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JUL 23, 2014
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MyChurch: bereanbaptistch
Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Sean Harris  |  Fayetteville, North Carolina
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      Our Featured Article      
Sean Harris
5/21/2012 | PDF Size: 317k | Views: 120+
This chart is designed to help Christians learn how to share the gospel with others. It is a free resource for all. There are four parts: 1) God the Bible, 2) the bad news--man the sinner, 3) Christ our Savior--the gospel, and 4) Man's response....

      Articles on Practice      

A Cross Cultural, Church Planting Strategy
William J. Sturm
7/8/2011 | Size: 629k | Views: 50+
See what appears to be a biblical strategy for planting churches.

Berean Missions Philosophy and Expectations
Sean Harris & Bill Sturm
11/14/2012 | Size: 186k | Views: 10+
Berean Baptist Church is committed to financially partnering with men (and their spouses) who meet the qualifications of a bishop in 1st Timothy 3 and are...

Crises Intervention
William J. Sturm
1/29/2011 | Size: 383k | Views: 90+
Here are some simple strategies on approaching and caring for those who are suffering.

Funeral Checklist
Sean Harris
2/18/2012 | Size: 231k | Views: 30+
This is a one page checklist to help a pastor led a family through a death in the family.

The Issue of Inerrancy in Fundamentalism
Sean E. Harris
8/5/2011 | Size: 248k | Views: 280+
The paper deals with the manner in which fundamentalists have turn to fighting within instead of without--on the issues of the KJV Bible.

The Ordination of Women
William J. Sturm
1/18/2011 | Size: 148k | Views: 120+
Is it Biblical to ordain sisters in Christ to the ministry of the pastorate or the deaconship?

A Vision Statement for Berean
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 129k | Views: 60+
Having been the senior pastor of Berean Baptist Church for nearly three years, I have been asked on more than one occasion about my vision for the church. It...

Position Paper on Bible Translations
BBC Pastors
1/6/2011 | Size: 329k | Views: 90+
This document outlines the pastoral staff's position on the KJV Bible and other translations.

Sinner's Prayer Biblical or X-Biblical
Sean Harris
1/5/2011 | Size: 411k | Views: 120+
The way many tracts and web pages are written, it appears that most believe words of faith must be articulated in a prayer or that the words guarantee...
      Articles on Theology      

Exposition of Isaiah 66:15-24
William J. Sturm
10/20/2012 | Size: 252k | Views: 10+

Exposition of Psalm 50
William J. Sturm
1/2/2013 | Size: 556k | Views: 10+
Eschatology and History in this great Psalm

Is the Pretribulation Rapture in the Olivet Discourse?
Sean Harris
11/24/2012 | Size: 660k | Views: 10+
In Mark, chapter 13, an abbreviated representation of the Olivet Discourse is presented. In the Gospel of Luke, the Olivet Discourse seems to be separated into...

John's 'Jesus' is Twice-Represented
William J. Sturm
10/9/2012 | Size: 485k | Views: 10+
See how the Holy Spirit is presented in John.

The Best Answer for Hebrews' Authorship
William J. Sturm
11/15/2012 | Size: 509k | Views: 10+

The Posttribulational Rapture
William J. Sturm
3/1/2014 | Size: 310k

May I Ask God to Curse Others?
William J. Sturm
12/10/2011 | Size: 481k | Views: 20+
Many Biblical saints speak of their enemies dying horrible deaths. Were they praying for such things justifiably or were they just having "a bad day?"

The Clear Mind of Romans 12:1-2 and Ephesians 4:17-20
William J. Sturm
7/8/2011 | Size: 323k | Views: 20+
What does it mean to have "spirituality?" See Paul's explanation.

What is Spiritual Formation?
William J. Sturm
7/2/2011 | Size: 452k | Views: 30+
Find what God's Spirit uses to form Christ in us.

Comparing Commentaries on Hebrews 6:1-8
William J. Sturm
6/25/2011 | Size: 233k | Views: 30+
Do you think this passage is confusing?

Sean E. Harris
5/9/2011 | Size: 168k | Views: 190+
The primary purposes of this paper are to provide an exposition of Isaiah 65:1-16, with a focus on the interpretive issues of the passage, identify the...

Sean E. Harris
5/9/2011 | Size: 172k | Views: 200+
Todays student of the New Testament will struggle greatly at understanding Pauls epistles and Gods plan for His people without a good understanding of the...

A Word Study of the Hebrew Word Hesed
Sean Harris
3/7/2011 | Size: 162k | Views: 40+
This is a thorough examination of the OT word "checed" or "hesed." Hesed often translated mercy or lovingkindness communicates much about God's covenant...

MelchizedekA Canaanite Priest, King, and Glorious Sermon Illustration
Sean Harris
1/8/2011 | Size: 164k | Views: 40+
Without the book of Hebrews clarifying commentary on Melchizedek, Jews and Christians both find themselves puzzled as they encounter the brief historical...
      History and Analysis      

Fundamental Bible Believers and Their Inerrancy
William J. Sturm
7/15/2013 | Size: 578k | Views: 10+

John 7:53-8:11--Was it In the Original Bible?
William J. Sturm
10/11/2012 | Size: 310k | Views: 10+

Pastor Sean Preaches on Jehovah's Witnesses
Pastor Sean Harris
9/16/2012 | Size: 215k
Pastor Sean preaches on two Sunday nights concerning the Jehovah's Witnesses

Review of Film: 'The Mission'
William J. Sturm
11/15/2012 | Size: 416k
I do not recommend this movie as it has "native" nudity.

Roger Williams: Free in His Conscience
William J. Sturm
10/16/2012 | Size: 451k
The First Baptist in America considered in a short research paper

Shubal Stearns: Church Planter
William J. Sturm
5/20/2011 | Size: 256k | Views: 40+
Was this "first English-speaking Baptist pastor in the South" a real Paul-like sort of church-planter? Or, is he simply over-glamorized?

World Evangelism at the Cost of Families
William J. Sturm
12/8/2012 | Size: 364k | Views: 10+
This paper examines the high cost of missions in the forsaking of family.

God's Sovereign Role in the Canonization of the New Testament
Sean Harris
1/17/2011 | Size: 357k | Views: 60+
      Resource for Pastors      

Application for Prospective Missionaries
Pastor Sean Harris
6/28/2011 | Size: 169k | Views: 20+
Herein you will find a letter of introduction to prospective missionaries and a saveable PDF application of four pages.

High School Principal Job Description
Sean Harris
1/31/2013 | Size: 258k
This could help in your interview process

Missionary/Special Speaker Reimbursement Form
Sean Harris
2/22/2013 | Size: 102k

Pastoral Staff Application
Sean E. Harris
5/10/2011 | Size: 234k | Views: 180+
This is a fill-in-blank application for a pastor.

Wedding Transcript (Green/Birkholz)
William J. Sturm
7/23/2012 | Size: 121k | Views: 10+
Here's some ideas for first time officiators.

Deacon Nomination Letter
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 38k | Views: 40+
This is the kind of letter deacons could receive informing them that they have been nominated but need to take additional action.

Deacon Ordination Certificate
Bill Sturm
1/13/2011 | Size: 77k | Views: 40+

Deacon Questionnaire
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 279k | Views: 50+
This is the type of questionnaire a church could use to help screen unqualified deacons from appearing before the church for a vote.

Employment Application
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 194k | Views: 50+
This pdf provides an example of employee application created for a church.

Example Job Description
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 260k | Views: 160+
This document will provide an example of what a church might put together for a job applicant.

Ordination Certificate
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 51k | Views: 50+
This pdf provides pastors an example of how an ordination certificate can be custom designed.

Ordination Service Program
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 280k | Views: 40+
This pdf provides an example of a program that might be created for a special ordination service for a pastor.

Pastoral Ordination Council
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 37k | Views: 50+
If you have never planned and executed an ordination of a candidate for the ministry of the gospel this checklist could be a good resource.

Pastoral Staff Application
Sean E. Harris
4/21/2011 | Size: 229k | Views: 200+
This is a fill-in-blank applicaton for a member of a pastoral staff.

Pastoral Staff Candidate Questionnaire
Sean Harris
1/7/2011 | Size: 344k | Views: 70+
This document is used in the hiring process of staff pastors.

Senior Pastor Duties and Responsibilities
Church Constitution
1/18/2011 | Size: 170k | Views: 50+
This document summarizes what the church constitution says about the pastors duties and responsibilities.

Teacher Questionnaire
Sean Harris
1/6/2011 | Size: 339k | Views: 40+
This is an example of a questionnaire a church might use to help screen candidates for teaching.
      Tracts & Pamphlets      

God's Plan of Salvation Chart
Sean Harris
5/21/2012 | Size: 317k | Views: 120+
This chart is designed to help Christians learn how to share the gospel with others. It is a free resource for all. There are four parts: 1) God the Bible, 2)...

My First Step: Baptism
Pastor Sean Harris
8/17/2011 | Size: 628k | Views: 40+
This booklet will take you through the Biblical necessity of baptism.

What Does it Mean to Be 'Born Again?'
William J. Sturm
9/7/2011 | Size: 715k | Views: 40+
A Rehearsal and Re-enforcement of the Gospel

The Prodigal's Return
Mark Pannell
Godly Repentance

The Righteousness of God
Sunday Service
Eager Avenue Grace Church
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Paul Hayden
Leprosy Cured, Sin Forgiven

Hope Chapel Redhill
Sunday - AM
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E. A. Johnston
Underground Church In America

Ambassadors For Christ Intl-US
Special Meeting
Play! | MP3

Paul Washer: "Most Useful Bible Study"

See what Paul Washer calls the most useful Bible study tool in hist­ory. Click here!

Sermon - Satan the Enemy

O Lord, help us to hear the serpents rattle before we feel its fangs. ... T. DeWitt Talmage

City: Austin, TX
Gospel of John
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