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Bible Versions - Is Doctrine Watered Down By Modern Bibles?
FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2006
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People say modern Bible translations are watering down and changing doctrine. Because I was caught up in the Word of Faith beliefs before learning about the historical Calvinist doctrines of the Reformation, I don't know whether this is true or not. From my perspective, a whole lot of people trying to undermine the historical faith use the KJV.

I believe Word of Faith is a bigger threat to orthodox, historical Christianity than even gnosticism. The gnostics never had cable television to send out their corrupt doctrine. The Word of Faith beliefs are taking the place of historical Christian beliefs at this time. Even people who don't identify themselves as "Word of Faith" believers are still absorbing the doctrines and blending them in with Christianity. (Otherwise, for example, how would Joyce Meyer sell so many books?)

Those who teach the Word of Faith use the King James Bible almost exclusively. The only Word of Faith proponent I can think of who does not use the King James Bible was Casey Treat, who used the New King James. All the others (Hagin, Hinn, Copeland, Dollar, etc) use only the KJV. In fact, the doctrinal system in Word of Faith depends in some cases on the exact wording of the KJV, and doesn't even make sense in modern translations.

There are probably more groups who use the KJV to change historical Christian doctrines than there are users of modern translations. Among Pentecostals, Charismatics, Dispensationalists (the Old Scofield Bible), Word of Faith, and other similar groups, there is strong King James Bible use.

Furthermore, those who are upholding historical Reformed Christian beliefs don't tend to use the KJV. Grudem, MacArthur, Sproul, and others who teach the old, Reformed doctrines use modern Bible translations.

I'm sure there are people who change doctrine who use modern Bible translations, but I don't think there's a cause and effect relationship, because as many people who are changing doctrine use the KJV.

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