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Divine Healing Is Bogus - Further Proof
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2006
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Television preacher Rod Parsley wrote a book a few years ago called "At The Cross". (Actually it's an old book with a new cover.) This book explains how physical healing is provided for us by Jesus Chirst in the atonment. It uses the standard dominion theology approach that the Word of Faith groups prefer over orthodox Christian theology.

Just after this book came out and was heavily promoted by Parsley on his television show (he would hold the book as he preached so the cover was clearly visible the whole time), Parsley brough on a "health expert" named Dr. Ted Broer.

Part of the sales pitch for Broer's overpriced "health advice" was the fact that Parsley said that he had a checkup and found he was not as healthy as he thought he was. Instead of consulting with his own doctor, however, or any other qualified medical professional, Parsley turned to Dr. Broer. By following Broer's questionable advice, Parsley salvaged his own health. And viewers could pay a lot of money to get the same advice.

Excuse me? Hello? Parsley wrote a book saying divine healing was part of the atonement, and that it was available to all who believed in Jesus. Then he turns around and tells us that he, himself, was in poor health and needed to take the advice of a "health expert"? What am I missing?

Zero credibility. The divine healing movement is simply not believable.

(Note: I obviously would not waste money on Broer's advice, so I do not know exactly what he teaches, other than the price of his advice is very dear. I would say significantly overpriced, given you could get the same sort of advice from almost any book at the bookstore. From the little bit I saw of the content of Broer's advice, I would sat that, at best, following his advice probably wouldn't harm you, but it is not medically all that useful and should definitely not replace a doctor's care.)

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