is an overview of the church's doctrinal position.

      Online Articles of Interest      

The King James Version: God's Word and the Versions
C. A. Thurman
10/16/2014 | Size: 1,001k
This is an edited copy of the original release. [Corrected at Objection 22, Oct.,16, 2014] Does it matter to us who was charged with keeping the Word of God?...
      Articles on Practice      

A Concise History of the Easter Holiday
C. A. Thurman
10/14/2014 | Size: 416k
This holiday, as well as other holidays, is very important to many of us. We were raised with them. We love them. Some of the greatest memories of family...

Biblical Self-Defense
Michael Tan, Elder
12/24/2015 | Size: 237k | Views: 10+
One of the best articles on this subject. This will do much to help the Christian derive from the Word of God what course of action is appropriate in any given...

Christian Contemporary Music, The Power of Music for Good or Evil
C. A. Thurman
10/21/2014 | Size: 353k
Is truth important to us? What about when it is wrapped up in a good melody? Are our songs truthful? We need to consider what power music wields in the...
      Articles on Theology      

Christ Could not Be Tempted
W. E. Best
6/16/2014 | Size: 348k
The impeccability of Christ is an essential Christian doctrine. Brother Best teaches the truth simply and clearly.

Free Grace Versus Free Will
W. E. Best
6/16/2014 | Size: 210k
The doctrine of God's election of grace has falsely been attributed to John Calvin, the head of the Presbyterian religion. How this error has served to...

Regeneration and Conversion
W. E. Best
6/16/2014 | Size: 417k
The late W. E. Best teaches the truth very clearly on this topic. The Scriptures teach a clear distinction between regeneration and conversion. One must be...

The Grace Series, The Doctrines of Grace, T-U-L-I-P Explained
Craig A. Thurman
12/9/2015 | Size: 897k
If ever there was something plain in the Word of God it is His sovereignty in salvation. This series explained in usual fashion the important points most...

The Raising of Lazarus, A Picture of Regeneration
Curtis Pugh
5/11/2015 | Size: 358k
A superbly written article touching on the truth of God's Sovereign act of regeneration upon the sinner. A truth so clear yet so distorted and confused by...

The Reckoning of Christ's Death According to the Scriptures
C. A. Thurman
10/14/2014 | Size: 625k
The Scriptures teach that Christ would be 3 nights and days in the heart of the earth, and would raise in the third day. Some say that this is an...

The 400 Year Sojourn of the Seed of Abraham in a Strange Land
Craig A. Thurman
1/12/2016 | Size: 147k
Some believe that Israel spent a total of 400 years in Egypt. Israel only spent 210 years in Egypt. Graphing the years of the lives given in the Scriptures is...

Genesis Genealogical Timeline from Adam to the Entry to the Promised Land - Chart
Craig A. Thurman
12/21/2015 | Size: 191k
At a glance you may see the lifespans and overlapping lives of the lives of those in the lineage of Adam to Abraham, and Abraham to Moses.

The Reckoning of Christ's Death to His Resurrection
Craig A. Thurman
12/21/2015 | Size: 112k
It is claimed by some that it is impossible for Christ to have raised from the dead after 3 days and nights in the tomb, and to raise on the third day. This...
      Church History      

Landmarkism before J. R. Graves
Thomas Williamson
2/4/2015 | Size: 669k | Views: 10+
Brother Williamson has written a superb essay on the existence of the principals of Landmarkism before J. R. Graves and J. M. Pendleton. This is a must read...

The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia
L. P. Brockett, M. D.
2/3/2015 | Size: 641k
L. P. Brockett has unearthed some excellent true church history for us. We hope that this can be a tremendous help to you as we try to maneuver through a great...
      Doctrinal Statement      

This We Believe
Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
12/13/2015 | Size: 232k
This is an overview of the church's doctrinal position.

Coming to the Doctrines of Grace
F. Leon King
11/30/2015 | Size: 141k
This is an autobiography of brother King's experience as the Lord led him to the doctrine of election, or as it commonly called, the Doctrines of Grace. In...

The Husband of One Wife, The Wife of One Man
Craig A. Thurman
12/18/2015 | Size: 171k
If we can interpret the one we should be able to interpret the other. What does it mean to be the husband of one wife, and the wife of one husband? We hope...

The Lord's Supper, The Drink Element Considered
Craig A. Thurman
12/18/2015 | Size: 286k
There is so much controversy about what is the right element to be used in the Lord's Supper. Is it necessary for the Christian to get down to the very...
      Family's Corner      

Chasten Thy Son while There Is Hope
Charles Bridges
10/29/2015 | Size: 289k
Very good and helpful considerations for the necessity of the Lord's instruction upon children, whether that come in the form of chastening or instruction.

Correct Thy Son
Charles Bridges
11/12/2015 | Size: 272k
Another great article with keen information on issues that differ in children and discipline.

For Mothers, Experienced or New
John Angell James
10/8/2015 | Size: 1,997k
John Angell James (1785-1859) has left us an invaluable lesson that every Christian would benefit from reading. But before any woman enter into marriage, they...

Grace for a Wife's Submission
William Gouge
12/4/2015 | Size: 417k
This is such a well-written study that all men and women in Christ would profit greatly from reading this. Men would be reminded as well to the importance of...

Marriage Is Under Heavy Attack Today
Wilbur Elias Best
10/9/2015 | Size: 244k
Brother Best has written a short statement that is fitting for our day concerning marriage.

The Rod and Reproof Give Wisdom
Charles Bridges
10/9/2015 | Size: 295k
Charles Bridges (1749-1869)wrote a large commentary on the book of Proverbs. This is an except from that work.
      Of Antichrists      

Antichrists and The Antichrist
Wilbur Elias Best
1/28/2016 | Size: 297k

Antichrists and the Christian's Responsibility
Craig A. Thurman
1/28/2016 | Size: 602k

They Went out from Us
Samuel Eyles Pierce (1746-1849)
1/28/2016 | Size: 377k
      Of Churches      

Letter to the Church at Smyrna
W. E. Best
12/4/2015 | Size: 474k

The New Birth Is Irresistible and Irreversible
David Simpson
11/4/2015 | Size: 358k
Consider prayerfully the exposition of the text of Hebrews 6.4-6 by brother David Simpson. It should be a blessing to all who read.
      Studying by the Book      

Studying through the Book of Acts (Chapters 1 to 9, verse 16)
Craig A. Thurman
1/1/2016 | Size: 1,967k
Acts chapters 1 - 9, verse 16

Studying through the Book of Acts (Chapters 9, verse 17 - 16)
Craig A. Thurman
1/1/2016 | Size: 1,777k
Chapters 9, verse 17 - 16

Studying through the Book of Acts (Chapters 17 - 23)
Craig A. Thurman
1/1/2016 | Size: 1,983k
Acts chapters 17 - 23

Studying through the Book of Acts (Chapters 24 - 28)
Craig A. Thurman
1/1/2016 | Size: 1,609k
Acts chapters 24-28

Studying through the Book of Philippians
Craig A. Thurman
1/7/2016 | Size: 1,997k

Studying through the Book of Colossians (Chapters 1 - 2)
Craig A. Thurman
1/7/2016 | Size: 1,617k
Chapters 1 and 2

Studying through the Book of Colossians (Chapters 3 - 4)
Craig A. Thurman
1/7/2016 | Size: 1,769k
Chapters 3 and 4

Studying through the Book of 1Thessalonians
Craig A. Thurman
1/7/2016 | Size: 1,525k

Studying through the Book of 2Thessalonians
Craig A. Thurman
1/7/2016 | Size: 1,308k
      The Person of Christ      

The Virgin Birth
W. E. Best
12/4/2015 | Size: 388k
The late brother W. E. Best has nailed this down in good and simple terms. We can believe that the Word of God teaches that our Lord Jesus Christ, God...
      Through Baca's Vale      

Through Baca's Vale - November, 25 - Job 28.7
J. C. Philpot
11/25/2015 | Size: 381k

J. C. Philpot's Letter of Resignation from the Church of England - March 1835
J. C. Philpot
11/21/2015 | Size: 97k
This letter gives us some insight into the man, J. C. Philpot. That we would have the same conviction to stand by His grace upon the truth of the Word of God.

Through Baca's Vale - November 22 - Luke 24.21
J. C. Philpot
11/21/2015 | Size: 455k
The daughters of this late Baptist Preacher published a devotional book with some of his great thoughts. We hope to post a few of these as the days go by.

Through Baca's Vale - November 4th - 1Jn. 4.7
J. C. Philpot
11/21/2015 | Size: 381k

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