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Independent Baptist Institute is a teaching and publishing ministry started by Pastor and Bible teacher Dan Botterbrodt. The purpose of IBI is fulfillment of the Lord's Commission by "teaching the whole Word to the whole world." We hope to fulfill this purpose in the following ways:

1. Prepare Bible institute and study materials and make them available without charge to church planting evangelists, pastors, and local churches.

2. Multiply the cause of missions by assisting with the training of national pastors to teach their own people.

3. Provide prayer support for the needs of missionaries, national pastors, and churches on foreign fields.

4. Provide helpful on-line resources.

5. Make practical, Bible-based sermons and teaching available on-line.

6. Make the gospel available world-wide in multiple languages.

Bro. Botterbrodt is available for the following ministries:

Bible College and Institute Modules
National Pastor Training
Missions Conferences
Missions Trips
Baptist History Conferences
King James Bible Conferences
Spiritual Warfare Conferences
Church Planting Assistance

Member Since June 2016

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May 2016 Hawaii Update
Greetings from the Big Island!Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the Lord's work here in Hawaii and around the world. Through your prayers both of us were able to return to Hawaii last month. The Lord has provided a place for us on t..

Printed Materials
We have finished uploading the completed Bible institute materials and other printed resources to the eDocs page. Feel free to print them for teaching, study, or translation purposes. Bible Institute MaterialsActs of the Holy GhostBaptist Doctrine 1B..

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