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Bible Versions - Septuagint Quotations in NT?
MONDAY, JULY 17, 2006
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Here's a puzzle I do not know the answer to: If the Textus Receptus is the proper and fixed text of the Bible from which modern translations should not deviate by one jot or tittle, how can that be reconciled with the fact that many (most?) quotations in the NT are from the Septuagint, rather than the traditional Masoretic text? The wording of quoted passages is sometimes remarkably different. The Septuagint (which has always been associated with the library at Alexandria, but no one knows if these legends are true) is clearly a different textual stream than the Masoretic text, and its use in the New Testament shows that the authors were not trying to establish the Textus Receptus as the one, single, true textual stream. Paul, for example, clearly knew Hebrew and could quote either version.

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