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OCT 17, 2017
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Marc Monte
1,462 sermons
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Islam: America's Number One Enemy
Series:  Annual Islam Message  · 1 of 9
9/7/2003 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 5:38-48
        Sunday - AM
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    Marc Monte
    Islam: America's #1 Enemy

    Annual Islam Message
    Sunday - AM
    Faith Baptist Church of Avon
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    Marc Monte
    Islam: America's #1 Enemy

    Annual Islam Message
    Faith Baptist Church of...
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    Sermon Activity:   
    This sermon was FEATURED on: 11/2/04, 10/29/04, 10/27/04 | more »
    This MP3 sermon was last played: 37 hours ago | more »
    Sermon Series (1 of 9):   
    More Sermon Details:   
    I. International Islam is a religion that has
    repeatedly expressed animosity toward the United
    II. The Koran encourages violence against those who
    do not subscribe to the teachings of Islam.
    III. The God of the Bible loves His enemies and
    desires to save them.
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    Marc Monte
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    Adriel (5/29/2017)
    “ Timely Warning ”
    America's Number One enemy is its own weakness - Called Liberalism - Which allows false witnesses and false religions to take hold among the people. Islam is a worldly false religion but so is Roman Catholic so these are dangerous paths on the wide road to be warned of. Christ Himself taught "I am the truth the life and the way NO one can come to God the Father but by Me." John 14:6. Thus His being the Son of God - Who would never have sacrificed His Son on a cross if there was another feasible way to salvation - which of course there isn't. Islam then is a way of Satan. Beware the satanic deception and human ignorance that is Liberalism, it is a chameleon pretender and the means by which Islam the false witness gets into society.

    Robert (6/16/2016)
    from Marin County, California
    You really don't have anything to worry about. If you were to speak truth to power, you would have nothing to fear. Our number one enemies are ignorance and the belief that one religion is somehow superior to another. Perhaps if you led the way by showing acceptance, those unwitting subscribers of your rather extreme ideology might follow your example. This kind of very narrow view takes time to widen. You have our sincerest compassion and hope for a future free of ignorance. Freedom is really letting go, not adhering blindly to some extreme belief devoid of reason.

    Dennis H (2/26/2015)
    from South Dakota
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Great sermon. Certainly worth sharing. For the comment that our #1 enemy is Satan, I wonder who people think is behind Islam and all the other false religions in the world. God Bless.

    Mark E (11/4/2014)
    from California
    “ Please Preacher ”
    As a true believer my number one enemy is Satan and this world. Some Islam people could be some of God's elect sheep. Ever thought of that? Satan controls this world and that includes the USA. Satan is allowed of God to set himself up to be worshiped as God in most so-called Christian churches. Christ says be not deceived (Matthew 24).

    Psalm34John (8/31/2013)
    from China
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    We praise God for our connection to you in Christ and for the privilege we have to hear your straight, practical, Biblical preaching. May God continue to bless your work in Avon and influence around the world.

    Cathy (6/8/2013)
    from Western Australia
    “ Most Excellent Sermon! ”
    What a beautiful message! May all Jews, Arabs and Gentiles alike,who believe in the One True God of life and light, and His truth,come to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah.May they Know His Love,Mercy,Grace, Salvation,Justice,Deliverance,Peace and assurance and Holy Righteousness, by His Spirit. Thank you pastor Mark, for such a loving and honest sermon and the Lord God Almighty bless you always.

    doug mahadyContact via email (1/29/2013)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    keep preaching the truth!!

    Grady PeelerContact via email (1/27/2013)
    from Tampa
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    I thought Judaism was as virulent and diabolical an enemy of Christianity as anything Islam could muster. I guess it all depends on your perspective and what you actually know about Judaism.

    bogi (12/15/2012)
    “ Great Sermon! ”

    janineContact via email (12/9/2012)
    from louisiana
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Heavy and very informative. Thank you

    JennaContact via email (10/19/2012)
    from Brownsburg, IN
    “ Tremendous Sermon ”
    It is great to hear such preaching in these times. It is unheard of to speak to what is really going on right in our own back yard. America is so blind to what is happening or just plain closing their eyes to it all. It doesn't take a theologian to see country after country crumble in the name of A false god. I pray your I-phone app spreads for all to hear. I will forward this series to everyone I know. Thank you for submitting to Gods will and preach on our #1 enemy.

    Hank HudsonContact via email (11/12/2010)
    from deerfield beach florida
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    This is a great example of the power of Satan as a deceiver in the world. If ever Satan created his own religion, he did it with Islam. I truly feel sorry for followers of Islam, as basically, they must live in a life filled with fear and hate. May Jesus Christ be revealed and accepted by them before they die.

    Sharon Smith (8/25/2008)
    “ Excellent series on Islam ”
    Anyone, who wants to understand Islam, needs to hear these messages by Pastor Monte. You will then wonder why Barack Obama can declare himself a Christian, and still be accepted by the Muslim world. Death is the punishment for anyone leaving Islam. Outward denial for a greater purpose, while remaining inwardly true to the faith, is allowable.

    Mark WhiteContact via email (5/4/2007)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Satan is the true enemy of the world. He is also the god of every religeon other than Christianity and the Jews. At least partially, he is the cause of their lack of belief as well.

    Daniel M LattieriContact via email (11/7/2006)
    from Altoona Pa.
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Islam is the enemy of Christianity more so than America. They believe that America is a Christian country, because we profess to be, and if liberals had their way we would not be a Christian nation. In the Continent of Africa they are killing Christians, not Americans. All over the world they are killing christians. They hate us because we believe the God of the Jews is the only true God, and their god Allah is a false god. Why are they not going after atheists or even Buddhists? are they not enemies of Islam? Liberals will tell you that Allah and the God of the bible is the same god. Not true. The God of the bible is the God of Israel and the only true God for the christian. Blessed be the name of the Lord God of Israel.

    Reserved for obvious reasons.Contact via email (11/7/2006)
    from Saudi Arabia
    “ The truth and nothing but the truth! ”
    Living and working in the birthplace of Islam I am continually amazed at how blind the average muslim is to the violent character of their faith. God bless you for your courage to speak out.

    A believer (11/20/2005)
    “ America's greatest enemy ”
    America's greatest enemy is not Islam, but, rather, Satan. As he is for all the countries of the earth.

    Don (11/20/2005)
    from Southwest Florida
    “ Thanks Linda ”
    Thanks for bringing this to the fore. While I can't listen right now, I plan to later. This is an importatn topic. Now how do we get this message to those in Washington who want us to be nice to all our neighbors.

    Linda Robey (11/20/2005)
    from Mississippi
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    This message needs to be preached in every church in America!! There are too many Americans who are ignorant of the religion of Islam. Islam is NOT a religion of peace--Islam's holy book, the Koran, does indeed teach violence, and when a Muslim follows those teachings, violence is the result. Thank you Bro. Marc, for this message. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

    stephen Gimlich (7/22/2005)
    from Greenwood, IN
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Pastor Monte You haved preach the truth that never will fail. Keep the truth coming over the years go by.

    Hap E. Day (12/19/2004)
    from Evansville, IN
    “ This is a "must hear" sermon! ”
    FACTS ABOUT ISLAM: Twenty percent of the world’s population are Muslims. Islam is the majority religion in 40 countries. Since 1900 the number of Muslims increased 468% while the number of Christians increased 314%. Seventy percent of the 1.3 billion “unevangelized people” in the world are Muslim. There is only one Christian missionary for every one million Muslim believers. Islam has targeted Europe as its principle mission field. There are more Muslims than Protestants in France. The number of Mosques in London increased from 2 to over 400 in the last 25 years. This information is 8 years old. London now has 600+ mosques. Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini (dead) stated that the gate to Europe & America is England. Muslims are again trying to Islamize the world. They have a very good chance of doing it this time. Some Muslims have stated that America will be an Islamic country in 80 years. This is nothing to take lightly. I suggest anyone who reads this to find all they can about this threat to Christianity and our freedoms. The following are some authors who have documented this Islamic threat and it’s plans of world domination in the name of Allah: Abdullah Al-Araby, Daniel Pipes, Craig Winn, Robert Spencer, Victor Mordecai, Don Richardson, Ted Byfield and William Wagner.

    John Compton (11/5/2004)
    from Binghamton, NY
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    As we see continuing and increasing attacks of terrorism around the world, it is imperative that Americans understand the true nature of ISLAM. This sermon is very informative - I have downloaded and made several CD's to pass around to friends. For a deeper study, I recommend the book "ISLAM AND TERRORISM", authored by Mark Gabriel, PH.D. (former Muslim and professor at Al-Azhar University in Egypt). He was able to quote the entire Quran at 12 yrs. old. Disowned by family after his conversion, he fled to the USA after attempts on his life by angry Muslims. He changed his name for safety reasons. Dr. Gabriel has also written the book "Islam and the Jews"

    Romayne Wright (Mrs) (10/28/2004)
    from Belfast N. Ireland
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    Excellent sermon dealing with a difficult issue, particularly no doubt more so in the US than anywhere else. Personally I feel that Islam will be proven at some stage to birth the AntiChrist who is to take center stage at some point up ahead. It denies Jesus as the Son of God, and happily beheads not just the saints but ANYONE who gets in the way of its onslaught. It is a religion thirsting for the blood of all who disagree with it. ...Allah is a God of War and Destruction, and I think most true believers know fully where THAT aspect comes from - our God is a God of Love and true Peace (through Jesus), so please don't try to tell me we all serve the same God. Sadly, many sincere devout Muslims won't discover the Truth until they die after which it will be too late. Isn't it interesting too how such false religions are the ones which insist that to leave or change to any other religion demands death/excommunication or whatever! Christianity is about the only one that is TOTALLY FREE. Come, Lord Jesus. :-))

    Daniel Lee Ford (10/17/2004)
    from Spring Arbor, Michigan
    “ BOLD,CLEAR:U Must HEAR! ”
    This sermon title upset the world that didn't know we're to "Love, bless, do good & pray for our enemies" GREAT! Direct, incisive - TAKE NOTES! A sermon that got worldwide protests and accolades.

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      Marc Monte
    Pastor Monte, senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Avon, IN, was saved as a boy in January of his 8th grade school year, where he attended Fourth Baptist Christian Day School in Minneapolis. By 9th grade, the Lord had called him to preach under the ministry of his youth pastor, Paul...

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