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Christianity And Rejection
TUESDAY, JUNE 06, 2006
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The Christian faith is the only faith that is not based on rejection. Jesus brought his message to the outcasts, the rejects, the nobodies, and the unwanted. Read John 6:37. ("All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out." ESV) There is nothing like this in all the world's religions.

I shall mention only a sample. Eastern religions are designed in such a way that rejection is a big part of them. They use the law of karma, which I have written about extensively in a previous post. Look no farther than India for an example, with its vast "untouchable" class, to see the fruits of Hinduism. Buddhism isn't any better. It is a religion whose founder, the Buddha, says you are able to save yourself. It's up to you. If you do not save yourself, it's your fault. Keep trying in another lifetime.

Islam, in one sense, is built on the fear of rejection. Their religious beliefs are so fragile that even something silly like a cartoon will cause them to erupt in massive, fervent demonstrations. Imagine having beliefs so fragile that a mere cartoon would upset them. Muslims are motivated by their religious identity, but have no security with respect to their position in God's eyes. Simply read the Koran and see how many times "and works" appears after "faith". No one in Islam knows if they are accepted or rejected (except martyrs) by God.

The secular world is no better. In it, a person's worth is only what the person consumes or is useful for. A person's identity is only what the person does in economic transactions.

There are some religions which preach love and acceptance of all, but it is a tainted love that makes no judgements whatsoever. All are accepted, no matter what they do, and the mass murderer is as good as the Godly person who keeps the commandments. All are the same.

Christianity is about not simply accepting, but restoring. This message is in no other religion The love of Jesus was so great that he died in my place, for me, to pay the price of my sins. Jesus didn't simply ignore my sins and love me, he took my place on the cross. He then restored me to life, eternal life, with him. That's why I am a Christian.

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