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Alan H  |  Washington State
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Nathan Trice 
Redeemer Church, ARP 
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Picked: 03/03/2012
260+ downloads | 43 min

Commented1 A much needed Sermon!  ..  very good observations pastor trice. it is so easy to get...
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Dr. Alan Cairns | Incomparable Sorrow of Christ
Let the Bible Speak Radio 
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Picked: 01/02/2010
260+ downloads | 28 min

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Rev. Stephen Hamilton 
Lehigh Valley FPC 
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Picked: 12/02/2009
280+ downloads | 31 min

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Rev. John Greer | The Doctrine of Man
Ballymena Free Presbyterian 
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Picked: 10/31/2009
480+ downloads | 45 min

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Archibald Alexander | Audio Books
Providence PCA Church 
HIFI Available
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Picked: 09/26/2009
480+ downloads | 42 min

Commented1 Relevant for Current Controversies!  ..  the title of this sermon and its doctrine...
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Dr. Alan Cairns | Old Time Religion Series
Faith FPC 
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Picked: 04/26/2009
1,280+ downloads | 69 min

Commented2 Authority only in the revelation of God.  ..  a call to follow the old paths of...
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