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Kenneth Copeland's 2013 Prophecy
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In Washington, DC, on November 9, 2012 at 11am, Kenneth Copeland spoke a word he claimed that God gave him. Last year, I transcribed his 2012 prophecy, and the bar was very low. The only verifiable prediction I could find in his 2012 prophecy was that the United States was going to cease to exist, which it did not (as it hasn't for two centuries, even in the face of civil war). This year, the bar is even lower, with the only verifiable prediction being "a lot of stuff going to happen". Still, anyone who believes this is a word from God needs to print out my transcript and tape it into their Bibles.

This year's prophecy was difficult to transcribe. Copeland starts out speaking for God, in the first person, but several times he breaks out in digressions where he speaks for himself, as if he has forgotten he was speaking for God. At the point where my transcript ends, he launches into a long digression and I don't think he ever comes back to the prophecy. I have provided a link to the audio, so you can listen for yourself.

The prophecy transcription:

2013 is the year of great grace. Great grace. You remember in the book of Acts? They gathered together, the scripture said, and great grace was upon them all. That meant on the apostles and the fellow that just got saved last night. Great grace was upon them all. Then the apostle Paul said I am what I am by the grace of God. I labored more than them all, but not I but the grace of God that was with me. My, my, my. Now, listen to this. (laughing) My goodness, I can see this: Stay where you are. Stay steady. We've had a lot of stuff go on to unsteady us. Storms, of different kinds, hurricanes and snowstorms on the same day. (mumbling to himself: Dear Lord, man, come on.) A tropical storm and a snowstorm at the same time. You've got weather people scratching their head. Well, there ain't no use scratching your head. Get you a Bible and find out what's going on. Stay steady. Why? Your greatest blessing ever is at hand. No one can stop my plan for you. It's a blessed plan. Stay on my word. Stay strong in faith. Insist on walking in my commandment of love. No devil, no government, no man can curse what I have blessed. Believe that. Know that. You belong to me, not the world. We will carry out the blessing plan together. I'm teaching you grace. Keep it on your mind throughout 2013 and beyond. Never, ever let it go. The thing that I can do. (I tell you this was a revelation to me and it's just roaring in my spirit ever since I heard this.) The thing that I can do that is exceeding, abundantly above all you can ask or think is to make all grace abound toward you. And that's what's happening for you and for your country right now. (Boy, that's shouting ground. Praise God.) Be blessed. Enjoy my grace. It's yours. (Digression: Reads Hebrews 2:9 and makes comments.) Now then: Stay where you are, stay steady. I don't care what kind of news comes, I don't care what happens. There's a lot of stuff going to happen. A lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that's bad. (From here, Copeland strings along a lengthy number of digressions that aren't part of the word from the Lord. He never seems to get back to the prophecy.)

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Wordgirl | Canada  Find all comments by Wordgirl
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Really, it makes me sad when at a time that we should be awake to
the spirit of this world that brothers and sisters of our Fathers
Kingdom, are seeking to split hairs about what is God and what is not
of God.
Jesus said it like this when His disciples came to Him complaining
about miracles :
John said to Him, Teacher, we saw a man who does not follow along
with us driving out demons in Your name, and we forbade him to do it,
because he is not one of our band [of Your disciples]. But Jesus said,
Do not restrain or hinder or forbid him; for no one who does a
mighty work in My name will soon afterward be able to speak evil of
Me. For he who is not against us is for us. (Mark 9:38-40 AMP)

And then Jesus said to his disciple who wanted to know about John's
future, " what's this to you? Follow me!"

As you are very aware of the fact that satan is the accuser of the
brethern .... Consider the spirit you are walking with. You may have
your personal opinions, but keep them before God.
For with the same measure that you are using against this brother it
Will be Multiplied back to you!

For the rest brethern. Think on these things, whatsoever is of a good
Build each other up in LOVE.
This is not your job. Heed the Words of Love Himself.

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