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Bible Versions - SDA Roots Of The KJVO Movement
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I keep doing research into different aspects of the Bible versions issue, and I have found something I should have paid much more attention to.

The modern King James Only movement's mythology was created by Dr. Benjamin G. Wilkinson, a Seventh-Day Adventist. In 1930, he wrote a book called "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" which put forth all the major talking points of the movement. There have been other supporters of the KJV before him, but he is the one who created the storyline that is taught today, including the "good" and "bad" manuscript traditions, the idea that malicious tampering was done with original manuscipts, the villification of Westcott and Hort, the "modernist" movement to water down the Bible, etc. These myths did not exist before Wilkinson. This book's copyright has expired, and it is widely available online. (one link is http ://ww w.god rules .net/ libra ry/wi lkins on/30 1wilk inson 1.htm ) I encourage every single Christian to take a long look at it. Dr. Wilkinson was dean of Washington Missionary College, a Seventh-Day Adventist training college in D.C. which is now called Columbia Union College. (Go to - how long do you have to dig before you discover it's an SDA school? Do they even tell you?)

What disturbs me most, more than the SDA roots themselves, is that researchers have shown that authors named J. J. Ray and David Otis Fuller took Wilkinson's work and plagarized it, introducing these myths into Christianity without attribution of their sources. Until the widespread availability of the Internet, no one knew that these Christian authors had taken their mythology from the SDA book, because Wilkinson was utterly obscure. This plagarism is no secret - even KJV Only supporters have discovered it.

This plagarism is an uncanny parallel with the Word of Faith movement. E.W. Kenyon took the "New Thought" of Phineas Parkhurst "Park" Quimby and others (which underlies Christian Science, Positive Thinking, faith healing, and other non-Christian beliefs) and created the Bible proof-texts that the Word of Faith movement uses today. Kenyon's work was ignored, until Kenneth E. Hagin took it and preached it as Christian doctrine without attribution of his source. Hagin's plagarism was not discovered until a (sympathetic) ORU student doing research into the Word of Faith movement's origins turned it up, because (like Wilkinson) Kenyon was an utterly obscure author. Is there any instance where plagarism has had good fruits in Christianity?

This SDA mythology has been allowed to come into Christianity - even fundamentalism! - without a lot of critical examination. Isn't it time to hold the people who spread this mythology accountable? Why aren't they being asked to explain why they're spreading the teachings of an SDA? The KJV Only movement itself is not about having a good English translation, preserving the correct manuscripts, or doctrinal correctness, although a lot of people who favor the KJV do have these concerns. The movement itself is about the continued use of the KJV, and reality itself is warped to support the KJV. The movement draws anything and everything into its mythology, creating their own alternate reality. There is no "Benjamin Wilkinson Society" today. The obscure historical figure Dean John W. Burgon ("Dean" is a title, not a name) has been enlisted as a figurehead for the movement, because he predates Wilkinson. Whatever Burgon's actual positions were, he has been absorbed into this mythology and become someone very different. Everything sucked into this mythology is very different. All facts and historical information is bent and warped until it fits. They'll say strange things like the Septuagint not existing until after New Testament times, despite quotations from the Septuagint existing in the NT itself!

I'm asking anyone interested in the Bible versions issue to look at this for themselves and ask if the fruits from the KJV Only movement are in line with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Would God use a cultist's book and plagarism to preserve his word? Should there not be careful scrutiny of the KJV Only movement's claims and the mythology they spread? Note especially that I am talking about the movement itself - I am not suggesting that the KJV is a bad translation, should not be used, or that anyone using it should stop using it. I am talking about a movement who has cunningly devised a fable and spread it through fundamentalism. I'm not saying anyone should embrace modernism or liberal Christianity - but at the same time, why is this mythology being allowed to drive a wedge between fundamentalists who use the KJV and those who don't? I am also not saying that all modern Bible translations are equal. Some are very bad and should not be used.

Don't believe me - investigate this for yourself.

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