john philbrook  |  north highlands, ca
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C. H. Spurgeon 
Prince of Preachers 
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Picked: 08/21/2008
5,580+ downloads | 51 min

Commented3 Excellent Readiing of a Passionate Sermon  ..  like sitting in the pew in 1865, it...
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Synthetic Christianity  Transcript!
Russ Sukhia 
Liberty Church, PCA 
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Picked: 05/23/2008
3,780+ downloads | 36 min

Commented5 Excellent Sermon!  ..  one of the best sermons ever, scary but true. may the god of all...
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A. W. Pink | Calvinism and Predestination
Still Waters Revival Books 
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Picked: 04/06/2008
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Commented7 Great Sermon!  ..  god owns everything !!
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