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SEP 21, 2017
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 | Collingswood, New Jersey
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D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.
3,282 sermons
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Divorce, Re-Marriage & the Bible #1
Series:  'Til Death Us Do Part  · 1 of 2
7/20/1991 (SAT)
  |  Bible: Romans 7:2-3
        Special Meeting
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    D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.
    Divorce, Re-Marriage & Bible 1

    'Til Death Us Do Part
    Special Meeting
    Bible For Today Baptist Church
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    D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.
    Divorce, Re-Marriage & Bible 1

    'Til Death Us Do Part
    Bible For Today Baptist...
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    AnonContact via email (2/15/2011)
    “ WARNING: Remarriage After Marriage => Hell? ”
    Thank you Dr. Waite. Most Bible Passages on Divorce and Remarriage Bible are clear (e.g., Luke 16, Mark 10, I Cor 7): NO Remarriage is permitted after divorce. However, don't two NT passages (e.g., Matthew 5 & 19) permit Remarriage but not in the modern context? Are fornication or desertion grounds for Remarriage?: (1.) YES. During the ancient Betrothal (i.e., modern engagement) Period = Divorce and Remarriage permitted. (2.) NO. After the Wedding and Sexual Consummation = Adultery. Thus, why are there so many unbiblical views hosted on Aren't most of these sermons allowing Christians to commit Adultery yet the Bible is clear: "[Adulterers] shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God" (I Cor 6:9)? Won't Adulterers burn in Hell? Pastors be warned: "Whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." (Luke 12:48)

    Diana AbbottContact via email (10/16/2010)
    from Chicopee, Ma.
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    My comment is that divorcing was and is a very painful situation. It makes it even harder if you love Christ and want to follow HIM as HIS disciple. I Had to divorce, and get an annulment ( I really do not know if annulments are true or not, but I got one from my catholic church then.) It bothered me so much to divorce and then even to get an annulment...I was a "sinner" I said to myself. My husband then, would place his police gun to my head several times and was verbally abusive for 2 1/2 years....Dr.s told me that I could not live like that. I was ill from the fear. He was an alcoholic and an adulterer....I then 7 years later remarried in a Methodist church and 26 years later, Our Lord brought me home to my Baptist church here in Chicopee, Ma. My burden was lifted, and when I heard that with a good confession to our Lord for leaving my then husband, and if I was saved, I would be forgiven.....Praise God. Many people who are saved HAVE to leave their spouses as I did...and it is the most painful situation I have ever been this sermon helped me. Bless you. Your Sister in Christ, Diana

    PraxBelieverContact via email (12/16/2009)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Dear Wayne, I read your comment and your personal experience, am sorry to say that there is no Biblical ground for ground, we need to listen what Jesus taught on the Mount in Mathew 5, regarding this topic, he says," It was not so from the begining.." and this is what it is. The Bible teaches NO DIVORCE & NO REMARRIAGE, marriage's are for life time, TILL DEATH DO US PART. Any body divorcing is committing sin against God and against his/her spouse and anybody remarrying is committing SIN of adultery which is also a STATE OF ADULTERY, yea this SIN is forgivable but one has to repent and forsake this SIN, not only this sin but any other SIN, we cannot take and pick n choose bible as per our liking. Bible permits remarriage only if either Spouse is dead or in case of a believer married to an unbeliever and if that unbeliever partner seperates from the believer partner. May God grant you grace to accept this Truth.

    BB Swan (4/22/2007)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Wayne, I guess you're right. I should not have agreed with the woman's sarcastic comment. I think the controversy over adultery stems from it being the seemingly only sin that people say they can repent of and yet still live in. As drunks quit drinking, thieves stop stealing, murderers don't kill again, yet saying that one has repented from adultery yet still lives in it daily causes confusion. It wouldn't hurt to hear this message and #2, it is not actually preaching but Mr. Waite is reading a 28 page letter from someone concerning adultery and addressing their statements. It is rather enlightening.

    Wayne M. (4/21/2007)
    from British Columbia, Canada
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    BB Swan, I'm glad you believe adultery is forgiveable. I think you still made an error though in saying to the woman "yes, you committed the one unforgivable sin". How can you know that? Only God knows. As long as the woman is still alive, if she is not born again, she still has a chance to be saved. Also I did not listen to the sermon as I think I have heard similar type sermons. I think some preachers lay an unbiblical guilt trip on remarried people. Personally I don't think divorce and remarriage is necessarily wrong and if it is in a particular case, the people involved can seek forgiveness from the Lord, but they must become christians if they are not yet. In my case, I got a divorce as a Roman Catholic on Biblical grounds and later married a divorced Protestant christian (31 yrs ago). It wasn't until after we were married that I later became a christian (5 years later). It has been a difficult 27 years carrying this history into churches(not to mention the abnormal family situation). Not all christians are accepting. There are some self righteous ones who take the hardest view possible. We may be forgiven for our sins, but that does not erase the consequences. There have been some good christian friends too.

    BB Swan (4/20/2007)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Wayne, you misunderstand my comment. I certainly DO NOT believe adultery to be unforgivable, only denying the truth (Jesus said, I am the truth) So anyone disagreeing with the truth (Christ) is committing blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Do not Christ and the Holy Ghost agree? Every person trying to justify their sin could try to use scripture or situational ethics, it doesn't make their point true. If their point disagrees with scripture it is either blasphemy or heresy. I personally do know people who have repented and gotten out of adultery, so I know quite well that adultery is forgivable! Sorry for your misunderstanding.

    Wayne M. (4/19/2007)
    from British Columbia, Canada
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    BB Swan, "As for the first comment from the woman living in adultery, Yes you have committed the one unforgivable sin. Mark 3:29 says that "he that shall blaspeme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation." I think you yourself are making a grave error in accusing someone, who you say is living in adultery, of committing an unforgiveable sin. By the sound of it, you don't know what an unforgiveable sin is. This woman who you say is living in adultery can receive forgiveness for her sin (if indeed she is living in sin) the same as someone else. You should find out what the unforgiveable sin is (the sin of refusing to believe in or accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour), apologize, and repent of your self-righteous error.

    BB Swan (4/19/2007)
    from Georgia
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Thank you for such a Biblical look at divorce and remarriage. I hope people realize that if they take ANY stand other than the scripture, they call God a liar and themselves truth, which is blasphemy. As for the first comment from the woman living in adultery, Yes you have committed the one unforgivable sin. Mark 3:29 says that "he that shall blaspeme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation." Because you have called God's word untrue simply because you do not agree with it. Blasphemy! Preach On Brother Waite, Preach On!

    Saved by Grace (10/30/2006)
    “ Washed in the blood of the Lamb of God. ”
    I wish to join the many others here in their celebration of the lifelong suffering of their brothers and sisters in Christ, for having committed that one unforgivable sin - having chosen badly a mate while they were still sinners. I too feel that the grace of God does not extend to those who have committed that one sin which is above all others, that one sin that is not covered by the grace of God. For so serious is the sin of having made that particular bad choice when a sinner, that abandoned godly mothers would never know the love of a godly husband, neither her children know the love and godly upbringing of a godly stepfather. Their consolation is that Jesus still loves them, just not as much as other sinners. Us holier than though types, who know the word of God, but not the spirit of God, know that it is grace for me, not thee. Praise the Lord.

    James FarleyContact via email (3/21/2005)
    from Edinburgh, Indiana
    “ Great Bible Study! ”
    Fellow Sermon Audio listeners, this study is WELL WORTH your time to listen to! It has two purposes: #1, Dr. Waite rebuts an individual's article that has false teaching on the subject of marriage/divorce/remarriage. #2, Dr. Waite, in the midst of rebutting the article, goes into great detail on what the Bible actually teaches on marriage/divorce/remarriage. If you want to clear up a lot of your own misunderstandings on this subject or if you already take the right view on this and want to strengthen your knowledge of what the Scripture teaches on this very important and basic issue in Christianity, please take the time to listen!!!

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      D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.
    In February, 1965, while a Pastor in Newton, Massachusetts, Rev Dr. D. A. Waite felt led of the Lord to begin THE BIBLE FOR TODAY which, at that time, consisted of a radio broadcast heard several times each week over WRIB, Providence, Rhode Island, and, for a while also, on WSOL, Tampa,...

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